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Become a shareholder in your own grocery store!


Paradiset has closed their funding round, but you can still sign up your investment interest in this waiting list:

Invest in Paradiset today and be able to buy natural and organic food in your own shop at 20% discount as well as being part of our revolution of the fast moving consumer goods industry. Take the chance and invest in your own and your family health and by automatically by doing so also help us support the farmers so that they can keep producing their products with passion and dignity.

Investor proposal

10 shares/1 000 SEK: 20% discount on standard prices during 12 months (personal offer) and your name on a brick in the store of your choice. Access to our exclusive investment forum, vote for new products in the "Paradiset Forever" range, invitation to the annual share holding meeting.

50 shares/5 000 SEK: everything above plus invitations to special events with chosen lecturer, T-shirt with #jagärparadiset, exclusive product offers four times a year.

100 shares/10 000 SEK and more: everything above plus a book from Professional Secrets, invitation to cooking classes with Swedish top chefs, try out new products before launch.
The shares that are given away are B-shares with 1/10 suffrage.


The problem this product solves

Paradiset loves good food and fair trade within the food industry. We have a lot of experience from the largest food chains and we know everything we need to know - and a lot of things that we wish we didn't know.

We are fed up with mass production, additives, pesticides and recklessness against humans, animals and health! We are fed up with still having to struggle to find good products on the shelves, and that organic food is being pushed in the ads but still limited in the product range.

We want a change, and we want it now.

How the product solves it

Paradiset is for everyone who cares about what they eat, where the food comes from and it contains. Paradiset is a place where we support the farmers so that they can keep producing their products with passion and dignity. A place free from food with unnecessary and deleterious additives. Thats why it is so simple to shop at Paradiset, the products you find in our stores are all carefully selected and chosen by us.

Paradiset has the largest grocery stores in Scandinavia for natural and organic products offered at a good price.

Product features

At Paradiset you can only find good and natural products, ranging from fruits, pasta, oils, beauty products to diapers at the right price. It is a one-stop-shop with everything you need. We have three shops in Stockholm and our vision is to expand nationally and continue expanding internationally after that. We offer free home delivery within Stockholm today so that you can go shopping in our city store for instance, and then get your groceries delivered home. We also have a "regular visitor program" where the members get special offers, info about new product launches and invitations to inspiring seminars.

Product use cases

Our products are for everyone who only wants natural and real food in their every day life.


Johannes Cullberg avatar
Johannes Cullberg Founder/CEO
Purchasing Director LIDL Norway, CEO Feelgood Svenska AB (publ.), Founder/CEO Proactive Health, Management Consultant PwC
Henrik Strinning avatar
Henrik Strinning Co-founder and VP (currently on paternity leave)
Managing director Picard Sweden, Head of Sales at COOP, Sales manager SATS, Consultant at McKinsey
Knut Faremo avatar
Knut Faremo Board Member
Group Director Norgesgruppen, Board Member Apotek Hjärtat, Owner Picard Sverige, Board Member COOP Industri & Logisitik
Joe Kennedy avatar
Joe Kennedy Purchasing Manager
9 on Whole Foods Market Western Canada, Buyer BioFood Sverige, Store Manager Hemköp Reko
Mathias Landin avatar
Mathias Landin COO
Store Manager COOP Åkersberga, Contacts Manager Daglivs, Store Manager VI-butikerna
Lena Nikula avatar
Lena Nikula Finance Manager
Responsible for conversion Vivo to Hemköp, Training Manager Axbo, Store Manager Hemköp


Target Market

Paradisets target market is the people in Sweden who wants to eat natural and organic food. That is why we want to do this journey together with our guests, to be able to expand nationally and make Paradiset available for everyone.

Competitive landscape

Paradiset is the only food retailer in Sweden that only offers real food without additives. Our main competitors are ICA, COOP and Hemköp and the online based shops mathem.se and mat.se.

Unique differentiator from competitors

The main difference between Paradiset and the other food stores is that Paradiset only offer real food without unnecessary or hazardous additives. In addition to that, we don't sell meat that has been treated with antibiotics or hormones, nor birds from farms where the animals are not able to free range or fish from non sustainable stocks.

Company revenue streams

We make profit from selling natural and organic products at a fair price. We also sell gift cards and offer catering for events.

Product/service distribution

Our main channel to our guests is through our stores at Södermalm, City and Sickla Köpkvarter in Stockholm. We also have a webpage www.paradiset.com, we are on Facebook (@Paradiset) with 26K followers, Instagram (@paradisetmatmarknad) with 20K followers and a newsletter that is being sent out to our "regulars" once a week.


Previous milestones/traction

Grocery stores:
4th of June 2015 – our first shop at Södermalm opens on Brännkyrkagatan 62.
3rd of May 2016 – our second shop at Regeringsgatan 44 opens.
25th of January 2017 – our third shop opens in Sickla Köpkvarter.

Next key objectives

Our first goal is to secure a successful crowdfunding campaign with as many new share holders as possible. After that our aim is to establish at least two new shops in Stockholm during 2018 and then expanding to more cities with both big and small shops during 2019.

Previous Financing

We have brought in 73M SEK from existing share holders to finance our three first shops. In addition to this we also took a loan at 15M SEK from ALMI and 10M SEK from SEB, also 13M SEK in leasing fridge and freezer equipment. The money has been used to build stores and to establish an effective operation as well as a modern IT-support and business systems. All together this has contributed to a fully functional operation that allows us to grow without having to make further investments in new systems.

Use of funds

The money will be used to strengthen the Paradiset brand for future growth and to be able to offer a wider range with better prizes to our costumers. Focus lies in developing our own brand Everyday by Paradiset. About 10% of the collected funds will also be used to cover the costs for the campaign.

Return on Investment

Every investor can expect a return of investment by either selling their shares to a higher valuation in coming emissions through crowdfunding or an IPO that is planned within a few years time.

Being a co-owner also entitles 20% discount in the stores during a 12-month period which means that every co-owner that shops at Paradiset will earn back the invested money in a short period of time.

Risk Analysis

One risk could be if Sweden enters a recession that would have a negative effect on our revenue - however that would consequently also effect every business in the industry. Another risk could be if our competitors would initiate a "price war" instead of joining our course of offering only good and real food. Our ambition is not to outcompete others, but to higher the industry standards. Our growth could also be at risk if we struggle to find good locations fast enough for our new stores or if our suppliers for some reason fails to deliver products to us.