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Crowdfunding for intelligent growth

Creating successful companies together with passionate people
Join companies you believe in to share their growth and success
Investment opportunities
Create a campaign to raise funds and grow your business
Raise capital
EUR 34,006,976 funded to 462 companies
79,554 international members from 194 countries

Our awards

We work hard to innovate and there are those who notice it
White Bull Award winner

Bully award

Wired - Top 100 startup

Top 100 startup

Owler - Hot in Stockholm Award

Owler - Hot in Stockholm

Nordic startup awards - Best service provider

Best service provider

Intelligent growth with FundedByMe

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Scalable and structured

Crowdfunding on FundedByMe follows a structured, well-defined process of funding your company. While a regular funding round could take anywhere between 6-12 months, on FundedByMe a campaign takes 1-2 months, leaving you with more time to run your company.

Marketing value

Crowdfunding on FundedByMe doubles as a marketing campaign for your company, raising awareness for your product, service or company as part of the campaign. This marketing value leads to more customers, business partners and opportunities and lasts long after the success of your campaign.

Passionate people

On FundedByMe, you choose which investors you wish to have as part of your company, finding the passionate people who want to offer not only their money but also skills and connections to help your company grow.
More benefits

What people say about us

We have been shaping the crowdfunding industry since 2011 and the reports keep flowing
Noa Relaxation

Noa Fridmark

Noa Relaxation
“Thanks to the capital raised on FundedByMe we were able to hire top performers and launch in selected markets simultaneously.”

“I decided to go with FundedByMe because they were very clear on how I could create a successful crowdfunding campaign, and they were right”

- Noa Fridmark
Noa Relaxation
Raised nearly €1,000,000
from 190 investors
Noa Relaxation

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Whether investing or raising funds, the team at FundedByMe are here to help. Call us to discuss crowdfunding or our services on +46 (0)8-559 207 60 or contact us via email
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