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Bannerbow - Designing Portable Space

Welcome to the world of Bannerbow!

There is now a unique opportunity to accompany us on our amazing journey towards becoming a global brand. Timing is perfect. We are now ready to take the next step in our international development and will conquer the market by offering customers something they haven't seen before! Our event arcs are suitable for all types of events. With the help of our unique identity and our innovative and unique products, we will create new business opportunities in new exciting markets around the world.

Join us on our journey!

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AquaZoom AG - Environmentally beneficial hydropower - Everywhere

AquaZoom is one of those rare opportunities where environmental impact, societal benefit and revenue potential match. The company's technology enables the restoration of rivers, provides stable low-cost electricity, and an investment opportunity with outstanding growth and profit expectations.

The technology is simple and brilliant at the same time: a swirl like in a bathtub drain drives a slow-moving turbine. AquaZoom power plants only need a vertical drop of 1-2 meters, instead of 4-5 meters like most other hydro technologies. This makes AquaZoom feasible for almost all weirs and dams out there, creating a unique opportunity for our company.

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Peas Commercializing Entity (PCE) - Effective, quick and accurate tests for infections.

The experienced team behind PCE AB has developed ”dExact”, a group of patent protected and certified medical tests revolutionizing the current practice for determining the need of antibiotics. The dExact tests are quick, accurate and inexpensive, thus saving both time and costs for professionals and individuals. Now, PCE aims at capturing market share in several developing markets where great opportunities are presented due to the need of simple, precise and cheap tests. dExact tests help mitigate the oversubscription of antibiotics, leading lower spread of multi-resistant bacteria and thus, better societal health.

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SplitRide AB - Save money by sharing taxi

Do you think taking a taxi is expensive? With the SplitRide app, you can quickly find other people and share a taxi to save money.

The transport industry is changing rapidly with self-driving electric cars around the corner. The sharing economy has made people more open to try new types of services. Also, the taxi companies are starting to make it possible for app developers to integrate taxi booking/payment into other apps. Hence, we see a lot of new opportunities in this field.

Join us to take the final steps in getting SplitRide out on the market!

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Uniti Sweden - Ingenious EV

We are leading the most deliberate reinvention of the automobile in modern times; abandoning the mechanical limitations of the combustion engine era and re-defining the city car and its core technologies. Our lightweight, electric city car (L7e EU-category) is designed for sustainable and efficient city mobility, but is distinctly high-tech. This is a market niche with imminent mainstream potential. In the documentation you will find an in-depth explanation of the technologies we have developed in-house that fill the gaps in the interaction and interface technology of modern cars, while providing a roadmap to mass-scale production. More information on our website.

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MÖBLER AB is entering the completely untapped market of vintage furniture in Asia Pacific. Möbler will sell unique Scandinavian antiques and vintage furniture through online auctions, through our own auction platform and own application. Join a unique concept with a huge market, fantastic profit potential and scalable opportunities.

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