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The fastest growing electric scooter-sharing system in Europe

We provide clean and smart transport service for cities.

We are offering electric scooter renting solution directly via an app for 0,30 EUR per minute and we aim to create sustainable transport in the Scandinavian countries and improve sharing economy.

Join our journey and help us change the lives of citizens in both metropolises and small towns!

Investor proposal

Our business model has been proved in the founding country Poland where our company is profitable with over 900 vehicles.

We're now starting in Stockholm with Blinkee Nordic AB and in spring 2019 our electric scooters and kick-bikes will show up on the streets.

We're ready to enter Scandinavia and later branch out globally!

1 share 100EUR: 5x20min free ride coupons!
10 shares 1000EUR: All above + Name your scooter in the app and it will be visible to everyone
30 shares 3000EUR: All above + Electric kick-bike for free!
180 shares 18000EUR: Coupons, name + Electric scooter for free!


The problem this product solves

The quality of life in a modern city matters.

Clean air, calm streets, sustainable transport and the time saved is the standard every modern citizen is expecting.

Air pollution in a dense city is a serious health hazard we are all aware of. In addition, time consuming traffic jams and lack of parking spaces results in spending about 5 to even 9 hours a month by an average European citizen which all results in losing money, time and your health.

How the product solves it

blinkee.city has created a solution to this problem, freeing time and money for everyone, as well as contributing to a more sustainable climate in the city.

Electric two-wheeled blinkee.city is a new type of transportation quality for the gig-economy;
They do not emit air pollution. They are very quiet and do not generate additional noise in already loud cities. They also save time by making it easier to travel through crowded metropolis during peak hours. They're 100% electric vehicles providing an ecological solution for cities open to smart transportation which shows that you don't have to own to travel conveniently.

Product features

blinkee.city are electric scooters and kick-bikes, which you can rent directly through an app.
The cost is charged per minute of using the vehicle (EUR 0.30 / minute).

Specification of the Blinkee electric scooter:
  • Range up to 80 km
  • Keyless START with your mobile app
  • Big trunk, with two helmets inside
  • Suitable for two people
  • 100% powered by electricity
  • Electronics designed and manufactured by our team

Product use cases

Imagine that you have a meeting in the city center. Instead of ordering a taxi you could find a free-standing electric blinkee.city scooter via your phone, run it using the app and drive it by yourself through the city traffic, directly to the door of the restaurant or wherever you're heading.
You could be there much faster then by car!

How to use blinkee.city scooters or electric kick-bikes:

  • Open the app blinkee.city
  • Find the scooter on the map
  • Reserve it for up to 15 minutes
  • Launch it
  • Drive & feel the freedom :)
  • Park the scooter properly, wherever you are


Marcin Maliszewski avatar
Marcin Maliszewski CEO & Co-founder Blinkee Nordic AB
Co-founder of the blinkee.city company, responsible for business development. Senior SAP Consultant with 6 full life cycle implementations at IBM, BP, L'Oreal, Huawei and Polish Airlines LOT and many others. Master's degree at WAT University and post-graduate at Warsaw School of Economics.
Ronald Domelid avatar
Ronald Domelid Chairman of the Board - Blinkee Nordic AB
Serial entrepreneur from Sweden with a passion for eco friendly business. Ronald is the Vice CEO and co-founder of the foodtech company Ecoliving and partner in the media company Ducktape Media. Earlier he has co-founded Stonefactory.se with his brother and was in charge of the growth strategy, the company was ... See more
Serial entrepreneur from Sweden with a passion for eco friendly business. Ronald is the Vice CEO and co-founder of the foodtech company Ecoliving and partner in the media company Ducktape Media. Earlier he has co-founded Stonefactory.se with his brother and was in charge of the growth strategy, the company was later acquired by Bygghemma Group AB that went public in 2018. Ronald's core speciality is leadership and management. Education background: BA in Political Science and studies in Crisis Management at the Swedish Defence College. See less
Kamil Klepacki avatar
Kamil Klepacki CTO Blinkee Nordic AB
Kamil is the notorious "Blinkee hacker". Electronics programmer expert, skilled at C and C++ languages. The author of the whole electornics device implemented in Blinkee electric scooters. Developer VHDL, FPGA. Expert in National Research and Development in Poland.
Per Schlingmann avatar
Per Schlingmann Board Member and Advisor – Blinkee Nordic AB
Per is a PR and marketing expert. He is an advisor to top-tier companies in communication, strategy and change management. He is an author of several books in the area such as "Urban Express" and "Kommunikationskriget". Per has a unique background from both politics and business. He served as an ... See more
Per is a PR and marketing expert. He is an advisor to top-tier companies in communication, strategy and change management. He is an author of several books in the area such as "Urban Express" and "Kommunikationskriget". Per has a unique background from both politics and business. He served as an advisor to the Swedish Prime Minister, and had a central role in shaping the Moderate Party in Sweden as the Chief of Communication, Party Secretary and Chief Strategist. He has been pointed out as one of the most influential communicators in Sweden and perceived by many as the Swedish Spin Doctor. See less
Pawel Maliszewski avatar
Pawel Maliszewski Co-founder Blinkee Nordic AB
Co-founder of blinkee.city. Pawel manages international business development. Former Cyber Security Manager at top tiers financial and IT companies like Citibank, Comarch and Nationale-Nederlanden. Double master's degree at WAT University in Warsaw.
Martyna Ziebinska avatar
Martyna Ziebinska Marketing Manager
Successful Marketing Manager, she worked in big international corporations. She has joined blinkee.city in 2016 and has built a solid brand of blinkee.city in Poland and the community of 29.000+ active users and fans on Facebook. A philologist and intercultural psychologist by profession.
Arkadiusz Zaremba avatar
Arkadiusz Zaremba Technical Operations manager in Sweden
Responsible for technical operations in Sweden. During the last 14 years Arkadiusz has been running his own enginnering and consctruction company. Arkadiusz is a former professional speedway driver competing in the Polish Speedway League and has been living in Sweden since 2004.


Target Market

Our customers are people wanting to use different types of city transportation.
We're currently active in Poland, Spain, Croatia and Hungary, and our next target market is Sweden & Scandinavia.

Size of the smart transportation market is valued to about 41bn USD in 2018 and estimated to reach 130bn USD by 2023.

The market has attracted leading VC investors such as Atomico, Index Ventures, Uber and GoogleAlphabet to invest 500m USD in the hot segment of sharing-economy solutions with electric scooters.

We're witnessing a mega trend through the growth of smart cities, focusing on decreasing CO2-emissions and solving traffic problems.

Competitive landscape

The market landscape contains of:

1)    Driving, car sharing & car renting solutions
2)    Bikes, kick-bikes - own usage and renting
3)    City public transport
4)    Taxi / Uber

The market is growing rapidly and right now there are about 50-60 companies in this field globally. A few examples:

Sweden: VOI, Lime
Poland: Scroot, Jeden Ślad
Europe: Blinkee, Coup, CityScoot, Bolt
Global actors: Lime, Bird

Unique differentiator from competitors

  • blinkee.city is a true high-tech company that has developed its own software for integration with hardware
  • Our portfolio of electric vehicles is larger than our competitors as we offer electric bikes, scooters and kick-bikes
  • Our company blinkee.city is a registered transportation vehicle manufacturer just like ex. Volvo, Tesla
  • Since blinkee.city has its own developed software and integration it allows us to improve our service on a daily basis and provide updates of the scooters during the night
  • We can scale rapidly thanks to our profitable joint venture business model

Company revenue streams

Our Revenue streams contains of:

1) B2C customers in cities (electric scooters, electric kick-bikes)
2) "Buy and share" program with investors in different cities
3) Cooperation with City Halls and smaller towns, regarding eco-mobility for citizens
4) B2B and marketing contracts

Revenues in Poland:

2017: 0,4 m EUR (4 MSEK)
2018 Prognosis: 3,4 m EUR (34 MSEK)
2019 prognosis: 15 m EUR (150 MSEK)

Product/service distribution

People are using our app directly to rent the scooter through our B2C model, we do not have intermediaries.


Previous milestones/traction

05/2016 Implementing first electronics in a garage in Poland
10/2016 Setting up a company in Poland
12/2016 First successful test of the scooter New year’s Eve 2017
03/2017 LAUNCHED 6 scooters in Warsaw
04/2017 53 scooters in Warsaw
08/2017 4 new cities in Poland
12/2017 176 scooters in Poland
05/2018 NEW SEASON 345 scooters in Poland, 10 cities,
06/2018 Launching first foreign city - Budapest, Hungary
08/2018 836 scooters in Poland, 16 cities
08/2018 Launching 2 new foreign cities in Spain and Croatia
09/2018 Starting a company in Sweden "Blinkee Nordic AB"
10/2018 Reaching 992 scooters 18 cities globally

Next key objectives

Q4/2018 Crowdfunding Campaign on Fundedbyme
Q1/2018 Ordering over 50 scooters and 100 kick-bikes
Q2/2019 LAUNCH: Renting scooters and kickbikes in Stockholm in B2C model
Q3/2019 Scaling to 300 vehicles in Stockholm in B2C model
Q4/2019 Reaching a break-even point in Sweden for Blinkee Nordic AB
Q4/2019 Potential Series A fundraising in Sweden
Q1/2020 Launching a few new cities in Sweden
Q2/2020 Scaling up to 400-800 vehicles in Sweden
2020 Entering new countries in Scandinavia

Previous Financing

blinkee.city has grown organically and not raised any external funding in equity for any of our businesses.

This is the first time we offer equity in subsidiary company Blinkee Nordic AB.

The value of the company will be secured on the exclusive and fixed license agreement for 10 years and beyond, exclusive for Sweden and Finland, and possibly to expand to other countries.

Next year we plan to fundraise more e.g. from VC funds in Sweden.

Use of funds

This information has been removed after the campaign closed. Please contact Blinkee AB for more information.

Return on Investment

  • Blinkee operates with an underlying profitable business model. After 36 months operation the company's aim is to give dividend to its shareholders.

  • A very possible outcome is that Blinkee Nordic AB will be acquired in a consolidation of the European market.

  • IPO scenario: If Blinkee will participate as an active acquirer in a consolidation of the market an IPO in Stockholm or Germany is a likely scenario.

Risk Analysis

The market is moving rapidly, so very quick actions and adaptations are essential.

A few risks that we identified:

1) Big players entering kick-bikes market
2) Big takeovers in the market, consolidation
3) Rapidly changing market of the smart transportation, which could result in changing the assumptions in the business plan
4) Legislative and political changes
5) CO2 new emission rules

Risk Warning

FundedByMe does not guarantee that the company will reach their investment targets. Any information provided on the platform or subpage of the company does not constitute an investment recommendation by FundedByMe and the company is fully responsible for their contents.