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The FundedByMe team

Daniel Daboczy
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Arno Smit
Co-founder and Product Manager
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Joachim Dworén
Head of Sales
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Ksenia Stepanovitch
Account Manager
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Michaela Berglund
Chief Marketing Officer
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Kristin Svärd
Head of International Growth
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Marina Cupaiuolo
Product Support Specialist
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Olivia Rönnlov
Content Marketing Manager
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Emma Leven
Chief Financial Officer
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Caroline Båth
Campaign Manager
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Christoffer Johansson
Sales Associate
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Visiting address

Kungsgatan 14
111 35 Stockholm
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Development team
Yulia Matyushenko
Software Engineer
Alexander Dyominov
UX/UI Designer
Elena Savelyeva
Software Engineer
Valeriia Bugaiova
Software Engineer
Yevgeniia Kudriashova
Software Engineer
Anastasiia Golubeva
Manual QA Engineer
FundedByMe Joint Ventures

Contact us

Our team is happy to help with questions about crowdfunding or our other services.
To contact us just send a message by clicking the circle icon in the corner below, email [email protected] or use this contact form: