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Free win-win internetworking for everyone.

​LunchIn™ arranges weekly networking meetings. Meetings held at one restaurant per group where we get 20% of the revenue in commission.

We do it because it generates value to everyone involved. Including us.

During our first nine months we have grown to 68 groups in 33 countries with 10 500+ members. Every week 1000 members network for free (besides the lunch cost). In April 2018 155 additional groups is added, the start of a global expansion leading to 5 000 groups with 5 million members generating 0.5 million lunches per week in 2023 to our customers: the group restaurants.

Investor proposal

​"It's all about everyone" is not just a humane approach to people, it is also the key factor to growth and revenue.

The ”free and open for everyone” model ensures an interesting network and utilizes the so called network effect with regards to member recruitment. The commission based revenue model ensures happy customers, the restaurants.

Our simple concept, top of mind branding and fierce expansion tempo is why we will reach our goals. Together with you. The more we are the faster we row. Welcome aboard.
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The problem this product solves

We humans have a need to philosophize, discuss, contemplate and evolve. Together.

Online. But also offline.

As we digitize our lives to a further extent the increasing need of meeting offline is evident in all countries and all societies.

In these competitive times, restaurants struggle to stand out in the crowd, online and offline. Struggle to attract lunch and dinner guests. Restaurants have a need of attaining a constant flow of new and returning customers. A need of presence in social media.

How the product solves it

We also fulfill a need for those excluded from traditional networking as we are non-segmented.
Everyone is welcome, it's all about everyone.

The only cost is the members lunch when they attend. No attendance requirements. Members attends whenever they want and can. Every week.

By hosting our meetings at a restaurant in the groups area we provide online/offline marketing, value services and returning guests to our customers, the groups restaurants. LunchIn attendees with positive experiences of the groups restaurant turns into returning dinner and lunch guests accompanied by colleagues, business contacts, family and friends.

Product features

Our services are aimed to serve two parties. The members and the customers: the restaurants.

Members can attend any of the groups meetings anywhere when they can/want. Our group intranet with a strong LinkedIn-connection enables more networking offline and online.


The group restaurants gets revenue at the cost of commission and gains access to the groups members on our group intranet.

Product use cases

Members professional lives thrives from the opportunities and connections their membership creates locally and globally. By attending at our meetings, once a in a while or every week, they create and get business deals, employments, collaborations and relations... Relations creates business.

Since the start 9 months ago we have held over 1 100 meetings with over 13 000 attendees in our 68 groups in 11 countries.


Restaurants are supported by us with presence on LinkedIn and our group intranet. They gain revenue and marketing from being a groups official restaurant.


Kristian Andersson avatar
Kristian Andersson CEO / Leading Coordinator (Founder)
An intuitive methodical problem solver and a creative idealist. Communicative and strategic yet pragmatic person with strong ambition. Improvement(simplification)- and developmentprojects together with philosophizing, discussing, contemplating and evolving is close to his heart. Strong believer in the power of combining peoples individual strength and creativity. Experienced and comfortable with being ... See more
An intuitive methodical problem solver and a creative idealist. Communicative and strategic yet pragmatic person with strong ambition. Improvement(simplification)- and developmentprojects together with philosophizing, discussing, contemplating and evolving is close to his heart. Strong believer in the power of combining peoples individual strength and creativity. Experienced and comfortable with being a leader. Active networker with deep insight of the value it brings to give and take. To help others is to help yourself and vice versa. Through the years he has had the privilege to collect valuable experiences and knowledge in many areas (Finance, Management, Procuring, Sales, Development) working in the companies he has founded. See less
Per Eklöf avatar
Per Eklöf Ambassadors enthusiasmator (co-founder)
A management consultant with an "on the verge of" nerdy interest in what motivates people. Backgrounds. Characteristics. Motivational factors. Values, attitudes and behaviors. What is appealing and what makes people run and hide.
Josh Parker avatar
Josh Parker Leading Administrapreneur
Experienced administrator and leader within the graphical design industry. An unprestigious problemsolver who gets energy from challenges.


Target Market

Our target customers are restaurants within the areas where groups are situated. Restaurants whose target customer segment is the same as our target members.


Our potential members are working age people world wide, primarily active online networkers, targeting the ages between 20-50 years.

LinkedIn published that they had 112 million MAU ( monthly active users ) in 2016.
In five years we aim to have:

5% ( 5 000 000 ) of those MAU to become members.

10% ( 500 000 ) WAM ( weekly attending members ).

Competitive landscape

We are competing with payed traditional advertising channels ( Newspaper ads, Facebook, Lunchmenu-sites et cetera that charge for marketing without certain ROI ) to be the choice of marketing for the restaurants.


We are competing about members with well established traditional networks organizations who charges fees, dictates obligations and attendance policies on to the members, for example:

Lion 46K+ clubs and 1.4M+ members
Rotary 35K+ clubs and 1.2M+ members
BNI 8.3K+ chapters and 232K+ members

Unique differentiator from competitors

We provide easily budgeted and trackable marketing for the group restaurants and charge a commission from the revenue we generate at our meetings.


LunchIn™ is changing the networking arena.

The freedom to attend whenever you want, without any obligations offers a free, inclusive and
more relaxed form of networking.

The power of each members creativity, energy and the long term relationships created leads to direct and indirect business opportunities, without mandatory pitching or referrals etc.

Company revenue streams

Our revenue comes from the revenue we create for our target customers; the restaurants.

LunchIn™ takes a commission (currently 20 SEK excl VAT) on every lunch generated at our meetings.

Membership for our members will always be free and without demands.

As we grow we will launch a membership benefits program.

Companies can reach our members through our benefits gallery and offer discounted deals to our members. Appearance in the gallery is free.

LunchIn™ takes a commission on every sale generated through the benefits gallery.

The members enters the gallery by own choice and only see a search box and categories.

Product/service distribution

Via direct sales and business intelligence statistics we will show the restaurants that provide revenue and marketing value for them.

We will attract members through social media (and articles in traditional local media), content marketing and the good old word of mouth. Approximately 30% of our members share their stories or engage in posts about LunchIn and recommend the network to others on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram et cetera.

We are hiring staff who will engage with potential members, raise awareness by interacting in posts/threads on social media.

We will use unconventional manners to be top of mind among our members.


Previous milestones/traction

• 2017.06.15 - First LunchIn™ - group created.

• 2017.06.16 - LunchIn trademark protected

• 2017.06.18 - www.LunchIn.net version 1.0 launched

• 2017.06.22 - First meetings held. 
1 country. 
8 groups. 
400 members. 
40 participants.

• 2018.03.01 - 31st week of meetings. 
11 countries. 
68 groups (220 wished groups in 18 additional countries waiting for establishment). 
10172 members. 
1043 meetings held. 
12 800 attendees (or 12 800 lunches provided to the restaurants).

• LunchIn™ LinkedIn company page followers: 
1192 (2017.10.01) 
2592 (2017.12.19)
3172 (2018.03.01)

• Unique page views www.lunchin.net
62 262 (2018.03.01) 

Next key objectives

2018.04.05 Launch of our groupintranet (our own social media channel)

2018 = 300 groups / 150 000 members (SE/EU) 

2019 = 500 additional groups / 400 000 additional members (EU/US) 
(800 groups / 550 000 members totally) 

2020 = 900 additional groups / 700 000 additional members (Global) 
(1700 groups / 1 250 000 members totally) 

2021 = 1300 additional groups / 1 100 000 additional members (Global) 
(3000 groups / 2 350 000 members totally) 

2022 = 2000 additional groups / 1 650 000 additional members (Global) 
(5000 groups/ 4 000 000 members totally) 

Previous Financing

No previous funding other than the initial share capital.

Use of funds

50% Salaries - Explosive expansion requires hiring of staff to support and administrate groups/members as well as restaurants. We have a structured staffing plan to be able to implement our expansion plans (see Financial Forecast)

25% Development - We will continuosly develop our group intranet with simplifiying and value-adding functions and services.

25% Marketing - Our innovative marketing campaigns will make LunchIn™ the top of mind networking brand.

Return on Investment

30% of LunchIn Networks AB's net profit will be payed out in dividends every financial year starting January 2019 (crowdfunders will get dividends for entire 2018’s net profit)

We are working towards an IPO in 5-7 years.

Risk Analysis

Our main risks are that copycats arise.

Our strategy is to invest in expansion, hire passion, keep up our momentum, "keep the concept simpler than simple", keep our members needs and integrity our top priority and work hard to be top of mind.

By launching our groupintranet (our own social media channel) in April 2018 we will have a direct communication channel to our members and an easy entry for new members.