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Why FundedByMe?

Equity Campaigns

Why raise money using equity crowdfunding?

  • Equity crowdfunding is a way of raising funds for your business from multiple investors.
  • It offers you as an entrepreneur a way to get funding to start, grow and/or expand your business.
  • From your crowd investors you receive funding, but also knowledge and expertise.
  • In return you offer investors shares in your company, encouraging commitment to the growth of your business.
  • A typical campaign length is 45 or when the campaign closes at 100 percent funding, whichever comes first.
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Why invest into early-stage companies?

  • Equity crowdfunding for investors is a way for many investors to invest together in a  business.
  • As an investor, you gain access to exciting companies offering shares of their companies in exchange for funding.
  • Equity crowdfunding lets several investors to invest together under the same terms, making the risk and investment size smaller for each individual investor.
  • Besides funding, an investor can offer industry or market knowledge as well as specific expertise or contacts to help the companies grow.
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Loan-Based Campaigns

Why take a loan for your company?

  • Loan crowdfunding is a way to fund your company by accepting loans from multiple lenders.
  • It offers you as an entrepreneur a way to receive funding to grow your business in the way of a loan.
  • By accepting a loan, entrepreneurs receive funding without having to offer any shares in their company and maintain the current ownership structure.
  • In return for the loan, the entrepreneur offers a fixed yearly interest rate to the lenders and may also offer a share of the profit as well a bonus in case the company has an exit, such as a public offering or an acquisition.
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Get better returns through loans

  • Loan crowdfunding offers people a way to fund a company by offering loans.
  • As a lender, you and other lenders can together fund a company and receive a fixed yearly interest. In some campaigns you may also receive a share of the company profits and an exit bonus.
  • Loans offer you a clear visibility of what the return on your loan will be in terms of the fixed yearly interest.
  • Along with your loan, you can offer to share your knowledge and expertise with the entrepreneur in order to grow their business.
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