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Sweden Spirit Group AB


JFS - Råmm unites the age-old Swedish glassworks tradition and more than 250 years of rum imports to a concept - RÅMM. The aim is to create an international brand that will deliver value and customer benefit for both the individual connoisseur as well as for pubs and restaurant chains. The underlying craftsmanship and passion, along with creativity and uniqueness, guarantees a product portfolio that is  able to meet growing market expectations and competition - all packaged with a touch of Swedish folk tale, art and music. 


As an investor in SwedenSpirit Group AB you become a part of the expansion that JFS RÅMM now is initializing. We will start a full-scale production of the JFS range.
  • With our calculated sales figures for the next two years, we expect to double the company's valuation.
  • For a greater international expansion, we will seek new funds within three years.
  • At that stage can we offer an exit opportunity, or a subscription  of shares with preferential rights.



Problemet din produkt löser

JFS RÅMM will find its position in a market where interest in the beverage grows. Where competition is still relatively small, with a trend that suggests that the market for passionate, unique and producing quality players is increasing. The clearest example of market potential is in the volume segment Bar & Club. Existing producers are focused on volumes, we are focused on quality! There is currently no player with JFS "charge", quality and price.

Hur produkten löser problemet

JFS RÅMM saw its light based on the founder's analysis and vision of the market potential. There is room and interest to a brand that wants to combine passion, quality and art. We have a story to tell like no one else. Take a few minutes to watch our presentation video. JFS RÅMM delivers a unique combination of quality, craftsmanship and tradition. JFS RÅMM is a brand that stands out from the mass-produced items.


Our story started for about 250 years ago with the Swedish colony St. Bartolomé and the import of rum to Sweden. Since then Swedes get a special taste for rum. Now the story continues. We are importing selected rum from the Caribbean islands and blend with flavors typical to Småland, mix it with Swedish spring water and store it before bottling.

Our product range is based on three different products:

- JFS Limited 12 years
- JFS Dusk 8 year
- JFS Silk 3 year white rum


Användningsscenarier för produkten

- JFS Limited is the exclusive choice to finish off a good dinner.
 - JFS Dusk is for the sophisticated taste. Drink it with ice or mix it for a luxury cocktail.
 - JFS Silk is the Rum of choice for the modern urban consumer looking for quality.


Magnus  Elgquist avatar
Magnus Elgquist Founder
The man with the big nose and a never ending passion for the project. His background as a creative director and photographer has helped a lot to create JFS RÅMM. Earlier clients: SAS, Adidas, Intersport, Toyota, Salming, Micronic and more
Tomas Hård af Segerstad avatar
Tomas Hård af Segerstad CEO and Sales Manager
With a successful background in BTC. Always looking for ways to connect a brand's values with people's values to make it stand out in a crowd where everybody wants your attention.
Mats Persson avatar
Mats Persson Graphic Designer
Bold Communication, Parma Italy More than 15 years of experience with clients as Fiat Group, Barilla, European Culture, Daimler/Chrysler and more. Responsable for our graphic profile
Olof Langbäck avatar
Olof Langbäck Product manager
Many years of experience as a manager at AB Vin & Sprit. His great knowledge from the liquor industry ensure that we always keep up to our quality standards.
Lennart Chytraeus avatar
Lennart Chytraeus Chief Designer glass
Educated in ceramics at Capellagården, Öland Chief assistent to Bertil Vallien at KostaBoda for more than 15 years Lennart is responsible for outr fine art collection



JFS RÅMM is a lifestyle product targeted at the modern, urban consumers in the age-group of 20 to 40. But its exclusive taste also makes the Rum a perfect product for the connoisseur of any adult age.

Our primary markets are the larger cities of mainland Europe. We have the knowledge, experience and familiarity with these fast-moving environments where our Rum product fits perfectly in the beverage-scene, whether it is at night-clubs, bars, the after-work spot or music festivals.


The world market of Rum now exceeds 1 billion liters. The global lead is Bacardi who have roughly a 20% market-share. Other succeeding brands are Havana Club and Captain Morgan. The interest for rum is growing and we are especially seeing an increasing demand for greater options that are unique, sophisticated and well-crafted by minor producers. Across Europe and particularly the Nordic countries, the trend is already visible with Gin and beer.

Unika egenskaper som skiljer dig från konkurrenterna

Our Rum is globally unique. The taste and flavors of our JFS Limited meets the highest standards, and our JFS Silk, mixed with spring water from the deepest lakes in Småland creates a unique smoothness for the perfect drink.

Finally, no other producer offers a unique bottle such as ours - the JFS own hand-blown bottles created by hand in the province Småland, Sweden.

Företagets inkomstkällor

In 2013, Sweden’s government owned monopoly vendor of alcohol, Systembolaget, sold 857 000 liters of rum (not including direct sales to restaurants). In 2015, the figure rose to approximately 918 000 liters. That indicates a growing interest for rum in Sweden.

Our sales projection for 2017 would represent 2 % of the Swedish market.
In our first year of full operation, our estimated sales are between 15 000 and 20 000 liters. 50 % is expected to be JFS Silk, 40% JFS Dusk and 10% JFS Limited.  

Distribution av produkt/tjänst

The sales in Europe will be in cooperation with selected distributors and profiled bars who will act as our ambassadors, together with intensive activities on social media.
We have a network from Berlin, Milan and Copenhagen. In Sweden we have the world’s single largest buyer, Systembolaget, as a partner. The company Sweden Spirit Group AB of course maintain all licenses and contracts necessary to manage the alcoholic products.


Tidigare milstolpar/framgångar

  • During the last years, we have fine-tuned and further developed our whole product lineup to prepare everything for a full scale production.
  • Market surveys and tests have been implemented in China, USA, Germany, Italy and Denmark.
  • We have finished contracts with the suppliers needed for a larger volume of production.

Närmaste huvudsakliga mål

Key objectives
2017: Full scale production.
2017: Represented at 10 major cities in Europe
2018: Total revenue over 1,5M €. Distribution all over Europe
2018: We will attract new investors to strengthen positioning and increase volumes.
2019: Represented in Asia and US.  Collaboration with high-end profiled brands in other market segments.

Tidigare finansiering

JFS RÅMM has initially been financed by the founders' private contributions and external start-up capital. Our product is tested, designed and ready for a full scaled-up production and marketing. 

Användning av finansiering

As an investor in Sweden Spirit Group AB you become a part of the expansion that JFS RÅMM now is initializing. In a first step through an expanded production that meets demand on both the Nordic market as well as on the European one.
We seek capital for our expansion in Sweden and Europe.
- Full scale production, 135 000 €
- Expanding sales department, 55 000 €
- Logistics and inventory, 15 000 €
- Marketing, 35 000 €

Avkastning på investering

With our estimated levels of sales, the value of our company is projected to double. Thereafter, we will solicit additional capital within three years as we expand into global markets. At this point we will offer opportunities to either exit, or provide privileged shareholding rights. We are open to exploring cooperating or consolidating with established actors to improve our distribution and marketing capacity. 


As a small producer are we able do fast finetuning of our products to fit the demands
of the modern consumer, which also includes marketing strategies.
We see a great change towards small and passionate producers.