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Backyard Sessions - The family friendly electronic music festival.

Backyard Sessions is a family friendly electronic music festival in Malmö, Sweden. We are completely unique in attracting both dedicated electronic music fans and regular families with kids that want to have a fun day in the park.

Our guests enjoy: 
  • Music by the world’s best DJs and live acts
  • Food by some of Malmö’s best chefs
  • Fun and entertainment like boule, graffiti workshops, ping pong & kids village. 

In three years we have grown from 500 to 2,500 guests. In five years we want to have 20,000 people coming to Sweden's largest electronic festival open for everyone.

Investor proposal

Join us as an Investor and help us grow Backyard Sessions into an international festival with 20,000+ guests

Investor bonuses (100 kr = 1 share)
  • 5 shares: 1 daytime ticket for Bys2019
  • 10 shares: 2 daytime tickets for Bys2019
  • 20 shares  2 festival passes for Bys2019
  • 50 shares: 4 festival passes for Bys2019 + 4 ECO T-shirts + 4 ECO Tote Bags
  • 100 shares:  5 Season Passes 2019 + 5 T-shirts + 5 Tote bag
  • 250 shares: Get an advisory role for future festival bookings, art and content. + 5 Season passes 2019 + 5 T-shirts + 5 Tote Bags

B voting shares.


The problem this product solves

Electronic music festivals have been growing exponentially during the last years. But almost all of them are targeting only the young “nightclub" crowd. Such festivals exclude both dedicated music fans over 35 years old and families with kids.

Sweden deserves an urban gathering with the potential of reaching the size of Sonar or Coachella, and one which welcomes both dedicated music fans as well as local families and kids looking for a nice continental city festival experience.

A festival where not just music, but all forms of culture are celebrated and lifted, and where equality and unity is the foundation.

How the product solves it

Backyard Sessions Festival is a festival that has uniquely bridged the gap between the typical festival goer and the family that’s looking to experience a music festival close to home.

A festival that speaks to both the electronic music fans looking to dance the day and night away, as well as the parents and kids that wants to spend a cozy day out in the sun, listening to music, play games and just enjoy the Swedish summer. We have created a festival that radiate a safe, open and friendly environment where everyone are greeted with a warm welcome!

Product features

  • Two day festival. Daytime in Folkets Park. Night part in nightclub venues.
  • Family friendly. Children 0 - 12 yrs get in for free with parents. Kids disco, jumping castles, mini-tivoli, etc..
  • On-site entertainment like Boule, Ping Pong, Graffiti workshops, Art galleries, Slack lines, Games and much more!
  • We believe in an equal music scene: 50% of our bookings are always female artists
  • Some hours are free and open for everyone.
  • Electronic music focus: Electronic bands, Deep House, Techno, Live Electronica, Dubstep, Drum N Bass etc.
  • Food by Malmö's finest food tracks and restaurants.
  • 4-5 warm-up events across Sweden and Denmark

Product use cases

Backyard Sessions is a perfect opportunity to experience world class electronic music and the culture surrounding it together with friends and family, in the friendly and open environment that is Folkets Park, located in the heart of Malmö.


Alex Esser avatar
Alex Esser Co-Founder
Bachelor degree International business administration. Master Degree Finance. 12 year's experience in Music and Startup scene. Work experience with Spotify (in-app Tunaspot), Deezer (Head of Nordics) and 10 years with own record label and events.
Jerome Lanthaume avatar
Jerome Lanthaume Head of Production
30 years as a DJ. 20 years in marketing and sales Sweden and Belgium. Vinyl collector and music lover.
Anna Bakalarska avatar
Anna Bakalarska Marketing & Social Media
Bachelor in Marketing. Brand Manager at GlaxoSmithKline.
Calle Wirén avatar
Calle Wirén Marketing & Social Media
Lund University Student and music connoisseur
Reema Al avatar
Reema Al Marketing Strategy
Marketing officer at Johnson & Johnson
Rasmus Jonasson avatar
Rasmus Jonasson Safety and security
Fire and safety engineer. Master of science risk management and safety.
Remington Andersson avatar
Remington Andersson Art Director
Content producer at Jayway
Gabriel Häggebrink avatar
Gabriel Häggebrink Art Director
Design freelancer
Trulsa Holmqvist avatar
Trulsa Holmqvist Head of volunteers
Crochet artist and DIY hero
Caspian Almerud avatar
Caspian Almerud Head of volunteers
Student and podcaster
Hannah Fröberg avatar
Hannah Fröberg Decoration master
Working with event and festival decorations for 15 years
Fredrik Bower avatar
Fredrik Bower Production
DJ, teacher and athlete
Hector Saul Lee avatar
Hector Saul Lee Master of bar and icecream
Surfer and philanthropist
Raj Sehmi avatar
Raj Sehmi Stage Management
It-consultant and DJ
Rasmus Strömberg Carlsson avatar
Rasmus Strömberg Carlsson Stage Management
Event organizer, entre host, bartender, fitter, removal-man, delivery guy, BBQ chef and the list goes on.
Oliver Neate avatar
Oliver Neate Jack of all trades
DJ and Student


Target Market

This invitation is directed at any responsible festival-goer or person looking to experience something new. Most of our guests reside in Scandinavia, but this invitation is a world-wide one and we’re hoping to gather people from all across the globe under the late Swedish summer sun in Malmö.

Target audience:25 - 60 years old Cosmopolitan responsible partygoers and families.
Target markets: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, Germany.

Competitive landscape

Our main competitors are traditional Scandinavia electronic and techno festivals like Summeburst (SE), Department (SE), Big Slap(SE) and Distortion(DK). Compared to Backyard Sessions they are not open to everyone, only attracting a young and niche crowd of 18 – 29 years party goers.

Our secondary competitors are bigger mainstream festivals like Roskilde, Way Out West and Flow. Their huge budgets gives way to a bigger productions and the booking of bigger names, which is something that has become the number one attraction in today’s festival landscape.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Backyard Sessions is family friendly and easily accessible for a large target group of all ages. We attract both passionate electronic music fans and curious families and passerbys looking for a fun day in the the park.

What differs Backyard Sessions from the bigger festivals such as the ones mentioned above, is the “Do It Yourself”- spirit that the festival possesses. What we lack in production and booking in comparison to the bigger festivals, we make up for in the major effort we put in creating a festival environment that is friendly, safe and welcoming.

Company revenue streams

  • Tickets sales
  • Food and drink sales.
  • Upgrade sales
  • Merch sales

Product/service distribution

  • 60% of our festival tickets are sold online in target Swedish cities: Malmö, Lund, Göteborg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Halmstad, Helsingborg and Ystad and the rest of Sweden and Denmark.
  • 20% are sold outside the Nordics, mostly in Germany, Belgium and UK. From 2019 and on we are investing more in international PR.
  • 20% of our guests are regular Malmö curious citizens of all ages that drop in last day in the park.
  • Our media reach is very strong with a growing Email list, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Soundcloud channels. 620,000 impressions in Sweden and 780,000 Globally in 2018.


Previous milestones/traction

  • 2018: 2500 guests. 1M SEK turnover.

Next key objectives

  • 2019: Reach 2500 guests and SEK 2,200,000 turnover
  • 2020: 5000 guests and SEK 3,400,000 turnover
  • 2021: Five years of Backyard Sessions! 10,000 guests and SEK 5,600,000 turnover. 50% of Earnings divided to shareholders annually from here.
  • 2022: 20,000 guests and SEK 10,000,000 turnover
  • 2022: Become the Scandinavian equivalent of Coachella or Sonar
  • 2025: Backyard Sessions acquired by Live Nation or Eventim. Core team stays as creators of the festival for future years.

Previous Financing

  • SEK 200,000 Self-financed.
  • SEK 200,000 - 300,000 Swedish Musikverket grant for booking gender equally every year 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • SEK 100,000 lead investor 2019.


We are working very closely with Malmö Municipality and Malmö Tourism to keep the festival as local and accessible as possible for a broad local target group.

On the corporate level, we partner up with Red Bull, Galatea, Lexus and some of the best PR agencies to reach a broad international target group and ensure the quality experience for all our guests.

Use of funds

- Better production: On-site Tivoli, more stages, more food, fun and enternteinment.
- Broader marketing: Locally ATL marketing (printed, ads on buses and trains), International BTL marketing (editorial marketing and social media ads)
- Bigger bookings: Our dream bookings are Fever Ray, Basement Jax, Four Tet, Groove Armada, Björk and The Streets.

Industry Certifications/Awards

In 2018 and 2019 the Backyard Sessions has been featured in:
  • ELLE
  • Lonely Planet
  • Metro
  • Swedish Radio
  • Resident Advisor
  • Deep House Amsterdam
  • Ryanair and Brussel Airlines.
  • And many more

We are now an internationally recognized music festival.

Return on Investment

After three years 50% of festival profits will be reinvested annually and 50% paid out to you as a shareholder.

Our team is very passionate about Backyard Sessions and we would love to work with the festival for the rest of our lives.

But, after 5 - 10 years the festival will probably grow too big for us and get acquired by a big American or German festival giant like Eventim or Live Nation. Recent festival acquisition by Live Nation: Lollapalooza, Sweden Rock, Summerburst.

Risk Analysis

Festival segment is a risky business. But after two successful years of Backyard Sessions as a full festival, we are confident that we have a strong core target group that wants more. Our target group is much broader than of a regular festival, thanks to family friendly entertainment on site, affordable ticket prices in multiple steps and "everyone is welcome" attitude.

We are ready to expand further.