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Picbaq AB

Stop giving away your money, be an influencer yourself

Picbaq offers an app that combines shopping with activities on social media and a cash back system to anyone that shop and shows their activity on social media. This is also a strong instrument for all kinds of businesses who want to market themselves. This is a world unique idea. Picbaq – for the people, by the people, to the people!

Investor proposal

Picbaq will be the next big thing in social media and the digital world. Now you have the chance to get in early and become a partner in something that is totally new and unique on the market.


The problem this product solves

Many influencers, all over the world, make a lot of money by marketing companies and the companies products on social media. But there is actually no guarantee that products or services actually are sold. Only on Instagram, some 100 million pictures are shared every 24 hours. And just imagine adding Facebook and other social media giants to this.

How the product solves it

Picbaq is the solution. An app for everyone who can use an app and for all companies that want to market themselves successfully. This is how it works: next time you step into a shop just sign in to the Picbaq-app and see what offers are hot at the moment – no matter if you are buying some ripe oranges or black party shoes. Choose one of the offers in Picbaq and get money back. As the owner of the store or the shop, you can award your clients directly and avoid spending money on traditional expensive marketing.

Product features

The app can be used anywhere and in almost every buying situation. From your local food store to where you buy your clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics and everything else you need. Or just make money marketing something. Let´s say that a car dealership wants to launch a new car model. Take a selfie with you and the car, post it in your social media channels and get paid straight into your account. The car dealer rather pays you than spend his money on ads on TV or in magazines without any effect.

Product use cases

You can easily be the face for a large department store when you buy a new sofa, a new bed or a new kitchen. How? Easy. Your friends will see your face and will read your content when they see someone they recognize and an account they have chosen to follow, Your face is worth gold!


Peter In de Betou avatar
Peter In de Betou Co-founder / COO
Peter has experience from several business, retail, food and logistics businesses. His areas of responsibility have been sales, marketing and business development and he knows how difficult marketing can be to be profitable.
Rosanna Charles avatar
Rosanna Charles Co-founder / social media manager
Rosanna's everyday life is to work with some of Sweden's biggest influencers. She has a very large network of contacts and marketing is something she works with every day. Rosanna currently has her own company where she is the spider in the Stockholm influencer world.
Sanna Dahlström avatar
Sanna Dahlström Co-founder / social media manager
Sanna operates the successful podcast "Livet på läktaren" with some 100 000 listeners each month. She currently lives in Spain with her family. Sanna is a fast-growing brand herself and has a broad knowledge on how to market her brand in social media.
Stina Lillemos avatar
Stina Lillemos Co-founder / CMO
Stina comes from a business family in Båstad. For the past 10 years, she has worked in store and service and had marketing responsibility. Social media and online marketing as well as developing different market processes is something she's passionate about.
Dick O´Brien avatar
Dick O´Brien Founder
Dick is the founder of the company and the Picbaq-idea. Long experience of building business from the foundation and a passionate entrepreneur. He wants to revolutionize the marketing industry with Picbaq.


Target Market

The target group is large and constantly growing as many more uses social media. Picbaq is for everyone who buys anything from a shop or a service company – whatever business you look at. Piqbaq will have the world premiere in Sweden at the beginning of 2019 and Nordic countries, Europe and the rest of the world will follow. Our target group is everyone who loves social media, who likes to make a good deal and all companies who wants more customers that buys something instead of just looking at ads. And you can both be a shareholder and user!

Competitive landscape

Our own analyzes show no other company or organisation that offers an app similar to Picbaq, specially designed for all consumers and all products or services. An app that gives money back each month that gives everyone a reason to get even more active on social media.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Picbaq is for everyone. No special card or membership needed to start earning. You are rewarded for your activities on social media – just like all other successful influencers. Your money will be placed in your account, Picbaq is "for the people, by the people, to the people".

Company revenue streams

The revenue is generated when Picbaq gets paid for marketing companies and brands - a certain percentage of what the app users deliver.

Product/service distribution

At Picbaq we live as we learn. Social media is where we launch and will grow - mainly and firstly on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin and Youtube. More to come!


Previous milestones/traction

We have spent most of 2018 creating and developing the perfect app. Our target is to make it as user-friendly and as fun and rewarding as possible. We have also recruited a great team of people with different experiences from the business world. Now we are ready to launch!

Next key objectives

December 2018 - Start crowdfunding FBM
January 2019 - Finish crowdfunding FBM
January 2019 - Users via Crowdfunding will be our first user before release.
Q2 2019 - Release in Scandinavia.
Q3 2019 - Continue to Europe Q4 2019 - Continue expansion in the world.

Previous Financing

Financed by the founder Richard O´Brien

Use of funds

Around 75% of the capital raised will be used to develop the company which include hiring a programmer to further develop the app, About 25% of the capital raised will be used to support the launch on social media.

Return on Investment

We see a somewhat aggressive journey ahead of us. Our aim is to exit within 2-3 years, and then giving a great return of the money invested to owners who invested in Picbaq early.

Risk Analysis

Picbaq is first in Sweden, Europe and maybe the world with this kind of sales generating marketing. A form of marketing that is 100% driven by the companies that participate and that rewards their customers/consumers. Picbaq has come far and is ready to launch the first campaign in early 2019. This gives us a lead compared to others and at a very low risk. Competing apps, if they exist, will find it very hard to close in on us. There may be similar services on the market, but no one has made it as simple and wide as Picbaq.