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beautiful dinnerware for everyday use

PotteryJo produces beautiful tableware for everyday use in the mid- to high-end segment, with significant and contemporary design. Influenced by the world of today, and with care for our planet. We want to create a gold-plate for your everyday life.

Our products are sold in major furnishing and department stores in Scandinavia and online. We are represented in over 70 stores and can be seen frequently in lifestyle magazines and media productions.

PotteryJo is a well established tableware brand – now ready for an expansion across Europe. 

Investor proposal

PotteryJo already have a loyal customer base and are ready to take on the €1,5billion European market for ceramic tableware. Even if we just grab 1 permille of this market we will exceed our financial forecast for next year.

Within one year we will:
-Expand to major countries in Europe
-Increase sales with 500% 
-Cut distribution cost with 50%

Shareholders will join our exclusive shareholders-club with preview information on launches and more, and buy direct from our Swedish warehouse with a 50% discount once. Shareholders with 100 shares or more can buy unlimited times with 50% discount (special conditions apply).  

This is a new issue of B shares with one vote for each share (the company also have A shares with 10 votes for each share).


The problem this product solves

The modern consumer require quality products made from sustainable material and design, and with colouring that is up to date. The design of the classic collection tableware from the international brands are outdated and are stuck with the limitation of the white base of porcelain products.

At the same time products made of earthenware and stoneware are usually not made for people to collect over time, and focus is often more on design and fashion rather then quality and sustainability.   

How the product solves it

By combining sustainable and timeless material and design with contemporary colouring PotteryJo is rapidly building a brand in the tableware market. 

The design and colouring is unique, timeless yet up to date, and fulfils the customers need for beautiful and high quality tableware lasting over time.   

We produce tableware for the style conscious consumer in all ages. Many of the products are in Sweden seen daily in nationwide TV-shows such as Nyhetsmorgon, Så mycket bättre, Hela Sverige Bakar and lifestyle magazines such as Sköna Hem, Elle etc. 

Product features

The products are produced in Portugal, and are of a very high quality. The pricing is in the mid to high-end market segment.

We have 5 product lines:
-Daisy; the first line and the best-seller. Full range from plates, bowls and platters to cups and mugs. Earthenware. 
-Rope; a smaller line with more decorative design. Platters essentially for serving food. Earthenware.  
-Ditsy; this is also a smaller more decorative line of plates and cake stands. Earthenware. 
-Daria; a new full range line. Earthenware.
-Peep; a new line of bowls for cooking that is oven proof. Stoneware.

Product use cases

PotteryJo tableware is used for setting a table, serving food, drinking beverage, and enjoying life! 

We already have a lot of fans and we are very proud of all the bloggers and celebrities that loves our products.

To mention a few:
Andrea Brodin om PotteryJo http://andreabrodin.metromode.se/tag/pottery-jo/

Trendspanarna om PotteryJo http://trendspanarna.nu/porslin-som-haller-over-tiden-hos-svenska-potteryjo/

Inredabloggen om PotteryJo http://inredabloggen.com/gra-nyheter-flowerpots-fran-potteryjo/

Vardagskaos med PotteryJo på Pernilla Wahlgrens Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BQBWP2vFh8G/


Johann Hampf avatar
Johann Hampf Managing Partner and Creative Director
Has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, and has been active in PotteryJo since it was founded 6 years ago. Johanna is the creative mind responsible for old and new design and product development. She is also in charge of the day-to-day operation, including public relations, sales ... See more
Has over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, and has been active in PotteryJo since it was founded 6 years ago. Johanna is the creative mind responsible for old and new design and product development. She is also in charge of the day-to-day operation, including public relations, sales activities and store display, orders from factory and retailers as well as customer complaints and quality assurance, See less
Christian Hampf avatar
Christian Hampf CFO
Has over 10 years of experience as auditor, certified accountant and CEO and has a Master in business and administration from Stockholm University. Christian is in charge of the company's finance and taxes.


Target Market

The global market for tableware is expected to exceed $40 billion within a couple of years. However, in the coming year we will “only” focus on grabbing a piece of the €1,5 billion European market for ceramic tableware.  Our target customer is a style conscious woman between 25-55 years of age.   

Competitive landscape

We have some large international players as competitors such as Fiskars with brands like Iittala, Rörstrand, Wedgewood, Royal Copenhagen etc, that are producing quality mass market tableware mainly in porcelain to be collected over time. We also have a bunch of smaller competitors producing tableware mainly in earthenware and stoneware, such as Serax and Anthropologie. This production is characterized by high fashion and small production volumes, with a faster rate of change in production lines. 

Unique differentiator from competitors

We will take on the great market of classic collection tableware, with a unique design and characteristics of earthenware and stoneware. The material allows greater possibilities regarding shape and colouring and is an important part of PotteryJo's design. By working with new materials in the classic collection segment we will be in the forefront of the development in our market.

We will also focus on producing on demand and can deliver all over Europe with 50% less cost than traditional distribution with local warehouse. 

Company revenue streams

The revenue comes from sales and distribution to retailers and in the future, we will also have direct sales to consumer through our own website, were our high margins will be even higher. Our greatest market is Sweden followed by Norway. We will focus on increasing the number of stores in Sweden as well as the rest of Europe. We also see an opportunity to increase sales in existing stores.

Product/service distribution

We work with the best retailers and online stores in Sweden.

Our products can be seen at:
- R.O.O.M
- NK
- Önska
- Köket.se.
- and many more

By working with store display and incentives for our retailers we will get top shelf space and increase sales in existing stores.    


Previous milestones/traction

The brand PotteryJo is born and we deliver our first product line Daisy to customers in Sweden.

Delivery of our new product line Rope and Ditsy to customers. Our products are seen for the first time in photo-editorials in fashion magazines as well as nationwide TV shows. 

Period of rapid sales growth and in June 2016 we reached annual sales of over 2MSEK for the first time.

We opened the doors to our new head office and showroom in the heart of Stockholm and launched two new product lines; Daria and Peep.

Next key objectives

Q1 2018
Our new distribution center in Portugal will be ready and we will pick up 20 new retailers in Europe.

Q2 2018
Re-launch website (with a new CRM and login function for retailers), and pick up additional 20 retailers.

Q3 2018
Transformation to a “warehouse-lesser” company is completed and a total of 100 retailers across Europe are a part of the PotteryJo family. 

Q4 2018 – Q4 2019
Expanding to Asia-Pacific (probably South Korea, Japan, Australia), USA and selected countries in the Middle East, and of course we will continue to grow our business in Europe. 

Previous Financing

The business has been financed by the founder’s share equity and loan, and profit from the operations. There has been no previous financing by new issue of shares.  

We also have a business loan from Almi (owned by Swedish government) of 0,2MSEK.

Use of funds

The money will primarily be for financing our expansion in the European market and will be used as follows:

60% for marketing activities such as a sales person, showroom and trade fairs.
30% for larger production volumes.
10% for an investment in the website and order system for retailers.

Return on Investment

We estimate the company to be profitable next year and that we will have a positive cash flow 2019/2020.

With a profitable business and no need for large investments, we will be able to pay dividends to our shareholders. First dividend is estimated to the financial year 2020/2021.

And of course, as a shareholder you can always sell your shares (even though we would like you to stay with us for as long as possible), and we expect that the value of the company will increase as the business is growing.

Risk Analysis

There will always be a risk that our design is copied and the best way to meet this is to work with high quality products, branding and great service to our customers.   
As we move from a company with traditional distribution to a more on demand production, there will also be a challenge in managing customer orders and reduce interruption in production to eliminate late deliveries to retailers and end consumers. 

It also requires retailers to have a more long-term planning regarding orders, that we hope to achieve by giving great incentives for our retailers to pre-order.