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Standard Ekologiskt Sweden AB (publ) - Tip & Tot

Fresh, Swedish & organic baby food

Would YOU eat food that’s been kept in a glass jar outside the fridge for 2 years? No? Nor should our children.

Tip & Tot is revolutionizing the baby food industry with their fresh, organic and Swedish-made baby food. Food that actually tastes good due to the fact that Tip & Tot never compromises, neither when it comes to ingredients or the cooking process. 
Our children’s food should be just as nutritious and healthy as our own - don’t you agree?

Invest in Tip & Tot today and join our journey towards a better industry standard for baby food!

Investor proposal

All investors:
  • Vote for new recipes and meals
  • Tasting of new meals before everyone else
  • Possibility to design your own Tip & Tot product
  • Visit the production site in Halmstad
Minimum investment of 2000 SEK:
  • 10% discount on all our products at the ICA, Coop, and Hemköp stores in Sweden Tip & Tot is available in for 12 months.
Minimum investment of 5000 SEK:
  • 20% discount on all our products at the ICA, Coop, and Hemköp stores Tip & Tot is available in for 12 months.

*if we reach the goal of this crowdfunding


The problem this product solves

Tip & Tot is the only supplier of fresh baby food in Sweden today. The competitors has an outrageous shelf life of up to two years because of the heating process during production which leads to the loss of all good bacteria, nutrients and most and foremost, the taste. Bacteria, nutrients and taste that is crucial to the kids in their most important growth period in life. Tip & Tot is also the only registered baby food company in Sweden, which makes us the only precooked baby food on the shelfs that is approved by the NFA (National Food Administration).

How the product solves it

Freshly cooked baby food should be the only alternative in the Swedish stores, we want to enable the access to fresh baby food for all the parents in Sweden. Tip & Tot has its own production in Halmstad meaning that we have full control over the production, we also minimize the lead times and the negative impact on the planet through shorter transportations to your local store. We are currently available in Stockholm, Göteborg, Halmstad, Lund, Helsingborg, Landskrona, Varberg, Falkenberg and at MatHem.se and are now looking to expand nationally.

Product features

Tip & Tot offers 8 tasty precooked meals for children from 5 months old and up. We offer something for every meal in the every day life or on-the-go. Our food is refrigerated in store and has a shelf life of 25 days, just like the food adults eat.

We have several new precooked meals in the pipeline, as well as a sugar free drink that we are ready to start produce if this campaign ends successfully.

Product use cases

We are here for all parents out there that wants to feed their children fresh, healthy and Swedish food but don't find the time to cook it themselves. That's why we are the perfect complement, or alternative to home made food, because that is exactly what we do - home made food straight from our factory in Halmstad.

Tip & Tot is built on foundation of pure passion for fresh and good food for children, our one and only mission is to make real baby food available for all the parents in Sweden.


Peter In de Betou avatar
Peter In de Betou CEO
15 years of experience within the food industry. Has built several companies from the start within the fast moving consumer industry and has a big interest in sales and business development. Father to Anker 8 years old & Jack 5 years old.
Kristina Brunander avatar
Kristina Brunander Founder and Chairman
Kristina has several years experience as a product developer and has developed the full Tip & Tot assortment. Her son Bertram almost 3 years old does all the product approvals.
Mikaela Säterholm avatar
Mikaela Säterholm Production Manager
12 years experience from food production within the food industry. Mother to Bianca 10 years old and Molly 8 years old.
Dan Nygren avatar
Dan Nygren Board member
Has a wealth of experience within market development and sales of new products and brands in the Nordics for companies like Compuware AB, Blackboard & Ca Technologies.
Richard O´Brien avatar
Richard O´Brien Chief of Production Site
20 years experience in the food industry. Has owned several companies in the food industry and is passionate about production, business and product development. Dad to Bertram 2 years.


Target Market

Our target group is all parents in Sweden with children from 5 months up to 3-4 years that wants to feed their children with fresh, organic and taste full food. Tip & Tot is the only supplier of fresh pre-cooked baby food in Sweden, as well as the only brand in that field that is regulated by the Swedish NFA (National Food Administration). Baby food has a turnover of 1,5 billion SEK in Sweden and if we aim to tap in to 10% of that, if would equal 150 million SEK.

Competitive landscape

Semper, Nestlé, Hipp and Lovemade has millions, even billions in turnover - but no one makes fresh baby food. They process their food by heating it up to high temperatures during production resulting in the loss of freshness, good bacteria, and they get a shelf-life up to two years - who should eat that? Not our children. If our competitors start producing fresh baby food that is positive as our biggest competitor is the lack of knowledge amongst our consumers.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Tip & Tot is what most consumers think they find today on the baby food shelf in the grocery store, but actually - we are the only brand offering fresh baby food produced in Sweden. Our food has a shelf-life of 25 days, just like regular pre-cooked fresh food. Our competitors has a shelf-life up to two years, and the difference lays in production - we cook fresh ingredients gently in our own factory in Halmstad. This makes all the difference, and we think that is the only acceptable way to go.

Company revenue streams

Our sources of income for Tip & Tot is through sales of our 8 different pre-cooked baby food meals and coming additions in our assortment to add more flavour and meet the needs of older children too. If we reach our goal for this crowd-funding campaign we will develop our production site so that we can start producing the sugar free drink for children. We already have a request of 300 000 sugar free drinks that can be delivered as soon as we can start producing which apparently has a positive effect on our income.

Product/service distribution

Our distribution channels are currently the physical stores where you can find Tip & Tot: ICA, Coop and Hemköp in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Halmstad, Lund, Helsingborg, Landskrona, Varberg, Falkenberg as well as at Paradiset Matmarknad in Stockholm and online at MatHem.se. We also have a website www.tipandtot.se with all information about us and our products, as well as on Facebook and Instagram where we interact with our costumers.


Previous milestones/traction

2016 the idea about Tip & Tot was born
2016 product development, the production site in Halmstad was approved
2017 KRAV and Organic certified
2017 Our products got approved
2017 we started selling Tip & Tot in September
2017 we got into ICA, Coop and Hemköp
2018 we got into MatHem.se

Next key objectives

- Buying 300+ refrigerators for in-store branding and availability
- Expanding the assortment to be able to offer food for children in all ages
- Expand to grocery stores all over Sweden
- Start producing a sugar free baby drink
- Expand to more online grocery stores

We are looking at the possibilities to develop a subscription service where households can get the baby food home delivered to the door to make their everyday life even easier.

Previous Financing

We had a crowd-funding campaign in October 2017 through FundedByMe which was successfully financed. We have had another public emission open since February 2018, which is being finished with this current crowd-funding emission in May.

Use of funds

20% goes to new machinery for beverage production and extended production of baby food
20% goes to in-store refrigerators
60% goes to marketing and development of sales throughout Sweden

Return on Investment

When we increase our sales and income during 2018 we will get a positive cash flow and that leads to an increased value of the shares. Our strategy and budget shows that we will multiply our revenue up until 2020.

Risk Analysis

The fact that producing fresh food is more complex than producing processed food. Tip & Tot is the only baby food company in Sweden that is being controlled by the National Food Administration which could lead to new rules that we have to follow, which our competitors don't. We choose crowd-funding because we want to build a community so we can change the baby food industry it to the better together. We also want to reach higher, to the politicians so that we can change the industry standard, from the producers to the shelves.