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And The Revolution

Pioneering local bike builders with a global ambition

ATR is a brand and retail channel that offers custom designed and locally built bicycles for the urban cyclist —the safest and most inspiring way to buy and ride a bike.

ATR is also the most profitable and worthwhile way to work in the bicycle industry. That's why we are building a network of shops with passionate and knowledgeable people to inspire urban cycling across Stockholm, Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world.

Investor proposal

There are several ways to relate to an investment in ATR:

Planet: Bicycles are here to stay and will become increasingly important in cities all over the world. Building bicycle culture benefits both the individual, the city and the planet.

Product: The best way to buy a bike for the consumer. A bike that you can design yourself, which is built locally and will help you ride more often and joyful. Inspirational and safe.

Profitability: ATR creates a great value for customers while also being a profitable and scalable business model.
Benefits as an investor
  • Invest 5.000 SEK and receive 10% discount at ATR during 2018/2019.

  • Invest 10.000 SEK and receive 10% discount at ATR during 2018/2019 + Founders Teeshirt.

  • Invest 100.000 SEK and receive 10% discount at ATR during 2018/2019 + Founders Edition Town Bicycle + Founders Teeshirt.

This crowdfunding results in a direct ownership in ATR Riders AB (org. 559172-6632) which is an associated company to Welikebike Storstan AB, where the business and the ATR brand are included.

Fully subscribed crowdfunding campaign in ATR Riders AB corresponds to 11% ownership in Welikebike Storstan AB.


The problem this product solves

Buying a bike today can be both difficult and uninspiring. There are so many brands and models so finding the bike that suits you can be difficult. It's both about how you want your bike to looks and how it works.

At the same time, the bicycle industry has had difficulty with profitability for a long time. It's not just online shopping that has hurt the local bicycle dealer. The price war between stores is often brutal, many offer the same brands and models which leaves no room to give the customer the service they deserve. It's time for a change!

How the product solves it

ATR is a vertical retail channel where each bike is designed by the customer in the shop or online - the perfect bike for each individual both aesthetically and functionally.

The fact that all bicycles are built on site creates the conditions for a continued close relationship between shop and biker. A personal shopping experience and a carefree ownership for all cyclists in the city.

ATR's business model, in addition to creating satisfied customers, also creates an opportunity to build a network of modern and profitable bicycle stores.

Product features

ATR's models are stylish and uncomplicated by design, easy for an inexperienced bicycle buyer to understand and enjoy. We have developed three different platforms that can be built in as many ways as there are consumers:

  • Town —Convenient and lightweight aluminum bike for short and medium transport in all weather.

  • Road —More gears for longer/faster trips, perfect for the bicycle commuter all year round.

  • Easy Road —The most lightweight and quietest electric bike produced so far. The only electric bike you can build just the way you want. Weighs in at 17kg.

Product use cases

For some of our customers, the look of the bike is most important, but for others it's about cycling in the city year round, finding smart ways to dress and feel confident in the traffic.

In Stockholm, 110,000 people take the car to work on a stretch that would take less than half an hour to cycle and every other car trip is less than 5km. Cyclists believe that of all commuters, they feel the healthiest, both physically and mentally.

Free service during the first 2 years and lifetime warranty on the frame and fork is always included.


Tobias Adolfsson avatar
Tobias Adolfsson Founder ATR, CEO
Started the most northern bicycle courier company in Umeå 1993. Founded mountinbike shop BIKE and done work in the nordic bicycle industry as agent/distributor for 15 years. Experience in project management, communication strategy, brand/product- development and design. Founder of the Sson brand.
Brandon Gold avatar
Brandon Gold Manager Åsögatan 122
Sports scientist, sports commentator, editor, Bike builder, cycling missionary. He loves to produce a little bit of cycle propaganda from time to time at ATRs and his own Instagram (@kiwiseventythree).
Delaney Wessel avatar
Delaney Wessel Bicycle Builder Åsögatan 122
Creative and passionate UBI-certified bike mechanic. All-weather cyclist and active transportation enthusiast. Professional experience in accounting and development. Tries her best at hiking, skiing, horseback riding.
Eddi Blixt avatar
Eddi Blixt Technical Supervisor Åsögatan 122
10 years experience in bicycle mechanics in all disciplines including electric bikes. Loves touring with one of his bikes but also enjoys staying home with his cats.
Björn Rangdén avatar
Björn Rangdén Founder ATR, Founder and Consultant The Nordic Tribe
Consultant in management and business innovation at The Nordic Tribe. Specialist in digitization, management and business architecture. Have been in team member of ATR since day one.
Johan Brandrup-Wognsen avatar
Johan Brandrup-Wognsen Business Sherpa, Madicon, ATR
Our most experienced team member who has helped management teams and companies to grow and develop for 35 years. In the ATR team Johan will operate to make ATR ready to scale in every major city in the civilized world. Companies that have benefitted from Johans knowledge: ABB, OMX and ... See more
Our most experienced team member who has helped management teams and companies to grow and develop for 35 years. In the ATR team Johan will operate to make ATR ready to scale in every major city in the civilized world. Companies that have benefitted from Johans knowledge: ABB, OMX and Posten. Partner and member of ATR Board of Advisors. See less
Tomas Lundborg avatar
Tomas Lundborg Director of Engineering, Infrastructure & Operations Spotify
Director of product. Leading a product team building developer platform at Spotify. Partner and member of ATR Board of Advisors.
Mats Olov Eriksson avatar
Mats Olov Eriksson Director, Finance Data Architecture, King
Gaming industry veteran. Knows how to measure and test everything digital. Part om the team to take King public and beyond. Partner and member of ATR Board of Advisors.
Frans Enmark avatar
Frans Enmark Senior Design Director, Creative Director
Responsible for ATRs graphic appearance i all forms. Also doing important work for Absolut Vodka, RFSU, Stockholm Film Festical, Universal Records and the genius Klungan group. Partner and member of ATR Board of Advisors.


Target Market

Our target group lives and works in an urban environment. It consists mainly of individuals between 25-50 years. They are naturally digital, both privately and at work, and respond to referrals from friends over traditional marketing.

ATR's vision of a sustainable and smart city with better environment/health through increased cycling is something the target group signs up for.

600,000 bicycles are sold annually in Sweden, 22 million in Europe (100 million worldwide). The bicycle sales that are increasing most now are urban bikes and electric bicycles. The market is forecast to increase 50% in Europe by 2024.

Competitive landscape

Every solution to move around in the city are potential competitors:
  • The city's rental bikes solve the problem for some.
  • Scooters for others
  • Public transportation, when it works, is an option for many (who think exercise and oxygenation of the brain are unnecessary and love crowded spaces).
  • Cars (still)

Our competitors in the bicycle industry sell bikes built in a remote country and shipped here in big brown cartons. Bikes that have been designed to fit everyone and none at the same time. Bikes in vivid colors and big logos. Bicycles sold at department stores by people who rather drive a car.

Unique differentiator from competitors

By allowing you to decide both how your bike will look and function and because we sell more than a bike —we build and sell bicycle culture. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, giving insight into the work we actually do to promote urban cycling culture.

Many bicycle shops do an ok job of serving their customers, but nobody can offer a personalized bike AND a service offer similar to ATRs.

When we have built a network of ATR shops across Sweden and Europe, NOBODY will buy a bike the old way.

Company revenue streams

ATR's revenues come from the sale of bicycles (60%), accessories/clothes (30%) and from service of bicycles (10%). E-commerce sales are still insignificant in relation to retail sales. This will change over time, see financial forecast.

Service is an important part of revenue because, in addition to revenue, it creates relationships with customers who have not yet built their own dream bike with us.

Product/service distribution

ATR is a vertical business model for bicycle retail. Our own channel with a local presence and digital customer and trading platform. ATR is responsible for the customer's experience and content from start to finish.

The concept can be expanded with more types of bicycle models and related products over time. Who actually knows what type of bike (or electric bike) will be the most attractive to consumers in 5-10 years? All we know is that ATR, regardless of what happens, will be closest to the consumer and therefore navigate customer needs faster and easier than our competitors.


Previous milestones/traction

2013 Open shop at Åsögatan 122, Södermalm, Stockholm
2014 Changed factory for the production of frames. A supplier we have since retained.
2015 Featured in the exclusive coffee table title VELO
2016 Provider of personalized bikes for Spotify HQ Stockholm
2017 Provider of bikes for Downtown Camper by Scandic Hotel
2018 ATR sells its 1000th bicycle
2018 Easy Road (our first electric bike model) to market
2018 Supplier of bicycles to Spotify offices in 4 continents

Next key objectives

2018 Bike Builder online ready for all three platforms
2019 Opening of second store in Sweden
2020 Launch of collection of clothes, bags and accessories
2020 Opening of first shop outside Sweden
2021 At least 2 of our own- and 12 Partner- Stores
2025 At least 5 of our own- and 30 Partner- Stores

Previous Financing

The company started as a bicycle distribution company in Sweden called ilikebike. Loans was then taken with ALMI and Handelsbanken. Remaining amortization of 522,000 SEK.

Current owners, friends, acquaintances and family have invested 1,200,000 SEK between 2013 and 2018.

Use of funds

  • Development of an ATR Partner offer 15%
  • Extension of digital platform and e-commerce 20%
  • Increased awareness of ATR, communication 25%
  • Opening shop 2 (at the maximum target level in the campaign) 30%
  • Costs for Crowdfunding campaign, marketing and legal 10%

Return on Investment

There is a big mission for ATR both in the industry and in the culture around urban cycling. An early exit is not an end of purpose for the present owners, but sharing ownership with others is natural, now and in the future. Two possible exits are listing or acquisitions in 5 years.

The goal is to build a business with 100+ stores in Europe and a turnover of €50 + million.

Risk Analysis

Complete SWOT is visible in the document "The Plan". These are the main THREATS we have identified:

  • Too slow growth makes it difficult to develop new products and services which reduce our attractiveness with potential partners/franchisees. Solution: Expansion as planned

  • Industry leading player with large resources that designs a similar vertical would make our differentiation less obvious. Solution: beyond our influence. BUT —with the expansion as planned, we will get a head start against future competition.

  • Difficulty in finding suitable partners/franchisees. Solution: Present an attractive offer for partners