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Falun Whitewater Park

We bring the river to the city!

Everyone laugh in Falun Whitewater Park!

With us, everyone can paddle fantastic whitewater without any previous skills. It is exciting, yet completely safe, clean and convinient. The park is centrally located in Falun and thanks to excellent logistics, a visit is easy. The region of Dalarna is Swedens' 4th biggest tourism area, and outdoor activities is the fastest growing market.

We have successfully designed and constructed the park, and have delivered a profitable business from day one. Now we invite more investors to share our vision. We will use funding to further increase the attractiveness of the park.

Investor proposal

Falun Whitewater Park has already proven its expertise how to make a profitable whitewater venue by focusing on the essentials. The core product is whitewater for everyone without needing any previous skills, but letting every guest be active. This makes the product attractive for years to come. Thanks to the design and the business model, operating costs are very low, and the park is very easy to operate. Falun Whitewater Park is prime real estate with the risky construction and startup phase done, and very exciting years of growth ahead.
All investors have one free visit with whitewater kayaking with all equipment, to a value of 495 SEK.

All investors with minimum 40 shares, have one free visit every year! with whitewater kayaking with all equipment.

B-shares will be issued, which has the same dividend right, and 1/10 of vote of existing 50000 A shares.


The problem this product solves

Whitewater activities are very popular, but often not easily available. Most rafting companies are found in "middle of nowhere", with no comfort. This makes a visit very time consuming which decreases attraction.

Artificial whitewater parks in cities is a great solution, and have been built all over the world, but often with high construction and operating costs. Also, the whitewater is mostly too tough for ordinary people. Therefore, the only possibility for visitors is rafting with a guide. This increases operating costs even further, and the guests are passive. They do not learn anything and have small incentives to return.

How the product solves it

Falun Whitewater Park has from the very start been a huge success. We offer whitewater kayaking in a safe yet exiting environment. Guests with absolutely no previous experience learn to paddle whitewater kayak themselves, have awesome fun and are physically active. Thanks to the course design we have kept down investment and especially operating costs, making it a profitable business from start.

With its central location a visit takes little time. Also we offer convenient changing rooms, showers and sauna for a pleasant visit, and, of course, a cafeteria. Our nice accommodation facilitates a visit even further.

Product features

The main product is whitewater kayaking for people with no previous experience. It has been a huge success for all kind of groups - friends, families, event for enterprises, birthday celebrations and in association with marriages.

Also we have three houses for accommodation. We got a lot of bookings immediately after putting them on Booking.com. Paddlers want so stay in our houses, and those booking houses wants to paddle.

The park is also northern Europes first sport venue for olympic canoe slalom. This attracts paddlers to make frequent visits. Also, it creates revenue from selling sport equipment and from competitions.

Product use cases

Falun Whitewater Park gives all guests a pleasant expericence in a safe environment. Since guests are physically active and they learn how to paddle, it encourages guests to return. The arena is ideally situated close to Falun city centre with fast connection to the centre of Borlänge.

This makes the venue an attractive place to visit for all tourists and inhabitants in the region of Dalarna looking for a popular activity.

A typical visit is an enterprise making a kick-of for their employees, of 15 women celebrating before a marriage. We can easily make special arrangements with personal time schedule.


Bo-Marcus Lidström avatar
Bo-Marcus Lidström CEO
Bo-Marcus "Bobbo" Lidström has planned, designed, and to a too large extent built Falun Whitewater Park. He has a Master in Biology, as well as Specialist in Pathology. He is chief physician on Falun Regional Hospital.
Isak Öhrström avatar
Isak Öhrström Board Member
Isak Öhrström is a professional kayaker and Swedens first Olympian in Canoe slalom, participating in Rio 2016. He is also study civil engineering at Uppsala University. He is especially involved in the sport part of Falun Whitewater Park
Benny Nyberg avatar
Benny Nyberg Board Member
Benny has more than 30 years of experience from the tourism industry. He was in charge for communication and marketing when Skara Sommarland was built and was established. He has been chief marketer and chief for entertainment on Liseberg, Gothenburg, tourist chief for Borås city, chief marketer for Gothenburg & ... See more
Benny has more than 30 years of experience from the tourism industry. He was in charge for communication and marketing when Skara Sommarland was built and was established. He has been chief marketer and chief for entertainment on Liseberg, Gothenburg, tourist chief for Borås city, chief marketer for Gothenburg & CO, for Gothia Cup etc. Benny have had been consultant to many companies and organizations. See less


Target Market

Our main market consists of the about 700 000 summer tourists and inhabitants in Dalarna in the ages 14 - 80 years. Our target is 4000 guests during 2019, or 0,4% of the market.

The activity is very well suited for business events, weddings and for any kind of groups. Vi also welcome single persons and Drop-in.
For accommodation our target is 35 % occupation rate during the summer and 20 % during the rest of the year.

Our target is to become the biggest actor for all kind of whitewater kayaking, and to work for increasing this market further.

Competitive landscape

Besides a swim pool, there are not many outdoor activities for visitors to Falun unless you own special equipment like an MTB. In Dalarna there are other whitewater activities, to higher costs, and which are more demanding and much more time consuming. Swedens's only cycle velodrom is just nearby, which rather helps to pull guests to us than competing.

Other touristic attraction in Falun is the copper mine with about 200 000 visitors annually, The property of the famous painter Carl Larsson has about 50 000 annual paying visitors.

Unique differentiator from competitors

We offer a unique, exciting, yet safe and convenient sportive activity. We're not dependent on the weather, having clothes for all conditions. With our central location and excellent logistics, a visit takes less than three hours, making us an attractive choice for all kind of groups. We are the only whitewater activity in Sweden with Drop-in.

Our excellent accommodation facilitates a visit and is open the whole year.

We are a top venue for all kind of whitewater sports. This attracts a loyal crowd making frequent visits. Also, it creates a very efficient channel for promotion in newspapers and TV.

Company revenue streams

Our main revenue comes from guests with no previous paddling experience. Mostly in groups of 4-25 persons.

Accommodation works in two ways. Existing paddlers book accommodation for a convenient visit where whitewater kayaking is in focus. At the same time, many guests who stays in our park, also choose to paddle.

Since we are a top venue for whitewater sports, this attracts a loyal group of frequent users. It also help us selling equipment for whitewater kayaking.

All visitors, also those not paddling or staying, also creates revenue from the cafeteria. It's a daily stream of curious visitors only watching.

Product/service distribution

Falun Whitewater Park reach its customers through several channels. On social media our customers help us promoting when sharing photos and movies of themselves paddling. Also, several web sites support our promotion. We cooperate with several big hotels in Falun and Borlänge, and the tourism promotor VisitDalarna.

The accommodation is available on Booking.com, which also helps to sell water activities.

Thanks to the excellent conditions for all whitewater sports, we have much and continuous publicity in TV and news papers.

Our owners also help to promote the park. Most important though, is getting satisfied customers to spread the word.


Previous milestones/traction

Next key objectives

The target for 2019 is 4000 guests and 35 % occupancy rate on accommodation during summer
The target for 2020, is to give dividends to all shareholders
The target for 2021 is to have a concrete place for a second park

Previous Financing

Falun Whitewater Park was successfully funded with a campaign on FundedByMe during the autumn 2016. Financial support has been received from the regional Council of Dalarna. Soft loans from investors and leasing for buildings and equipment has kept down the initial capital need to a descent level. Through the associated canoe club financial support has been received for financing sport related costs. Thanks to fantastic colleagues we made very much of the work ourself which has created very much value.

Use of funds

The raised capital will primarily be used to further improve the park, making it more welcoming and more nice looking, with gardening and lightning. We will increase number of kayaks for guests and improve our equipment, to further increase our capacity and increase the value of a visit.

With a very successful campaign, we will make additional investments, all focused to further increase our revenue streams, increasing capacity and attract a larger crowd. A conveyor belt and additional pumps will be prioritized.

Return on Investment

The target is to pay dividends to shareholders after the season 2020. The scary part of the company is behind us. Ahead of us is a never ending long time work to annually increase revenue from more guests, and to reach and an ROI of 15%.

Our knowledge is a large asset and the plan is to build additional parks in Scandinavia.

Risk Analysis

Traditionally a whitewater park is expensive to build and costs much to operate. This poses a risk during construction and before the number of annual visits has reached a sufficient level.

We have already proved our ability to build the venue to a low cost. Our operation costs are uniquely low, thanks an efficient design. One single employee can operate the park for a sustained time. Therefore, our break-even is very low.

Our business areas; Tourism & Recreation, sport, and accommodation reinforces each other and make us less sensitive for market fluctuations.