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Welding should be easy and light

Traditionally, to weld and cut metal you would need 3 different heavy and bulky machines, which is too expensive and not very convenient to switch between them all the time. Our closest competitor is 14 kg and twice larger than our product.

Our solution is Albert welding 3-in-1: 4.6 kg, extremely portable and lightweight all-in-one machine with MMA, TIG and CUT functions. Low weight, small size, 3 functions in 1 (MMA, TIG, CUT), contrasting design, user-friendly, effective ergonomics (wear it on your shoulder like a suitcase), works with stainless steel, makes nice-looking beams. The most lightweight and portable welding ever!

Investor proposal

We created the most portable and lightweight 3-in-1 welding + plasma cutting solution in the world and it needs to be manufactured, marketed and sold in Europe. The lowest weight, the smallest size, 3 functions in 1 portable machine, that does different types of welding and plasma cutting, ergonomic design and effective performance.

Our production cost is low, hence we can give a really attractive margin to our sales partners (distributors like Motonet, Koivunen, Tools, Kesko, etc.) and a competitive shelf price. We have a strong team of engineers, designers, and managers, working together for over 8 years.
  1. Investment commitments exceeding EUR 5,000: One unit free of charge (recommended retail price: EUR 1,100) shipped from the first production batch.
  2. Investment of EUR 2400: One unit at a discount of 50% from the first production batch
  3. Investment of EUR 1200: One unit at a discounted rate of 25% from the first production batch 

No additional terms. Same series of shares offered in the crowdfunding round as the existing shares.


The problem this product solves

Traditionally, to cut and weld metal you need to buy 3 different bulky machines, which is:
  • Too expensive
  • Too heavy and bulky
  • Not convenient to change between them all the time

How the product solves it

Albert Welding 3-in-1 (MMA+TIG+CUT).
The most portable, yet powerful and reliable all-in-one machine.
MMA - 160 A (use 1/2/3/4 electrodes to weld iron, stainless steel, cast iron)
CUT - 40 A (cut 12 mm metal)
TIG - 160 A (use argon to weld low-carbon steel)
Weight: 4.6 kg, maximum thickness of the metal being cut: 12 mm, number of fans: 2

Product features

Albert Welding 3-in-1 is leading in portability and functionality:

1) Lowest weight on the market (4.6 kg vs min 14 kg with competitors),
2) Smallest possible size (325x290x80 cm vs 500x220x430 cm min),
3) 3 functions in 1 (MMA+TIG+CUT in one single and compact product),
4) Contrasting design (eye catchy on the shelf, attractive and ergonomic exterior),
5) Easy-to-use (great user experience with just 1 click right out of the box),
6) Hands-free mode (wear it on your shoulder while welding on a high ladder upstairs),
7) Stands firm on any horizontal surface,
8) Welds and cuts stainless steel

Product use cases

You can use Albert Welding 3-in-1 practically in any field: private house, car service, factory or production, mechanical works site, house building and construction, farms and house maintenance. It is possible to use Albert Welding 3-in-1 with an electric generator (4 kW).


Albert Enaleev avatar
Albert Enaleev CEO
Master of Engineering, over 10 years of experience in welding industry, has experience in launch of mass production in China and Russia, Sales and Development experience, overall management skills.
Sergei Sergeev avatar
Sergei Sergeev Business Development Manager, Deputy to the General Manager.
Communications with foreign partners, client negotiations, overall business strategy, technical documentation.


Target Market

In 2019 the world market of welding equipment will grow up to 25.1 billion USD.

The segment of multi-functional welding and cutting machines is 7% of the world market of welding equipment, which is 1,75 billion USD.

Albert Welding Oy plans to occupy 2.5% of this segment in the long term, which is approximately 44 million USD.  

Competitive landscape

There are no direct competitors equally matched with Albert Welding 3-in-1 in terms of weight, size and functionality. Of course, there are some multifunctional 3-in-1 machines on the market, but the closest competitors weigh 14 kg minimum, their size is twice bigger than Albert Welding 3-in-1.Furthermore, we can sell branded accessories.

Unique differentiator from competitors

We are highly competitive in weight, size and energy efficiency and consumption. Moreover, through a long period of R&D and professional experience, we managed to decrease the production cost very significantly, which helps us motivate retailers and wholesalers with higher margins better than our competitors can do this.

Company revenue streams

1) Sales of main products (Albert Welding 3-in-1, Albert Welding MINI, etc.)
2) Sales of branded accessories (electrodes, air pumps, electric generators, welding cables, nozzles, etc.)
3) Licensing / strategic partnerships
4) OEM
5) Custom development of tailor-made welding and cutting equipment

Product/service distribution

1) Professional market: wholesalers, retailers of electric tools, car service shops, factories and shipyards, farmers, house building and construction companies, etc. Examples: Motonet, Tools, Biltema, K-Rauta/KESKO, IKH, Machine Tool, Retco, etc.
2) Retail (through retail shops or directly from Albert Welding online shop): farmers, private house owners, car and/or motorcycle owners, artists, working with metal, plumbers and technicians, etc.
3) White label/co-branding
4) Licensing / strategic partnership
5) Custom / bespoke production


Previous milestones/traction

  • Production site obtained, where we can produce our welding equipment has been found.
  • All the R&D has been finished and coordinated with the suppliers and the production site.
  • Products with competitive price (both production and shelf price)
  • A business angel/investment company invested 150 000 Euro in the Seed Round
  • Albert Welding Oy became a resident of the incubator of Joensuu Science Park
  • Experienced team (core expertise in product development and marketing)
  • 2 patents (core technology patent and design protection certificates have been received by Albert Welding Oy)
  • Finished R&D, mature and officially tested product ready for marketing and launch

Next key objectives

In 2019 the main target is to manufacture 850 pcs (or more, depending upon demand from the market) of Albert Welding 3-in-1 and 1310 pcs of Albert Welding MINI (also, depending upon the market demand). Ship those to the distributors for tests and product presentation. Albert Welding OY received the patent (intellectual property). Now, we’re ready to start sales. Specific target of the project is to increase production volumes up to 3000 pcs of Albert Welding 3-in-1 and 2000 pcs of Albert Welding MINI. Expand further to the EU. Marketing and promotion.

Previous Financing

In 2017 (prior to registering the company Albert Welding Oy) the business raised seed investment to support in R&D, testing, patents, sourcing all suppliers and sites etc. in the amount of 150 000 Euro. 


Sales partners (Motonet, Koivunen, Tools, Biltema, IKH, IKT, Proweld, Retco, Starkki, etc.)
Overall business support and facilities: Joensuun Tiedepuisto Oy
Potential strategic / OEM partners (Kemppi, Fronius, ESAB, etc.)

Use of funds

The funds will be allocated to production of new Albert Welding 3-in-1 and MINI machines and promote them on the market. Approximately 50% will be spent on production of actual hardware and 50% will be spent on sales and marketing. At the initial stage of Albert Welding Oy development in 2019 the main target is to manufacture 850 pcs (or more, depending upon demand from the market) of Albert Welding 3-in-1 and 1310 pcs of Albert Welding MINI (also, depending upon the market demand). These will be shipped to distributors for tests and product presentation. For promo: advertising and sales.

Industry Certifications/Awards

Albert Welding 3-in-1 has been officially tested. Kemppi Oy, Motonet Oy, KESLA, KKR STEEL tested the machine (including endurance 2 000 hr non-stop test performed by Kemppi Oy). All the tests passed successfully. 

Return on Investment

The founders' view is that once the needed funding is secured, the business will be in a very good position to start generating healthy cash flows and positive net earnings already within the first year of operation, due to all R&D, patents etc being ready. The view is that investors should be able achieve double-digit returns, either through dividends or through an exit, within approximately 4-6 years.


Risk Analysis

1) There are a number of large leading brands in the market
2) Intensive price competition with Chinese brands
3) Intensive marketing competition with well-known welding equipment brands
4) Lack of financial resources to implement aggressive marketing and boost production and sales       

Risk Warning

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