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AI -powered media platform for crowdsourced mobile videos with monetization, rights management and real time search.

People create massive amounts of media with their mobile devices, drones and action cameras without possibility to monetise or control the use and distribution of it. They give valuable content to social medias for free. BCaster changes this! Content creators are able to earn money, manage their content legals and get total control on world-wide distribution. Media companies get access to content at the same speed as social media with authenticated material easily available and copyright key -technology will help fight copyright infringements. Our system distributes content globally and tracks copyrights, payments etc.

Investor proposal

BCaster aims to have it´s revolutionary platform ready for commercial launch by the spring of 2018 (South by Southwest tech conference) With this financing round the launch and fast growth under 2018 will be secured. We strive for market leadership and have real possibilities of being the market inventor. The now sought financing will help us in faster final production, IPR registrations and being able to move as fast as needed towards becoming one of the worlds foremost platform for consumer video monetization on the multi million user content market.
  1. All shares in company are with same voting rights.
  2. All new partners join minority shareholders agreement what is in documents and proceed terms with buying company shares.


The problem this product solves

When something happens, the first thing people do with their mobiles? Video it!
People share video content everywhere on social media without the possibility to control or monetise it.
Media houses, TV channels, event organisers and other professionals are trying to find and access the right content from millions of feeds. Commercial users are struggling with the speed of new material and the fact that content is scattered on thousands of services and languages. The authenticity of the content is also not known. And there is no easy monetisation method for consumer content. Until now!

How the product solves it

BCaster makes privately produced video content professionally usable and manageable! We provide services for the usage and monetisation of privately produced media flow: search for content and management of copyrights. BCaster Blockchain tracks who filmed what, when and where! Media users find the RIGHT material without hassel and rights issues. B-caster manages the copyrights, and detect and validate if actual content – or even parts of it – is manipulated or faked. All relevant information is securely handled in a de-centralized way with blockchain-based technology and we work with all existing media platforms and services without any modifications. 

Product features

Today the only way to turn your video content into cash is, if it’s "hot" and goes viral. BCaster turn this around, and monetise YOUR media content in a totally new way. Anyone is able to act as a content creator and upload mobile videos on the platform via the BCaster app. BCaster enables monetisation between content creators and media houses or any other users who need instant access to crowdsourced material from the scene! We enable easy and secure content handling and value creation letting people earn extra without any extra work, instantly!

Product use cases

For the everyday user BCaster its the super easy app for management of your media content. You can monetise all your public content! For our business users BCaster´s AI provides excellent search options, easy and hassle free usage of consumer created media. And an in-depthreal-time dash-boardon worldwide crowdsourced media, with time, location and context stamping. Ready to use!


Janne Neuvonen avatar
Janne Neuvonen Founder + CEO
Serial entrepreneur since 2004, expertised in mobile networks, sales and all kind tv- and network technologies.
Seppo Sormunen avatar
Seppo Sormunen Founder + CTO
Professional in event filming, video and graphics solutions, programming, backend and server development.
Olli Rantula avatar
Olli Rantula Founder + CIO
Experienced in machine vision and learning. PhD Candidate in Aalto University Espoo, topic signal processing and computer vision applications. Teaching experience in Aalto University Espoo in the field of signal processing and mathematical softwares.
Tuomo Falck avatar
Tuomo Falck CBDO / Advisor
Tuomo is trusted advisor in many start-up companies and founded to China over 200 people sub companies.
Masood Maldar avatar
Masood Maldar Back-end Developer
Professional Back-end Developer
Sanni Kivipelto avatar
Sanni Kivipelto Communications & PR
All our communications go via Sanni
Shokoofeh Motamedi avatar
Shokoofeh Motamedi Data Analytist
Shokoofeh is professional AI and Machine vision- and learning.
Mikko Jokisalo avatar
Mikko Jokisalo Graphic designer
Mikko is Professional in Graphic desings. Just Watch: http://www.jokisaloart.com/
Karo Kosonen avatar
Karo Kosonen Front-end developer
Karo is Professional Front-end developer and is done really impressive projects thru His career.
Daniel Clarke avatar
Daniel Clarke Front-end developer
Daniel is our native -British web developer and English-language teacher. No more problems with translations... :)
Sergey Alto avatar
Sergey Alto Back-end Developer
Very hungry to learn. Our newest employer, but very skilled.


Target Market

All consumers who create content, pictures, videos or live feeds are our potential customers!
The theoretical total of consumer customers add up to nearly 3 billion...
The professional customers consist off global media users; news agencies, TVchannels, websites, corporate channels and media aggregators who all need easy access and usage of content, faster than the present way. Media companies who use BCaster can be sure of authenticity and copyrights of the content. All professional content producers; film studios, sport leagues and media houses with copyright protection issues are our target customers as our copyright management prevents piracy.

Competitive landscape

Our service has no straight competition at the moment. We are running to be the first on this market!
We have to roll out and secure our product development, name and distribution as fast as possible.
Our closest competing service could be the international copyright and distribution agencies, and video & photo agencies, but as these are for professionals they ar not competing on the same market.

Unique differentiator from competitors

We are currently the only platform enabling users to monetise their media content. Our closest indirect competitors are social medias as Facebook and Google (Youtube). With the difference that people give their video content for free on these services and the services are monetising the content for themselves. And not the original copyright owners as BCaster does.

Company revenue streams

Main revenue streams will originate from the content transactions. BCaster takes 20 % of each transaction made on the platform. In addition revenue sources include advertisement, subscriptions and licensing fees and copyright services for media houses.

Product/service distribution

BCaster will be a global search engine and distribution platform for user created media content, enabling followup on copyrights and time&place data. BCaster is the Uber or Airbnb for user created media content.


Previous milestones/traction

  • Seed round closed just within three weeks Dec2016
  • First employees in Jan2017
  • Start of the Tekes R&D Project Jan2017
  • Technical pipeline working May2017
  • First version of mobile app ready Jun2017
  • Team size total of ten members Jul2017
  • Field tests with various event organizers in Finland Jul - Aug2017
  • End of Tekes R&D1 project Aug2017
  • About 5000 users and almost 20 000 videos recorded with BCaster Sep2017
  • First public appearing with platform idea TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco Sep2017
  • First AI parts embedded in backend Oct2017
  • Various co-operation negotiations in US, Asian and European partners Oct2017

Next key objectives

  • Websummit 2017 in Lissabon Booth & Beta program Nov 2017
  • Starting of a funding round on Funded by me Nov 2017
  • Admin panel and Web Front update Nov 2017
  • Slush 2017 in Helsinki Booth & Startup program Dec 2017
  • New version of the mobile app Dec 2017
  • TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin Booth Dec 2017
  • AI-based content selling system, first tests and system training Jan 2018
  • First production version of video-AI system is embedded to backend Feb 2018
  • Complete pipeline tests Feb 2017
  • Launch in SXSW, Austin, Texas Mar 2018

Previous Financing

December 2016 Seed 250k€ + March 2017 Tekes (Finish innovation fund) soft loan for R&D 1 project 336k€

Use of funds

This will be our the equity part prior to Tekes R&D 2 project.
To make BCaster media economy platform product

Return on Investment

BCaster is growing fast, and will start generation revenues during 2018.
The value is estimated to grow, with media company sales as well as user generated content management.

Risk Analysis

Main risks are related to our roll out schedule. We need to be the first in this segment in order to gain maximum user amounts and by making the service as the new copyright-handling-standard. BCasters first hard milestone is to be Globally launched at South by Southwest (sxsw.com) in march 2018 ! For this we need the sufficient funding and support.

Risk Warning

Privanet Group is a Finnish investment service group specialized in trading unlisted shares and managing companies’ financing needs. Our group includes the parent Company Privanet Group Plc, the fully owned subsidiary company Privanet Capital Markets Ltd, which focuses on capital market transactions, and its subsidiary Privanet Securities Ltd, which operates Finland’s only marketplace for trading securities of unlisted companies. Privanet is working closely with FundedByMe, the international crowdfunding platform. The entire Privanet group employs approximately 40 people. We have branches located in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Vaasa, Forssa, Joensuu, Lahti, Mikkeli, Ylivieska and Kuopio. We provide a large variety of services aimed at bringing together investors and those in need of funding. http://www.privanetgroup.fi/?lang=en