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Lisana Bygg & Badrum AB

The personal renovation company

Be a part of a profitable and growing construction company with a clear goal to expand to more cities and creating a higher revenue. In just a couple of years, we have grown from 5 MSEK in annual turn over to 32 MSEK. Our business model has been profitable since day one and in 2019 we are opening our second location with the target to reach 60 MSEK in 2020. We are amongst the top in our market and have the highest rating when it comes to good reviews and positive feedback.

Investor proposal

Lisana is a young, profitable and growing construction company with a steady income, cash flow, profit and pays out an annual dividend to its shareholders. Be a part of a team who thinks big and global with an opportunity to scale its business model with a possible IPO within the coming years. We want our team and investors to think big and create values.


The problem this product solves

Clients feel unsure when hiring a contractor with the right knowledge and experience.
Clients feel uncertain they are getting the correct market price.
Clients have to pay for overpriced services/or get invoiced more than the agreed price.
Clients have a hard time finding someone who can start the work within their time limit.
Clients find it hard to communicate with the contractors during the process.
Clients are unsure if the contractors will take responsibility if something goes wrong during or after the renovation.

How the product solves it

• Over 10 years of experience and a network of certified specialists
• Detailed quotes with all costs specified and the lowest price guaranteed
• All clients get a fixed quote to which they can add additional services.
• A guaranteed start within 7 days from the signed agreement.
• We provide a detailed start review and a dedicated site manager who is available for the client 24/7, both for personal meetings or by phone/mail.
• Over 2000 completed projects, 10 years in the business, financially stable and professional board of directors.

Product features

Construction services that can be booked directly by private households for different renovation projects. Amongst them bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation and all other types of renovation. Clients can easily find us and get a correct quote within just a day or two.

Product use cases

Households who want to renovate their bathroom, their kitchen or their full home, regardless of it is an apartment or a house.


Nada Bojkovic avatar
Nada Bojkovic CEO / Founder (Chairman)
CEO for Lisana for the last 10 years. Highly experienced in sales, marketing, HR, company building and construction expertise. Have increased the company growth last 3 years with 150%. In total 6 people at the head office and 40 craftsmen working on site.
Petar Bojkovic Businessdevelopment (Boardmember)
Strategy, marketing, organization, sales, and business development. Founder of several businesses, One of them growing from 0 - 40 million SEK turn over in 3 years. Cofounder of Lisana.
Jovica Bojkovic avatar
Jovica Bojkovic Projectmanager (Boardmember)
Working within the service and construction industry for the last 30 years.
Johan Lewinsson avatar
Johan Lewinsson Salesmanager
Previously working as store and sales manager for 7 years before being hired by Lisana. Experienced and educated in customer communication, sales strategy, and deal closing.
Johanna Mångelin avatar
Johanna Mångelin Customer relations
6+ years of experience in customer relations and project management.


Target Market

The market for building services/renovations (bathrooms, kitchens, complete renovations etc) to private households in Stockholm today amounts to over one billion SEK. On a national level, the annual turnover is estimated at 5 billion SEK. Currently, Lisana has a market share of 3 %. We estimate to reach 10% within five years and at the same time reach 3% on a national level. At the same time, Stockholm is growing and has a high potential as many houses were built in the 1990´s and there is a huge demand for renovation.

Competitive landscape

Lisana's competitors come and go and only survive for two-three years. Those we can count as real competitors are companies such as www.daderman.se and www.renoveranu.com

Unique differentiator from competitors

Unlike other building companies, Lisana focuses only on bathrooms, kitchens, complete renovation and only target private households. Competitors offer their services to anyone and that makes their understanding of private households smaller. We have strong management with the same CEO and board of directors for 10 years. At Lisana, we are young, hungry, ambitious and future-focused. We have also built up a strong understanding of private households and their additional demands as flooring, painting etc.

Company revenue streams

The customer pays 15% down payment before the service begins. The remaining 85% is paid when the work is done. Lisana´s costs are always lower than the invoiced and we make a profit on each project.

Product/service distribution

Directly to private households.


Previous milestones/traction

2015-04. 7.3 MSK. 63 completed projects. Abbreviated accounting year due to new consolidated accounts.
2016-06. 20 MSEK. 173 completed projects.
2017-04. 32 MSEK. 278 completed projects.
2018-04 33 MSEK. 286 completed projects.

Next key objectives

2019-04 40 MSEK. Estimatred on 347 projects.
2020-04 60 MSEK. Estimated on 521 projects.
2021-04 90 MSEK. Estimated on 782 projects.

Previous Financing

No previous funding has been required


Currently, we have a number of partnerships with specialist retailers within tiles, floor tiles, and furniture/interior design. Future partnerships with larger building material chains that offer better prices/larger rebates.

Use of funds

Lisana will establish itself in another city (not mentioned for the matter of competition) during 2019. We will continue to grow the brand with more sales driven marketing and strong brand identity,

Industry Certifications/Awards

Gold Company (källa? länk)
AA credit dignity (Vem? Länk?)
GVK Courses and education (Länk?)

Return on Investment

Annual return on investment in form of dividends. A possibility of future acquisitions that will generate a higher return on invested capital by synergy effects and streamlining all costs. We are building to maintain the company, but we also see a possible IPO within 5 years time or that the company will be sold to a larger player on the market.

Risk Analysis

• Customers who not are serious/not paying. Solution: Specified contracts and credit check with UC.
• Bad planning. Solution: Strong internal project management.
• Not serious competitors offering lower prices with lower conditions and then closing down. Solution: Continued focus on reputation and quality at the right price.