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Mooni International AB

We design and manufacture modern speakers & lighting to allow you to transform an ordinary space into an experience.

Mooni is a market disruptor! We design, produce, market, and sell modern lifestyle speakers and lights. We stand out with affordable, thoughtful Scandinavian design & innovation. We ​are revolutionizing traditional speakers and lighting with unique, well-designed, products that combine ​sound and lighting that fit into your lifestyle. Our products create special moments, bring joy, and gather friends & family in your home, in your garden, or anywhere you choose to take Mooni with you.

Investor proposal

Join our movement to change the world of speakers and lighting by investing in our fast-growing company with exceptional share growth potential.

Investors will get discounts on all our products!

10 - 250 shares (1.000-25.000 SEK) get 25 % discount
251 - 2500 shares (25.001-250.000 SEK) get 35 % discount
2501 + shares (250.001 SEK + ) get 50% discount

Investors investing over 5.000 SEK will get a TakeMe speaker (1.495 kr) for free!
Investors investing over 10.000 SEK will get a pair of Eye stereo speakers (2.995 kr) for free!

The speakers will be delivered when the European store get the products during summer 2018.


The problem this product solves

The world is in constant change. Products that were invented earlier have been replaced by newer, more efficient, and simpler solutions. The customer today has different demands and products need to adapt to the new reality.

Mooni focuses on two vital things in everyone's daily life: Light and Sound.

The new demands in this field are aesthetically pleasing designs, portable, rechargeable, connected, easy use, flexible and controlled through your mobile, or other devices.

How the product solves it

Mooni enhances and combines the experience of Light and Sound - making it better, simpler, more fun, and more enjoyable!

Mooni products are trendsetters in the market that are easy to use with great designs, bring joy and enhance your lifestyle while remaining affordable.

We are all about innovative ways of combining light and sound, revolutionising the market through the entire product line.

For many big retail chains and distributors around the world. Mooni has become a one stop shop and a VIP supplier. We make life easy for the buyers around the world!

Product features

Great designed Bluetooth speakers combined with light or only lighting products for both indoor and outdoor use with different charging options; solar, dc, usb, wirefree or ac.

Nice materials (wood, leather, polished aluminium, and multiple colors) that fits you environment at home, in the garden, bar or restaurant.

Use our patented wirefree charging and hide all cables.

Control with remote, app or manual.

Product use cases

Bring a Mooni speaker lantern to an event, whether it is a party or the beach, and create a moment to enjoy with your friends.


Staffan Bern avatar
Staffan Bern Founder & CEO
Staffan has extensive experience as President and CEO of International Corporations in the Electronic, Automotive, Machine and Material Handling Industries. Since 2003 he has been an entrepreneur and running his own companies. Over the years, the group built several businesses and sold a few.
Annia Yuan avatar
Annia Yuan Founder, Director of Sales & Operations China
Annia is cofounder and partner of the group with Staffan since 2004. She has a very good understanding and experience in all aspects how to efficiently and successfully run business in China. Annia graduated from University at 18 years of age.
Patrik Bern avatar
Patrik Bern Sales Director Europe
Patrik is a driven successful sales manager with a master degree in engineering. Patrik has a passion for ideas that drives the consumers to buy in the rapidly evolving markers of today.
Emmy Trinh avatar
Emmy Trinh Sales Director Americas
Emmy has extensive experience with technical device sales and marketing from various fortune 500 companies including Johnson & Johnson in both US and Canada. She has been an awarded sales professional in several companies in the US.
Christel Kinning avatar
Christel Kinning Brand Advisor
Chirstel has extensive experience from the retail world. She has done tumarounds. She is a member of the board in Björn Borg, Stadium, Zound Industries, Venue Retail Group, Consortio Fashion Group and Vasakronan.
Alex Levin avatar
Alex Levin Product Development Manager
MSc, Very experienced, productive and professional mechanical engineer. Knows all about how production is done and how to realize a product at the right cost and the right quality. Has been working with Staffan since 2001 and the start of the group.
Marcus Jönsson avatar
Marcus Jönsson Director Development & Coordination
Marcus has a background as a successful project leader and sales manager from manufacturing and construction industry. He is driven towards technical ingenuity and has a Civil Engineering degree.
Fredrik Lundgren avatar
Fredrik Lundgren Director Web & IT Development
Fredrik is a successful web developer with focus on design and UX. His passion is for modern innovative solutions has lead to very successful projects with i.e. IBM, Ford and American Express.
Michael Jonsson avatar
Michael Jonsson Board member
Entrepreneur, Chairman of the board in DIAB, AP&T, PanLink Earlier CEO of Car-o-liner Group, Partnertech, Business area manager Trelleborg Automotive. Michael has been working with Staffan and Annia since 2008


Target Market

The main markets are the Global Speaker market 23B USD and Global Lighting market 20B USD.

Our products can be and are sold in many markets; Electronic market, Lighting market, Gift shops, DIY stores, web sales, indoor and outdoor furniture.

Competitive landscape

  • Companies with Chinese suppliers as we have can also be up to 20% more competitive than most other competitors.
  • Local Brands in different markets i.e. New Garden in Spain, Iolux Italy, Batimex France
  • Global Brands

However, no global players directly similar to Mooni.

Unique differentiator from competitors

  • Our ability to develop products also to specific price points i.e. 29 USD
  • Our technology, better, more features
  • Scandinavian design
  • All our own products are IP
  • Innovative, disrupting
  • Global company
  • VIP supplier to many big global retailers

Company revenue streams

Brands: Mooni and Lightbeat products,
OEM speakers and lighting products
Other OEM products

Product/service distribution

Distributors, Retailer, and partners all over the world, currently sold in:
USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Benelux, UK, Nordic Countries, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zeeland, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan


Previous milestones/traction

2004 started a factory north of Guangzhou
2004 OEM production for customers in Europe and US
2006 Solar Lighting products produced. The first large orders were for Walmart and for OEM development for customers
2008 Own designed solar lighting products
2009 Established Zound Industries production and development in Hong Kong and China
2011 Reached 30 MUSD in deliveries, 7 business areas
2012 Sold Zound Industries Hong Kong and China to Zound Industries AB, and a company producing plastic products
2012 Increased Lighting range, Mooni brand established
2015 Started selling products with Bluetooth speakers
2017 Lightbeat brand established

Next key objectives

Mooni Brand globally
Strong sales channels, partnerships worldwide
Warehouse in Europe, US, and China
Win the war with end-consumers based on disruptive marketing
Develop a product range with playful, innovative, and cool products
Be a leader in design, quality, and new technology
Have a whole range of products to cover different price points from basic in mass merchants to high-end stores.
Webshop with deliveries from local stock in Europe, US, and China to deliver to the world in 6 days
Project sales for bars, restaurants, hotels
Efficient sales process with state of the art IT-tools 

Previous Financing

No earlier financing

Use of funds

The money will be used for the warehouse in Europe to provide short delivery time to retail and direct customers. This will increase our margins. The money will also be used for payment terms for Retailers. During the autumn we plan to set up a showroom in Stockholm

Return on Investment

The company is under quick growth and focus is to continue the growth.
The owners consider to make an exit in 5-7 years or an IPO.
The shares will be able to sell and buy.

Risk Analysis

Very quick volume growth. Payment terms in China often mean cash advance for orders. At the same time, we are setting up a warehouse in Europe and need to handle payment terms for European customers. This requires capital to handle the growth. So far, we have financed ourselves but we see it as necessary to sell part of the company and get loans to handle the growth.