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Finance your business through FundedByMe!

Where dynamic entrepreneurs raise funds for great businesses
Crowdfund Your Business With Us
EUR 60,566,108 Invested into Companies
250,000+ Registered Members

FundedByMe helps businesses of various sizes


Over 65 companies and EUR 23 million raised

  • Your company is focused on product development and ready to launch to the market.
  • Your company has a product being tested by early beta customers.
  • Your company is cash-constrained and looking for investors through family, friends and crowd investors.


Over 31 companies and EUR 12 million raised

  • Your company has officially launched and is now focusing on growth and building a customer base.
  • Your company is implementing a sales channel strategy and your goal is to reach break-even.
  • Your company is generating revenue, but crowdfunding can help you acquire customers and developing your business.


Over 3 companies and EUR 1 million raised

  • Your company has a well-known product and a strategy in place to execute its next steps.
  • Your company has a positive cash flow and you're looking to introduce your product to a wider market.
  • Your company is starting to prepare for an acquisition or an initial public offering (IPO).
Levis Horne

Lewis Horne

CEO, Uniti

Through FundedByMe we have gained 570 private investors from 36 countries, ranging from University students to directors of some of the world’s biggest companies. This has given us a huge advantage due to the broad audience of investors and the fact that we can set the term sheet ourselves. I believe the freedom that this strategy has afforded us at this early stage could end up being one of the most important financial decisions we have made; it has just given us infinitely more options.

FundedByMe is not just a crowdfunding tool

It's a community where our members share and support innovative concepts, encouraging growth and development


We connect bright entrepreneurs to a rapidly growing, vibrant group of investors

A Simplified Process

We simplify and expedite the process of creating a campaign and fundraising


We provide expert guidance, marketing advice and brand exposure

Access to Funding

Where investors can be hard to find and bank financing difficult to secure, we offer less bureaucratic, more democratic access to funding

Global Participation

We have a community of over 80,000 individuals spanning more than 110 countries

Access to Statistics

We offer access to your campaign’s visitor statistics, enabling you to track your success and build your knowledge of web analytics

Kirill Noskov

Kirill Noskov

CEO, Iamrunbox

FundedByMe enabled me to reach out to global network of investors and run a successful crowdfunding campaign within just over 2 months, without losing focus on developing my business in Europe and Asia. I can highly recommend crowdfunding - and FundedByMe - to any entrepreneur with international ambitions.

The FundedByMe Process

Ours is a three-step process that revolves around a 45-day crowdfunding campaign.
While only live for a month and a half on the FundedByMe platform, the average campaign takes entrepreneurs around
two to four months to plan, create, maintain, close and complete.


Prepare to launch

  • Campaign content
  • Financial documents
  • Network with lead investors
  • Marketing plan

Launch campaign on platform

  • Private / Public
  • Connect with crowd investors
  • Follow process for share issue
  • Manage future shareholders


  • Finalise share issue
  • FundedByMe invoice
  • Manage investor expectations
  • Mobilise your shareholders
Maria De La Croix

Maria De La Croix

Founder and CEO, Wheelys Cafe

FundedByMe made it possible for us to let ordinary people invest in Wheelys - particularly our café owners, people who are not typical investors. We love experienced investors, but it’s priceless to have different opinions and experiences involved in our brand to support and help us grow. Additionally, the FundedByMe team was so nice to work with - I warmly recommend the crowd investment route to any startup founder!

Raise capital with FundedByMe

We make the process of meeting and securing investors faster, more centralised and organised
Support and strategy from our Campaign Managers
Our campaign managers are amongst the most experienced in the world on this type of funding. The strategies we agree on together with you usually creates not only successful funding rounds but also a marketing and ambassador effect we call “the FundedByMe effect”. Your assigned Campaign Manager will help you through the process from start to finish. They will help you feedback your material, set strategy, and share their expertise on how to turn your campaign into a success. You can always contact them to receive help and exchange ideas.
Launch in our social media channels
When your campaign is launched, it will be promoted in our social media channels. Throughout the campaign, we are happy to share your campaign even more! You can also book a pitch-event in our office.
Inclusion in the FundedByMe newsletter
Our network is one of the largest in Europe and we continuously reach out to them. Newsletters are sent frequently and we love to highlight great campaigns that are available for the network to invest in.
Upcoming campaign
Your campaign will be listed on our site as an upcoming campaign even before its launch, so that you can start to build up the hype. This feature is a very good way to decide on the perfect launch strategy and for investors to see what great investment opportunities are coming up.
Access to our partners
Our partners can help you with almost everything. From copywriting to legal matters, from video production to lead investments. You get access to our network of partners that can help with everything you need no matter what.
Success and marketing support
You will receive tips from our marketing staff continuously throughout the campaign process, that will help you in creating a successful campaign.
Fees: Starting from SEK 20,000 (EUR 2,000) - Read more about fees here

Our awards

We work hard to innovate and there are those who notice it

Bully award

Top 100 startup

Owler - Hot in Stockholm

Best service provider

European Fintech Awards Top 3