A new and easy way to lend to businesses
and receive high returns

We have just launched our new financial product -
Loan-based crowdfunding

This is the first loan-based crowdfunding tool connecting entreprepreneurs from Sweden with lenders from all over the world who are interested in lending to businesses in the small & medium business sector.

It is an easy and safe way for lenders to receive up to 13,33% in returns!

Why should I try loan-based crowdfunding?

It's safe

The businesses offering loans are carefully selected by FundedByMe experts, only accepting qualified companies

It's strictly controlled

The risk profile of every company is based on financial information provided by the external credit bureaus UC and Bisnode.

It's regular income

The repayment schedules are on a fixed quarterly schedule, including both the principal repayment and interest. Your money is never locked up for the entire duration of the loan.

It's secure

Transactions are handled with bank-level security and companies seeking larger loans guarantee the loan with personal guarantees.

You make the decision

It is you who choose what businesses you lend money to, taking into account your risk profile and profit forecast that suits your expectations.

Solid revenues

Loan-based crowdfunding lets you earn up to 13,33% in interest (annual effective rate) by lending money to companies you choose and wish to support.

How do I lend to a company?

Getting started is quite easy, follow these simple steps to lend to your first company

Step 1

Create a profile

In order to lend, you have to be a registered member of the FundedByMe platform.

Step 2

Verify your identity

Send us a copy of your national ID or passport. It may take up to a business day to verify your identity. All lenders and companies are verified in this way to create a secure platform.

Step 3


Choose a company based on their story, your risk tolerance and expected income. You then complete the transaction using a major credit card such as VISA or MasterCard.


Don’t forget to share the company to your friends, family, and professional networks!

Let's get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most common questions we receive about loan-based crowdfunding

How does Loan-based Crowdfunding work on FundedByMe?

Loan-based Crowdfunding is the method where several individual lenders together contribute to the overall business loan of a company, helping it grow its business while offering you a good return on your loan.

What amounts can I lend to companies?

You can lend at least €50 and up to €20,000 to companies seeking loans on the platform.

What criteria do companies have to meet in order to seek loans on the FundedByMe platform?

Every company needs to have a turnover of at least €15,000 in early turnover, and have been registered for at least 1,5 years. In addition to this, the information from credit bureaus UC and Bisnode both have to give the company a favourable risk rating.

How is FundedByMe better than banks?

By lending to companies through the FundedByMe platform, you can receive a higher interest rate than those offered by savings accounts in banks, and at the same time you get to choose how the money is used by Swedish companies that you wish to support.

How does the security for loans work?

For companies seeking a loan above €40,000, we require a personal guarantee. This means that the majority shareholders, board members have to individually or jointly guarantee the full amount of the loan.

What should I consider before lending money to a company?

There are several factors that you should take into account before lending money to a company. Consider your risk tolerance and your expectations about what income you want, as well as consider what company you wish to support.