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FundedByMe is developing the most compelling suite of crowdfunding services for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. With cross border investments benefiting both entrepreneurs and investors, our team engages with 40-50 companies on a monthly basis, all seeking solutions to finance their growth.

As our Partner, you will play an instrumental role in the success of the entrepreneurs committed to growing their companies, building a vibrant entrepreneurial community and creating new jobs as well as investors looking for new opportunities. You will also be closely involved in the rapid advancement of the fintech industry as FundedByMe continues to develop digital financing and investment solutions, establishing crowdfunding as a permanent fixture of the financial eco system.

To find out more about partnering with FundedByMe, please contact us [email protected].

Our referral program is available here.


Connect Sverige Region Öst

Vi skapar tillväxt

CONNECT is a nonprofit organisation with a large network of business experts and investors. CONNECT brings together entrepreneurs with competence and capital by building networks between growing companies, the established business community, professional advisors, financiers, students and researchers. Every year 3800 nonprofit hours are added to growing companies. CONNECT works with two proven growth processes; The Spring Board process (Språngbrädeprocessen) for new growth businesses with high uniqueness and Corporate Accelerator (FöretagsAcceleratorn) for established businesses that want to grow organically or with venture funding.

Connect är en ideell organisation som matchar entreprenörer med kompetens och kapital från näringslivet. Därigenom förkortar vi deras väg till verkliga och varaktiga resultat. Vi ska stimulera utvecklingen av tillväxtföretag och därigenom öka antalet arbetstillfällen i Sverige. Vi arbetar med fyra affärsområden.

Språngbrädan vänder sig till dig som driver tillväxtföretag i ett tidigt skede. En engagerad kompetenspanel hjälper dig att utveckla bolagets affärsstrategi och finslipa din affärsplan inför kontakter med investerare, partner och kunder.

FöretagsAcceleratorn är en affärsutvecklingsprocess för etablerade tillväxtbolag där vi tillsammans jobbar med de strategiska frågor som krävs för att nå långsiktiga resultat. Med en genomtänkt tillväxtstrategi blir ditt företag rustat för att möta expansion, export, ägarskifte eller andra utmaningar.

Connect matchar tillväxtföretag med kapital via vårt nätverk av drygt 400 investerare som är spridda över hela Sverige.

Connects arrangerar årligen hundratals aktiviteter över hela landet. Våra mötesplatser erbjuder möjligheter till nätverkande, inspiration och ny kunskap för såväl nya som etablerade företag.

Stockholms Handelskammare

The leading business organisation for the capital

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is the leading business organisation for the capital. Together with our members, the Chamber works to influence decision-makers, promote business-friendly policies and seeks to realise the vision of Stockholm as the centre of economic growth in Northern Europe.

Through close contact with prominent politicians, representatives from the business sector and leading experts across industries, we affect the political outcome of the region. We are taking stands on a number of important questions concerning Stockholm - from investments in infrastructure and a better functioning housing market, to facilitating a beneficial climate for innovation and education.

The Chamber of Commerce is a business community that offers professional meetings and arrange over 250 events per year for our members. We offer access to more than twenty business networks, we regularly host lunches with business leaders as speakers and numerous other events to gain new contacts and knowledge.

The Chamber of Commerce is an unbiased third party and incorporates the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce that provides efficient world-leading dispute resolution services.

Synch Law

Business oriented law firm

Synch is a fast growing business oriented law firm with innovation and technology at its heart. We have a vast experience from early stage financing, including crowd financing, as well other legal challenges faced by companies under growth. We know that a crowd financing campaign is most successful when it has been thought through and is structured in an optimal way, taking the short and long term goals of the company and its founders into account. We also know how a crowdfunding campaign should be tailored to suit the needs of each company, depending on shareholder structure, exit strategy and maturity grade. We offer strategic advice, based on the client’s specific needs, and draw on our vast experience as advisors in capital markets related matters to support our clients with their long term success and flexibility.

Aggregate Media

Invests with “media as expansion capital”

Aggregate Stockholm AB is a venture capital company which invests with “media as expansion capital”/”media for equity” in Sweden and Norway and can with its investments help companies in the expansion phase that are in the need to reach out to a broader market. The investments are made from funds (I-VII) which are owned by 15 of Sweden´s largest media companies across all media types. Simply described this means that a defined marketing budget, consisting of advertising in a broad media mix, is offered to the companies. In return, ownership in companies will mainly be taken as shares.

Since the start 2002 Aggregate has made some 150 transactions in a variety of industries; e-commerce, digital services, product- and B2B-companies etc. Aggregate reach companies which today are not able to maximize the effect on their market, in lack of capital for media advertisement.


Suomen Talousverkko

Financial management and reporting services

Suomen Talousverkko is a chain providing financial management services for SME’s by using efficient web-based online solutions. Our 2.500 clients are guaranteed not only to have all the expertise they need via our 150 professionals but also excellent customer service. The chain’s head office is in Pasila, Helsinki. Our 33 entrepreneurs operate in 40 locations around Finland.

Understanding customer's business is the way to convert our expertise to excellent service experience. Born global companies have different requirements for service in different phases: start-ups need cost effective statutory services and in the fast growth phase cash management and reporting for investors are key elements in financial management. Our online service is scalable and meets the requirements for years.

In addition to the experience our accountants have on statutory issues, our financial management consultants have focus on managerial reporting and their experience on evaluating business plans and presenting business cases through numbers are a valuable asset for our customers. The chain offers a full customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with our service.

Suomen Asiakastieto Oy

Company and credit information online

Suomen Asiakastieto Oy is a leading company providing corporate, risk management, and sales and marketing information services in Finland. We provide electronic services integrated into customers' decision-making processes, web services tailored for contractual clients, and company and personal information services accessible for all.

We maintain the most comprehensive private company information database in Finland, which contains up-to-date data on all Finnish companies and their key individuals. We are in real-time contact with many other public and private data sources. We also maintain a file on consumer credit information. The main part of our services is available directly on the web.

Impartial information worldwide

We co-operate with the leading credit information agencies in the world. We are partners in the BIGNet chain, which comprises the market leaders of the line in 13 European countries. The co-operation makes possible the production of comparable company and credit information as online service from all partner countries. We are a member in the international corporations Febis and Accis, which comprise leading operators in the company and consumer credit information line around the world.