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Worm Farm

Aquavermiponic Sdn Bhd  is an organic farming business from Kuching, Sarawak which focuses on the commercial usage of vermiponics/worms in an environmentally friendly way.

The company was formed in October 2017 and has already secured several customers both from the commercial and F&B sectors, reducing food waste through the vermicomposting process and providing organic feed to aquaculture farms. Aquavermiponic aims to become one of the best and largest insect farms in Southeast Asia over the next five years.


  • Seeking to raise funds for facilities and construction to increase the production of works and keep pace with increasing demand
  • Looking to take advantage of the local advantages in Borneo including whole year production, a favourable climate and low labour cost
  • Expansion In Peninsular Malaysia for;
  • Aims of become one of the best and largest insect farms in Southeast Asia over the next five years


Problemet din produkt löser

Agricultural waste and food waste have reached extraordinary levels and continue to grow.
At the same time, businesses struggle to find environmentally friendly and cost-effective measures for composting waste and fertilizing soil for plant growth.  
Consumers also grow increasingly health conscious, seeking to consume meat (e.g. fish) which has been fed with organic product feed instead of genetically modified or pesticide polluted feed.
Additionally, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation has predicted that the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050 and the world needs to produce 70 per cent more food to feed all these extra people.

Hur produkten löser problemet

Aquavermiponic provide organic and cost effective alternative vermicompost for animal feed production, pet food processing, natural farming and ready-to-eat mealworm to the market.

Vermicomposting offers numerous benefits including being 100% organic, promoting a healthier soil and making it more absorbent while increasing plant growths and yields.
Aquavermiponic uses two types of worms, namely superworms and black soldier fly larvae to turn organic wastes into very high quality compost, which leads to less dependency on mechanisation, fertiliser and even water”

All our worms are fed with our special formula to make sure that the vermicompost are of top quality


Aquavermiponic is an organic vermiponic farming business focusing on the commercial and food industry. The company focuses on the commercial farming of insect products for consumption and the production of vermicompost.

-   Organic food for fish farms
- “Aquavermiponic produces organic compost besides supplying super worms to the food and beverage (F&B) sector within Kuching City, as part of their exotic menus.” 

Live superworms (wholesale)
Fried worms
Superworms compost 

Användningsscenarier för produkten

Organic or kitchen waste can be varied as they include rejected vegetables or fruits. We manage an average of 500kg of organic wastes daily. Fish farms also use our product as animal feed.
Aquavermiponic has a farm located at Jalan Kuching-Serian and we also carry out contract farming with few individuals who have been trained by us


Amelia Lim avatar
Amelia Lim CEO and founder
PR, Products R&D, Sales and Marketing, Pets Consultant More than 4 years in entomology More than 10 years in pets industry More than 15 years in sales and marketing More than 10 years in corporate networking
David Moh avatar
David Moh Co-founder
Digital Marketing, Products Launching & Advertising More than 10 years in IT Bni Eminence president of 2016 More than 10 years in advertising More than 5 years in digital marketing



Aquavermiponic Sdn Bhd targets primarily aquaculture farms (fish farms) and pet food farms in the Southeast Asian region  and pet food farms which are looking for inexpensive and organic feed.
Apart from that, we are targeting health-conscious consumers who like to have an alternative source of high-protein organic food. 


Aquavermiponic Sdn Bhd is one of the first movers in Southeast Asia in general and Malaysia in particular in the vermicomposting space, which gives us a huge advantage to capture the biggest clients in the market and refine our production process.

A few of our competitors include Ynsect (France), Enterra Feed (Canada), Protix (Netherlands) and AgriProtein (South Africa). Apart from that, ‘Nutrition Technologies’ is a local competitor based in Johor Bahru.

Unika egenskaper som skiljer dig från konkurrenterna

A number of key factors – internal and external – set us apart of our competitors:

-          Low local labour cost
-          Whole year production, there are no four seasons
-          High humidity, which is the best environment for vermiponics production
-          Deep understanding of the local market

Aquavermiponic Sdn Bhd  will focus on different markets as our competitors, including  B2B sales to retails stores like pet stores, targeted solutions for pet food processing and  f&B outlets.

Företagets inkomstkällor

We have several revenue streams from both B2B and B2C channels.

B2B revenue streams                 
Aquaculture farms (fish farms, which is a huge business in Malaysia) and pet food farms
Usage of worms as organic fertilizer
F&B outlets and health stores

B2C revenue streams
Sale of worm products as alternative organic food products
Sale of worm-based protein products to athletes/health-conscious consumers

Live superworms (wholesale) rm35-40/kg
Fried worms 100g @ rm20-25
Superworms compost 
Retail: rm7-8/kg
Wholesale: rm3-4/kg
 Live Bsfl rm25/kg (retail)
Wholesale: rm2500-3000/ ton 
Bsfl compost rm2000-3000/ton

Products can be sell in fresh, dry, powder form to accommodate different needs and markets

Distribution av produkt/tjänst

  • Retail Pet Stores
  • F&B outlets
  • Poultry farms like fish, chicken farm
  • End consumers to feed fish, birds etc
  • Pet food processing
  • Online sales

Distribution will be done mostly via logistics providers directly to our customers and business partners.


Tidigare milstolpar/framgångar

2014 – Pets Moments (founded by Amelia Lim, founder of Aquavermipoic Sdn Bhd Amelia Lim) was restructured to an online business with a focus on worms farming
Due to the growth of worms’ colonies, Pets Moments management decided to create two different commercial vermiponic categories based on food and feed

2017 – Aquavermiponic Sdn Bhd was established to build a sustainable farming industry based in Malaysia. The business has started to supply to retail pet food shop, F&B outlets and end consumers with strong growth rates.

Aquavermiponic is starting a new farm on a four-acre site in Matang

Närmaste huvudsakliga mål

Aquavermiponic is starting a new farm on a four-acre site in Matang. The farm which is about to be the biggest insect farming site in Sarawak.
Building worm farm/ factory , increasing worm production with better structured quality control
Expansion to Peninsular Malaysia
Implementation of a strict quality control system
Local and regional awareness programs targeted at potential clients

Significantly increase production and expansion to neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia
Second fundraising round to accelerate growth
Addition of new and targeted animal feeds for a wider range of customers to better meet their unique requirements

Tidigare finansiering

Currently the business in self-sustaining by revenues and bootstrapping
Initial capital injection RM 100,000 for R&D before company establishment on Oct 2017 by the founder Amelia Lim

Användning av finansiering

Funds will be primarily used for the construction of facilities and machines in order to scale up operations.
60% Facilities and construction of facilities
15% Machines
15% Operational Cost and Working Capital
5% Advertisement and Branding
5% Miscellaneous/Others

Avkastning på investering

The most likely way of an exit will be a trade-sale to a local or regional industry player.
The targeted ROI for the next 24-30months is 3x of the current company value.
A trade sale is expected within 5-8 years.


Lower than expected awareness
A lack of awareness might make it more difficult to establish a large customer base.

Competitors will likely move into the market in particular when the idea of vermicomposting takes off more in the region. This will necessitate a higher focus on providing high quality vermicomposting solutions, more investments into R&D.
Slower pace of scaling
The farming-based nature of production & logistic costs may limit the pace of growth at times, making it harder to keep up with fluctuating demand.

Pathogens Problem /Diseases
Working with UNIMAS to prevent this issue

Natural desasters
E.g. floods