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Telechange AB

We recycle your phone

We need to take care of our environment. Many people do not need the latest cellphones. We have created an easy way of selling and buying cellular devices through our webbshop or in our stores. When you purchase a used cellphone you assist the environment and you get a high quality and worth the money product at hand.

Investor proposal

As an investor you should invest in our company because you believe in the possibility of improving our environment through trading in used goods. You also believe that the market for mobile phones is a market where we together can make a big difference and create a company that will have a strong expansion.


The problem this product solves

Approximately 3-4 million cellphones are stored away and become absent of usage every year, due to people purchasing new devices. A small percentage of these devices are reused or resoled to a second consumer, however the majority of them are "set aside" and forgotten of. These cellphones, if disposed of incorrectly, are dangerous to the environment due to their chemical toxicity. Therefore, they need to be recycled appropriately. There are now 15 million phones lying around in Sweden and are not being used. All these cellphones have more or less value and at least 20% can be reused/resoled.

How the product solves it

We have created a nationwide retail network where you can sell your phone both online in our webbshop and physically in one of our stores around Sweden. This means that you can always regain capital for your old cellular device.

Today's prices are high for some consumers and at many times a cellphone user does not need all of the new trendy cellphone related features. This means that there is a large market for second-hand mobile phones.

Product features

We have established a re-seller network with 40 stores in Sweden. These stores purchase and sell used mobile phones. If you want to sell your cellphone, you can do so online in our webbshop or visit one of our stores. If you are interested in purchasing a phone, you can do this directly in a store or in our webbshop.

The phone you buy is always examined. It is categorized as either a recyclable or resellable unit. At times the product needs new parts before being resoled. The consumer also receives a 3 month warranty.

Product use cases

You are in need of a "new" cellular device. Often when you purchase a new cellphone you tend to forget about the "old" one. In our webbshop or in one of our stores you can always have your old device reevaluated, resoled or recycled.

If your family is in need of "new" cellphones at low cost you can always purchase them through us. Not only are you getting a more than fair deal but you also receive a 3 month garanti and you are naturally a part of saving the environment.


Jörgen Hjort avatar
Jörgen Hjort CEO
Jörgen Hjort is the company's CEO. He has many years of experience in selling mobile phones and sales in the audio and video industry.
Herman Israelsson avatar
Herman Israelsson Marketing Director
Herman Israelsson is one of the main owners of the company. He works with the company's marketing and strategic direction.
Rafael Gonzales avatar
Rafael Gonzales Technical Manager
Rafael is responsible for the company's technical development and evaluates the company's purchase of spare parts and methods for repairing mobile phones.


Target Market

Our market is Europe but we have started in Sweden. In Sweden 3-4 million new phones are sold annually. Our market is everyone interested in purchasing a cellular device and low cost and everyone wanting to sell their old device instead of storing them away to be left and forgotten of.

Competitive landscape

There are companies that buy and sell used phones online as well as smaller local companies who buy and sell phones through their own stores. We currently have 40 stores around different districts in Sweden all in which have access to each others cellphones. Meaning, that when a costumer visits one of our stores we always have what they need.

Unique differentiator from competitors

We have created a company that buys and sells used cellphones in our webbshop and have a nationwide network of TeleChange stores where the customer can both buy or sell used cell phones. We combine two strategies in one, both by using the online network and physical stores. Above all we also include a very unique strategy in collecting used cellphones. The strategy goes under the name of "MobilJakten" or the "MobileHunt" which will launched March 1:st. You can read more about this "strategy" online at www.mobiljakten.se on the specific launch date (March 1:st).

Company revenue streams

Our sales consist of revenue from the following sources:

Sale of used cellphones
Repairing of cellphones
Sale of spare parts
Revenue from extended warranty
Revenue from telephone financing

Product/service distribution

Our company uses an online webbshop along with 40 physical stores in Sweden. Through this we are able to reach out and both buy and sell cellphones from or and to our costumers.


Previous milestones/traction

March The business idea grows into a concrete business plan
June Our first retailers join the concept
Aug Our webshop is launched
Dec We now have 40 retailers

Next key objectives

March Financing a larger stock of phones
May Reach 100 dealers in Sweden
May List the company on a Swedish stock market
Nov Establish the company in another European country

Previous Financing

The founders of the company have invested 500 000 sek.

Use of funds

The capital will be used to finance a larger stock of used mobile phones and for marketing.

Return on Investment

The company plans to list the shares on a regulated market in 2019, such as Spotlight Stock Market. That will make a liquidity in the shares and as an investor you can choose to sell the shares or continue as a shareholder.

Risk Analysis

The biggest risk for our company is that we cannot currently finance the amount of cellular products needed for our webbshop and stores. This would evidently slow down our expansion.

We prevents the risk by allowing new investors to be a part of a great and profitable future.