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Equity investments for everyone!

FundedByMe makes it easy to discover, invest and share in the success of a business.


This is where your journey towards a diversified investment portfolio starts. It’s free to join and once registered you can request more information, ask questions and make your first investment.


You’ve discovered a business that you truly believe in and now you are ready to help them succeed. With a few clicks you’ve made your first investment and are ready for the next step.


The success of your investment is dependent on a community effort - entrepreneurs need your input. Become an active shareholder with voting rights and if the business performs you will be rewarded.

EUR 34,012,081 funded to 462 companies
79,591 international members from 195 countries

Invest in equity or lend money


Typical investment size between €100 and €100,000.
Receive equity in the company.
Anyone can become a crowd investor.


Typical loan size between €25 and €25,000.
Yearly interest rate and scheduled quarterly repayments.
Anyone can loan money to a crowdlending campaign.

Invest as little as €100 and start creating your diversified portfolio today

Back in the day only the wealthy had access to the best investment deals.

Today FundedByMe empowers everyday investors to be part of the next big thing.

Business owners want smart money - they rely on investors’ input and skills to help them grow.

How companies make it onto FundedByMe

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity. FundedByMe endeavours to provide crowd investors with diverse and exciting investment opportunities that show potential to succeed.



Company owners are required to provide information about investments, valuations, traction and a business overview.


Campaign creation

If we feel that a business meets our requirements and appeals to the crowd they can start the campaign creation process.


Feedback and iteration

Our team reviews the campaign and provides detailed feedback based on experience and expertise to ensure high quality and a full overview.



Once our standards are met, the campaign may choose to go live either publicly or in a private round. Only 15% of applicants get to launch.

Funded by crowd investors like you.

Wheelys Café raised €844,556 from 220 investors with a minimum investment of €760, reaching 410% of their crowdfunding goal.

Maria De La Croix - Wheelys Café CEO

Maria De La Croix - Co-founder & CEO | Wheelys Café

FundedByMe made it possible for us to let ordinary people invest in Wheelys - particularly our café owners, people who are not typical investors. We love experienced investors, but it’s priceless to have different opinions and experiences involved in our brand to support and help us grow. Additionally, the FundedByMe team was so nice to work with - I warmly recommend the crowd investment route to any startup founder!

Tax relief - 'Investeraravdrag'

Both individuals and companies can invest on FundedByMe. Swedish citizens receive a tax relief on investments referred to as “Investeraravdrag”.

Learn more at Skatteverket's website.

Example: Company AB issues new shares at SEK 100 per share and the company is registered for “Investeraravdraget”. Karl signs up for 500 new shares and pays SEK 50,000.

“Investeraravdraget” is calculated on half of the amount invested (SEK 25,000) which gives a tax relief of SEK 7,500 (SEK 25,000 x 30%).

FundedByMe Awards

White Bull Award winner

Bully award

Wired - Top 100 startup

Top 100 startup

Owler - Hot in Stockholm Award

Owler - Hot in Stockholm

Nordic startup awards - Best service provider

Best service provider

Invest Aware

Investing in startups and early stage businesses involves high risks, including loss of investment, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.

FundedByMe is targeted solely at investors and lenders who can evaluate and understand these risks and make their own investment decisions.

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