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Designing Portable Space

Welcome to the world of Bannerbow!

There is now a unique opportunity to accompany us on our amazing journey towards becoming a global brand. Timing is perfect. We are now ready to take the next step in our international development and will conquer the market by offering customers something they haven't seen before! Our event arcs are suitable for all types of events. With the help of our unique identity and our innovative and unique products, we will create new business opportunities in new exciting markets around the world.

Join us on our journey!

Investor proposal

We are a strong team with high expectations of the future. We have a well-functioning business model and a good customer offering, which gives us good opportunities to generate profitable growth. Customers like our products and we have big reference customers confirming that we have an interesting product.

With rapid growth, we expect to sell at least 18,000 systems / year and have a turnover of approximately 45 million SEK within 5 years.
We are now looking for funding to enable our expansion plans. The time is perfect to join us at a favorable price.


The problem this product solves

The existing market for events, fairs and promotional products has a wide range of many alternative products. Most, however, are very similar in shape, function and application. The market is in need of new products. Experience shows that most new products on the market rarely adds anything new, but usually replaces existing products. It takes something unique and exciting to gain market acceptance and get the right attention.

How the product solves it

We offer unique products with a new shape and function in a market where most of the products are flat and square. We offer something that the market has not seen before. Bannerbow products offer innovation, flexibility, portability and simplicity, all in one package!
Our products can be used in a variety of different ways indoors and outdoors. The unique shape creates attention and stands out among the traditional products.

Even if our products fit in a handy bag, it's big enough to house cars, furniture and people when the product is set up.

Product features

The construction of our event arches is stable but at the same time flexible, which means that you can easily adjust the width and height of the arc depending on the conditions.
The product's smart design allows it all fit in a compact bag of wheels that can be easily handled by a person.
Design the products as you like with your own graphics, logo and look.
You do not need any tools or other equipment to set up an event arc. It is easily mounted by a person in five minutes.

Product use cases

Bannerbow has products designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This allows us to offer customers products for all types of events. Our products are mostly used in premises that are spacious, such as fairs, showrooms, shopping malls, sports arenas and other public spaces. Use an arc separately or combine multiple in different combinations. A very popular field of use is the VIP entrance with several event arcs that form a tunnel. 2 event arches in cross create a room with 360 degree exposure.


Kenny Thorén avatar
Kenny Thorén CEO, founder
Operationally responsible for building the company. Entrepreneur with long experience of international business development in various leading positions in several industries.
Victoria Strid avatar
Victoria Strid Marketing coordinator
Victoria has a background as self-employed with education in design and communication. Victorias focus is on coordinating our digital marketing.
Ulf Meijer avatar
Ulf Meijer Mr Bannerbow, Designer and innovator
Ulf has a long experience in product development at several companies in the industry. He is, among other things, the inventor of a number of different rollups that are sold on the market.
Lotta Adolfsson avatar
Lotta Adolfsson Digital production coordinator
Lotta has long experience as a self-employed and is an experienced photographer and filmmaker. Lotta focuses on creating the company's digital marketing materials.
Elie Obeid avatar
Elie Obeid Sales & Marketing coordinator
More than 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing. Long experience of international business development.


Target Market

Any company wishing to market its business in connection with an event, exhibition or advertising campaign is a potential end customer. Simply comparing to how many companies have a roll-up today. These companies are everywhere in all cities and in all countries. Our volume customers are within Sports & Sponsorship, Retail, Event & Expo, Car Dealers, Galleries and Shopping Malls. Our market is global and there are no obstacles for us to sell on export. Our primary markets are initially Europe, the UAE and the United States. We estimate a turnover of about SEK 70-80 million in 7-8 years.

Competitive landscape

Today, Bannerbows products are unique in their form and functionality and today they have no direct competing product. Competition comes from alternative products like pop-up screens and roll-up and other signs. The biggest challenger (outdoor) is inflatable portals, but these are many times 4-5 times more expensive and significantly harder to handle.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Bannerbow is a company with a unique identity that stands out in a rather conservative and traditional industry. We distinguish ourselves through our groundbreaking image and innovative, unique products. We see ourselves as the industry's rebel challenging existing structures using the potential of digitization. We make ourselves visible, people see us, and they remember us!
Our products complement existing products on the market and offer customers many new exciting applications. Our event arches create new opportunities for outdoor events. Our portals can in many cases replace significantly more expensive inflatable products.

Company revenue streams

Our revenues will initially come from new sales of complete systems, but over time, the sale of accessories like bags, weight plates, etc. will also be a significant revenue.
A system consists of hardware and a textile banner. The hardware is intended to be used for many years, while replacing the banner for various events. This creates a good aftermarket as we see that customers will change banners at regular intervals.
Sales of textile banners and accessories are expected to account for about 10% in the year 2-3, then increase in proportion to the number of systems sold.

Product/service distribution

Our strategy is to generate revenue by selling our products to a licensed distributor for each country (market). Together with our distributors, we will build a national network of resellers. Our distributor sells our products through reseller. We believe this model will be very cost effective and provide quick access to new markets. We are convinced that a network with dealers brings faster growth, compared to whether we would sell the products themselves. We also see great benefits of having many ambassadors in each market with existing customers and offering good local service.


Previous milestones/traction

2014 - 2015.
·       Concept development, 1st prototype produced.
·       First serial production 100 units. Market research and field testing.
·       March 2016 Bannerbow Sweden AB was registered as a company.
·       Serial production first generation “Classic” model.
·       Market entry Norway & Denmark.
·       Product development “Classic” & “Outdoor”
·       Investment made in production tools to increase production capacity.
·       Generation 2 “Classic" model released.
·       Outdoor model released.
·       German market entry.
·       Q4 Initial contact potential UK distributor
·       Q4 Initial contact potential Distributor New Zealand.
·       Q4 Preparation for Gulf region.

Next key objectives

•New market UK
•New market New Zealand
•New market Benelux
•New market UAE
•New market France
•Preparation USA

•New market USA

Previous Financing

The company's funding looks as follows:
Founders investment SEK 1.9 million 2015-2016
Bank loans SEK 0.4 million - 2016
Private investor SEK 1.5 million - 2017
Loans from Almi SEK 0.5 million - 2018

Use of funds

Essentially, the money is intended for our internationalization. The money is primarily intended to be used for sales and marketing activities. We will also expand our sales team.
Estimated distribution of capital
Sales - more staff 45%
Marketing - 40%
Product Development New Products - 15%

Return on Investment

Our ambition is to give shareholders a good ROI through strong growth with good profitability. This will increase the value of the share. We also expect to give shareholders a good annual dividend starting 2020.

A further return on investment can be generated through the private sale of individual shares, or as part of a future sale of the entire company. A sale of the company may be an option from year five onwards.

Risk Analysis

Competition is always a constant threat where other producers may copy our success. Our strategy is to be quick out on new markets and build our brand. The digital world is a great tool. We will always be "the original", a position that will be our advantage. A valuable position that we will use in our work is to strengthen our brand. At the same time, constant work is being done to protect our intangible assets.

Another risk is the lack of liquidity and enough capital to implement our plans. However, new funding reduces the risk.