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At Mouche we are the orchestrators of style, innovative contextual retail and services, delivered through an experiential, product lead strategy where the customer journey is central to everything we do. We bring together like-minded artists, artisans and creative minds to complete the ensemble, and together we seek to provide our customers with eclectic experiences, exquisite products and the opportunity to partake.
We love to engage emotions, share passions around art, design, life and style. 
We are Mouche Collective.

Joins us in our journey.

Investor proposal

Every person that we bring into our company is with us for a reason.
To invest in us you believe in what we have created, our vision and desire to make a statement, change the market, introduce ways to collaborate, partner up and help each other grow. You believe in this agile business-model and like many have seen the transformation Mouche has undertaken. You, like us, believe in and want to be a part of our journey.
Mouche enthusiasts, proud ambassadors, creative entrepreneurs or angels, silent partner or active player, you are the type of partner we seek.
We are proud and happy to finally announce the next round of emission.
On this round we offer B-shares* to a current business valuation of 21,5 mill sek and we are releasing
15% of our company.

Meet us in person, get to know our business, our team and our ambassadors. You are invited to our Exclusive Investor Mix and Mingel Evening, both in Stockholm & Gothenburg. Receive the key to our world then and there and instantly become our most important partner.
Visit www.mouchecollective/ambassadorevening.com for dates and a personal invitation.

* For investments over 100.000 sek A-shares can be applied.


The problem this product solves

Retail Trend - In a market where the business models are constantly challenged by the disloyal and demanding consumer, innovation is key! The evolving retail climate is now being driven by the consumer’s yearning for inspirational experiences and services. A high end store can no longer be just a store.
This race will be won by those that innovate, have passion for understanding how to achieve the right mix across digital, the physical and services; embraces constant change and moves in symbiosis with the consumer, their experience, in a place where brands and customers engage on a more personal level...

How the product solves it

...Mouche Collective are designers, curators of art, décor, fashion and interiors, passionate about sharing ideas and imagination for creating fantastic living. We have built a reputation as innovators in contextual and experiential retail, in a desirable market position.

Style, ethics and modernity infuses our philosophy, guides our work and who we work with, from inspiring designers to reputable artists. Our brands receive treatment that seeks engagement with customers emotions and offers unrivalled linked services, a self perpetuating business model. This closeness with brand and customer within an agile, low risk model enables a symbiotic relationship that flows, grows, and evolves.

Product features

The Apartment- Our venue, our shop, our showroom and our exclusive arena for our partners, designers, artists, and artisans. Here we present a shoppable eclectic range of products and services.

Online Retail- Driver for sales and awareness of our product range, partners, pre-loved and own brand. A photographic storytelling journey of Mouche and the window to our wider audience.

Own Brand- Interior design products now in production. For details an NDA is required.

Services- Events and styling services within B2B & B2C segment. Partner services include: experiential and contextual marketing, communications and brand consultation, extending market reach and driving sales.

Product use cases

The Apartment- is a multi-functional contextual retail and events venue that offers sales opportunities, location rentals, vernissages, photo shoots, film recordings, styling inspiration, product launches, brand development, events, pop-ups, a multi brand outlet and unique collaborations, here we work within both the B2B and B2C sectors.

Our product range too is largely multi-functional, used for styling services, rentals and sales. Every inch of the business model, square metre of space and it's multiple use of products is monetised into low risk, high yield revenue streams and core to all business development decisions. Even services are cleverly modelled to promote sales.


Johanna Silver CEO
Johanna Silver – Founder & CEO. Johanna has a background as an MD within the luxury service sector, business development, sales, marketing and management consultant in London, having lived there for over 10 years. Prior to that she lived in Greece, Australia and Ireland, she eventually returned to Gothenburg.
Jenny Karlsson Co-Founder, COO
Founder & COO. Jenny has a background in business development and product design, purchasing and staff management.
Stina Ejesdotter Art Director
Art Director & Graphic Designer. Stina lived in Italy for 6 years working for some of the leading brands within the beauty sector. Stina has an eye for artistic impression and is an exquisite, experienced graphic designer.
Sandra Berntsson Marketing and Communications Manager
Sandra has the gift of the gob and a strong Mouche Ambassador. Her previous experience entail sales, marketing and customer relations and social media management.
Ebba Fox Interior Decorator
Graduated as an Interior Decorator in London in 2014, Ebba has worked as a designer, created and developed retail and hospitality projects and recently worked with high end residential. Her project list until now includes customers such as Karen Millen, Brewdog, PVH - Tommy Hilfiger / Calvin Klein, Student Hotel, ... See more
Graduated as an Interior Decorator in London in 2014, Ebba has worked as a designer, created and developed retail and hospitality projects and recently worked with high end residential. Her project list until now includes customers such as Karen Millen, Brewdog, PVH - Tommy Hilfiger / Calvin Klein, Student Hotel, Jacobsz and Hotel Le Grand Quartier. See less
Azra Vejzovic Senior Stylist
Azra has a degree in interior styling, an impeccable eye for style and a creative mindset.
Sandra Rexborg Accountant & Stylist
Sandra has a neck for numbers but also experience in styling. At Mouche Sandra gets the best of both worlds and Mouche get the best of Sandra.
Jonna Hunt Copy Writer
Jonna Dagliden Hunt – Freelance Mouche Copy Writer, Jonna is also the Editor of ‘My Residence’, freelance journalist and writer for many of the world’s leading fashion and interior magazines. Trend analyst and Founder of ‘Oh My Eyes.’
Christopfer Hunt Photographer
Freelance Mouche Photographer. Professional photographer and Founder of ‘Oh My Eyes’.
Richard Silver Supporting Partner
Professionally trained, creative and results driven, commercial director with over 15 years experience and a consistent record of exceeding business targets. Extensive experience within sales, digital, marketing, media, events and ICT. A proven team leader, strategist and business developer - from concept through to realisation.
Gustaf Rudholm Consultant, Main Investor
Founder of Care of Carl & Rum 21 Founder Mouche Business Consultant.
Anna Svahn Investor & Consultant
Investor, writer, Mouche ambassador. Anna’s influence and reputation precedes her in the investment community, currently CEO of Feminvest.


Target Market

B2C - We don't like to use the word target audience as it can sound discluding. Our audience is everywhere. It's curios, world wise, all genders, informed and genuinely interested. The world is on our doorstep and The Apartment has become the exciting destination worth visiting. The more visibility, press cover and followers we get, the longer the visitors travel.

B2B - Mouche interior, styling, venue and services has been the key request from all partners, creative businesses, architects, estate agents and other interior stylists who require an exclusive event, unique vintage, eclectic design pieces or perhaps to beautify prospects.

Competitive landscape

Competitors are hard to define as the model is quite unique and different. At Mouche many competitors, in the traditional sense, are actually customers. Professional stylists seeking unique products, designers requiring an exclusive venue for a launch party, retailers wanting to use the venue for a photoshoot. Strictly speaking there are no directly comparable competitors however Mouche operates within the interior, design, fashion retail market and also styling and venue/event services.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Mouche business model, combines the elimination of the risk of unsold stock, multifunctional space with multiple revenue streams and offers a combination of service and products.

Selected design partners & Mouche own brand.

The Mouche Collective brand and their style has been uniquely positioned and regularly features in high-end leading press, attracting new partners daily and customers visit from all over the world having heard of 'one of the main reasons to visit Gothenburg'.

Next destination... Stockholm.

Our people, network and investors are exceptional and are the drivers behind the brand.

Company revenue streams

Mouche key revenue streams to date are:

Product Sales and Rentals
• Sales of designer clothing, interior, art and beauty
• Vintage furniture commission
• Pre-Loved Commission
• Designer Collaborations
• Mouche own brand & Mouche finds
• Rent our stock (B2B, furniture, vintage, fashion)

Events and Services
• Rent the Apartment (office, showroom fees, commercial and corporate use)
• Pop-Ups and External Events
• Mouche Collective Events

Styling Services
• Styling Services B2B
• Styling Services B2C

Marketing, Brand and Communication Consultancy
• Affiliate Partnerships and Consignation Collaborations
• Professional Services including marcomms/branding consultancy (interior, fashion and lifestyle focused)

Product/service distribution

The two key components for product sales is the Apartment and mouchecollective.com

Mouche constantly builds our networks of key influencers and partners that drive sales.

Services such as styling drives both product sales and referral services, partnering with some of the countries most prestigious real estate companies.

Instagram and social media and industry events are also key channels.


Previous milestones/traction

  • 2016-02 Launch of Style by Mouche AB
  • 2016-03 Launch of www.stylebymouche.com
  • 2016-04 Exclusive vernissage - Terry O'Neill
  • 2016-05 Profit 1 mill
  • 2016-10 Launched second-hand Pre-Loved
  • 2016-10 Launched first vintage consignation partner-Dusty Deco
  • 2017-01 First year turnover 3 mill
  • 2017-05 7 new consignation partners
  • 2017-06 First exclusive venue-hire
  • 2017-11 World by Mouche is born together with Anna Svahn
  • 2018-01 Style by Mouche evolves into World by Mouche
  • 2018-03 Launch Styling by Mouche
  • 2018-03 Successful re-launch in new venue together with all our 15 partners
  • 2018-05 Breaking budget Styling
  • 2018-08 Breaking budget venue hire
  • 2018-10 You!

Next key objectives

Styling-event and pop-up Apartment in Stockholm 10.2018
Vernissage Johan Renck 12.2018
Launch Mouche-Villa 12.2018
Soft Launch Mouche own brand 12.2018
Stockholm furniture fair - pop-up Apartment 02.2019
Launch Mouche own brand 03.2019
Mouche Magazine 09.2019
Mouche Apartment Stockholm 09.2019
Mouche The Apartment Copenhagen 2020

Previous Financing

Mouche founders have injected 2 mill sek to set this project alive, build the brand, launch the business and support the first year of operation.

Mouche have also completed two successful rounds of investments. The first round generated 1 mill sek and the latest round a further 1 mill sek.

This important initial investment has:

-Positioned Mouche on the market as one of Swedens most innovative retail and services concepts.
-Developed the Mouche own brand.
-Built the responsive e-commerce site on Magento
-Renovated and restored The Apartment
-Invested in teams, products, content, partners, marketing, logistics and growth strategies


Substantial Key Partners
DRY Studios - Brand directors who steers Mouche forward in a stylish and creative direction.
Hunt & Hunt - Photography and Copywriters.
IMPROOVE - Digital Agency and e-commerce developers.
Be Better Online - The communications bureau to bring Mouche ...
Sandeng - The perfect combination between partners. They have amazing art, we have a beautiful showroom, art placed in context and sales made easy.
Göteborgs Auktionsverk - Auktions and Vintage partners
Art n' Deco Vintage supplier and partner

Use of funds

The market craves more of Mouche, we aim to give them what they want. This investment is to meet the demand of both Mouche products and services;

1)         Employ further staff both full-time and part-time
-               Full-time stylists
-               Full-time social media and digital geek with a passion for style
-               Part-time contextual retail sales staff
2) Develop Mouche own brand
3) Grow the awareness internationally
4)         Acquire further dedicated transport to further facilitate styling demands
5)         Acquire further styling equipment
This is already planned however the preference would be to achieve this over 2 months and not 12.

Industry Certifications/Awards

Featured in;
- VOGUE (twice)
- Nya RUM,
- Damernas Värld
- Residence
- Plaza Interiör
- Plaza Kvinna
as well as all local press and media.

- Nominated for ´Best Fashion Boutique´
- Nominated for ´Best Concept Store´


Mouche has been recommended by some of the worlds most respected media as a ‘reason to visit Gothenburg’ & 'No 1 Shopping destination in Gothenburg'

Return on Investment

When you enter our world you become our most important partner. A partner we look after and care for, a partner that we grow stronger with.
We offer business opportunities, an access to a large exclusive network of investors, partners, businesses, creative industries, designers, entrepreneurs and possibilities.
We give you an voice to build our community and drive this business together with us.

And we want you to benefit of our success! We offer an exit opportunity within five years if not an earlier release is suggested and a minimum 8 x on investment is projected with the current forecast.

Risk Analysis

To minimise retail risks the model offers proven multiple revenue streams. Each stream has a strong margin and costs are strictly controlled. Mouche operates in both B2B and B2C markets further widening our target market and reducing potential fragilities in times of economic downturn.

Unlike most retail Mouche does not purchase products minimising risk associated with unsold stock. Instead Mouche acts a a stamp of approval, a marketing platform and showcase for some of the most sought after designers. Commissions are comparable to margins on purchased products.

Tried, tested, and proven with both revenue numbers and statistics to prove it.