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Nordic Fauna Ice Cream

An Adventure in the Far North of Ice Cream

Nordic Fauna Ice Cream handcrafts and sells ice cream for grown-ups in true Nordic Flavours. With a passion for real, organic and locally grown tastes, we make ice cream that's challenging, exciting and easy to love. By developing our company locally, we can grow from a small-scale operation and deliver supreme quality. Our head chef Joel won tv-challenge "Dessert Masters" in 2014 and was awarded Rising Star by White Guide (2017).
The demand for our ice cream is growing rapidly. If you like ice cream and tastes beyond the average, you will love being a part of our journey! 

Investor proposal

When becoming one of the owners of Nordic Fauna Ice Cream you will enter an adventurous journey away from the main road. As an owner, you can buy ice cream at reduced prices and will be invited to events and tastings.

The financial return on your investment we believe will appear within 5-7 years when our model is established in some major international cities. We plan to exit by selling our operations to a larger food company who is willing to expand the concept to many more countries.

Become one of the owners of an ice cream factory with an international horizon!

Treats for anyone who joins us as an owner and ambassador.

Regardless of the number of shares:

• 10% off when eating ice cream both at our factory and ice cream parlour
• Annual meetings at our factory and ice cream parlour, tastings, product testing

Ten shares or more:
• As above + 10% of any ice cream take away.

50 shares and more:

• The above, plus the possibility to book and enjoy a free ice cream tasting at our factory for up to 12 people. Value: SEK 375/person

The offer is valid for B-shares with a voting power of 10% of A-shares.


The problem this product solves

Swedes eat on average 12 litres of ice cream per year. But too much of it is produced abroad and transported on diesel fuming lorries. Not only is it bad for the environment. Being transported and moved between different freezers also effects the list of ingredients. The demand for super quality ice cream has exploded the last couple of years. Nordic Fauna makes handcrafted ice cream in true Nordic tastes. Mainly from organic and local produce. Our factory is based in Stockholm and our market consists of restaurants and foodies looking for something extraordinary.

How the product solves it

Our ambition is to craft Sweden´s most taste driven and super quality ice cream, built on organic and locally produced ingredients. When our head chef Joel Lindqvist creates his recipes he does it as the star confectioner he is. In 2014 he won the tv challenge "The Dessert Master" and in 2017 nominated as Sweden Pastry Chef "Rising Star of the Year" from restaurant bible White Guide. Nordic Fauna today makes about 20 different tastes like Sorrel & Buttermilk, Beer & Cream, Lemon & Rape Sorbet, Whey, Gin & Rhubarb, Jerusalem Artichoke, Blueberry & Drake and Kick-Ass Vanilla.

Product features

Our thing is to use real ingredients, grown-up tastes and an exceptional texture. Like our chocolate ice cream named Bean-to-Bar. Made from real organic chocolate, roasted in Sweden at Malmö Chokladfabrik, We add egg yolk and Muscovado sugar that adds a body and texture to the ice cream that enhances the taste of chocolate that white sugar cant do. In short - we make ice cream like a tailor customize clothes. With the ingredients as our starting point, we build each taste of our ice cream from the bottom up.

Product use cases

Nordic Fauna reaches out to everyone who likes ice cream and great flavours. Not surprisingly, our super quality ice cream is appreciated by people with a passion for food, wine, beer. coffee and other exciting groceries. We focus on four different sales channels:
• Horeca. Hotels, restaurants, cafés, catering, Congress centres and exhibiting centres etc.
• Food stores, Delikatessen, food halls etc.
• Companies and events as a treat for employees and their clients
• Our own ice cream parlours branded Nordic Fauna.


Daniel Sjöstrand avatar
Daniel Sjöstrand Managing director/founder
Product and concept developer. Precious career as salesperson at special coffee roaster Johan & Nyström.
Jimmy Lindstrand avatar
Jimmy Lindstrand Head of ice cream production
An experienced chef who previously been running the organic restaurant and catering concept Matdistriktet.
Joel Lindqvist avatar
Joel Lindqvist King of ice cream flavors/founder
Merited chef, confectioner and author of cookbooks. Has won the tv challenge Dessertmästarna (Dessert Masters) in 2014, finished top 3 in “Confectioner of the Year”, and was nominated as Rising Star (2017) by food bible White Guide. Runs the confectionery studio Mat- och Chokladstudion in Malmö.
Poa Strömberg Chairman
Business lawyer and managing director of film and tv production company Unlimited Stories (formerly Eyeworks), Founder of lawyer and accountant company ATN.
Magnus Sjöstrand Board member/advisor
Team and result development coach who previously worked as managing director at a number of companies. Father to Sjöstrand Junior.
Johan Ekfeldt Board member/advisor
Product and concept developer. Formerly founder and part owner of coffee roaster Johan & Nyström and the restaurant Jernbruket.
Niclas Giertz Senior Advisor
HR-Manager at Creuna, one of the largest web agency in the Nordics. HR expert spun around strategies and social media.


Target Market

In Sweden, the per capita sales are 12 litres per year. The ice cream category has an annual turnover of SEK 3 billion. Around 20 %, so SEK 600 million, can be located in our target market Stockholm and surrounding area. With just 1 % market share the annual turnover would be SEK 6 million. After a modest test launching in 2017, we are making a full launch in 2018 by increasing production and sales,

Competitive landscape

The competition depends on the segment. We don´t consider companies like GB/Unilever as competitors as they manufacture "industrial ice cream" based on volume and price. We offer great ingredients and supreme tastes. Competitors in Stockholm:
• HORECA. Fryst, Hansen, SIA ECO and handcrafted.
• FOOD STORES/DELIKATESSEN. Ben & Jerry, Häagen-Dazs, Mormor Magdas, Tre Vänner, Wermdö Glass, Järna Glass and Sophies Raw.
• COMPANIES. No competitors.
• ICE CREAM STANDS/PARLOURS. Stikki Nikki, King Scoopa, Scerfo, Fryst and Snö.

Our locally produced ice cream for grown-ups will add something unique to the market and create an attraction that will lead to sales and returning ice cream lovers.

Unique differentiator from competitors

• Our ice cream and our communication are exciting and different but still likeable.
• An ethical and environmental smart product based on organic and locally produced ingredients.
• Natural sugars with flavour character that helps to build our unique tastes, Like honey, muscovado sugar and malt syrup.
• We make and deliver a fresh, handcrafted ice cream straight to our clients.
• Our unique packaging and different naming of the products creates curiosity and attention in the ice cream freezer.
• Our ice cream is made with unreserved passion and enthusiasm.

Company revenue streams

Our revenue will come from sales of products branded with our name but also as producers of private labels. The pricing will differ, depending which channel we look at and the volume each client represent, We want to be a profitable supplier to our clients. Yje highest margins will be created through sales in our own ice cream parlour and in additional ice cream stands/parlours,

Product/service distribution

• HORECA. Hotels, restaurants and catering/cafés and such. Amongst our clients: Michelin-stared Mattias Dahlgren, Lådan and Pontus Group.
• FOOD STORES/DELIKATESSEN. Urban Deli, Paradiset Matmarknad and Cajsa Warg.
• COMPANIES. For events or the office. Mercedes Benz, Gernandth & Danielsson Advokatbyrå and Dahl Agenturer.
• ICE CREAM STANDS/PARLOURS. For anyone who wants to serve locally produced, super quality ice cream.


Previous milestones/traction

• Daniel and Joel decides to make a reversed Ben & Jerry.

June. Urban Deli becomes first retailer.
August. Pop House Hotel first hotel kitchen to use our products
September. Nordic Fauna makes a guest performance at Michelin-stared restaurant Mattias Dahlgren.October. Fotografiska first client with a single order over SEK 20 000
November. Nordic Fauna guests at food magazine Allt Om Mat scene on Sthlm Food & Wine.
June. Presenting three vegan ice creams, exclusively for Paradiset Food Market.

February. Flippin´ Burger´s Lådan first restaurant client to launch their own ice cream brand produced by us.
May. Pontus Tidningshuset first client to sell our new portion cup.

Next key objectives

Turnover SEK 4 million
• Full revenue from client relations built in 2017 and spring 2018.
• Establish more private label relations, adding a couple of million SEK per year
• Launch much-anticipated new one portion cup
• Establish brand and products through GastroNord, Smaka på Stockholm etc
• Increase sales- and production capacity.

Turnover SEK 10 million with a net profit of 10
• Double turnover at Horeca and deli/food stores
• Open and establish all year Nordic Fauna ice cream parlour

Turnover SEK 15 million. Net profit 30%
• Double our sales at our concept parlour. 50% growth in sales at Horeca and deli/food stores.

Previous Financing

• Autumn 2015. The company started with a capital of SEK 50 000 and an overdraft of SEK 200 000
• March 2016. SEK 500 000 capital added in the first emission of shares.
• March 2017. SEK 1 350 000 capital added in the second emission of shares,
• May 2017. Overdraft expanded to SEK 500 000
• May 2017. Inventory and ice cream van by leasing of a total SEK 1 004 000
• July 2017, Receiving a loan from ALMI (see www.almi.se) of SEK 500 000.
• May 2018. SEK 700 000 added in the third emission of shares.

Use of funds

1. Sales stimulating activities:
• Hiring more sales representatives
• ECO certification
• Buying more freezers to be placed at chosen retailers

2. Expanded capacity:
• More machinery and equipment to our factory
• Hiring more personnel to our production.

3. Expanding marketing activities:
• More demo and events
• Developing web and social media presence

4. Opening and establishment of a conceptual Nordic Fauna Ice Cream bar in central Stockholm.

Return on Investment

When you join our ice cream adventure, you will immediately receive a number of benefits (See Investor Proposal).

The larger return on investment we believe will appear in 5-7 years when we have established our "Stockholm model" in more international cities. We will make an exit when selling our concept to a larger company who want to expand the concept to more and larger markets.

Risk Analysis

• There is always a risk that a bigger rival copy and destroy us, but we value our uniqueness and our registered trademarks. And we strongly believe in being "leading the development".

• New markets mean new competitors. New ice cream parlours with their own products are added to the market. But we have a positive outlook on this as it awakens the interest for super quality ice cream.

• Concept development, product development and investment in the production have consumed capital which we need to guarantee that our market fully understands us and our full potential.