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Success Testimonials

Goodio Cools €50 000 Raised brings Dairy-free, Organic Ice Cream to Finland
Jukka Peltola - Goodio Cools

“ Show your passion, have a meaning and be authentic. I believe that people sense what’s real, so don’t try to be something you are not. Do some research and check out other successful campaigns and you will know what I mean. ”

Jukka Peltola, Co-founder Goodio
Virtuous Vodka Vodka Underdog Raised €113 000 in Under 8 Weeks
Claes Stenmark - Virtuous Vodka

“ Yes, the money was key, The bigger motivator was getting this captive audience who tasted our product during the process when we invited them to tasting events, who became shareholders in our business and who would, today, move heaven and earth to help us succeed. ”

Claes Stenmark, Co-founder and CEO Virtuous Spirits AB
Samastah €76 000 in Funding Brings Mindfulness Virtual Game to Life
Angel Maria Herrera - Samastah

“ We decided on Crowdfunding because we wanted to give everybody the opportunity to be able to participate in funding an idea as universal and as social as Samastah. ”

Ángel María Herrera, CEO Samastah

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