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Standard Ekologiskt AB

Fresh organic food for both children and adults


Tip & Tot has closed their funding round, but you can still sign up your investment interest in this waiting list:

We believe that our children have the right to fresh, healthy and nutritious food.

Tip & Tot offers a unique range of completely fresh organic baby food made from exclusively Swedish ingredients, produced in our own factory located in Halmstad, Sweden. We are the only company in Sweden who do this.

Three of the largest food companies in Sweden (ICA, Coop and Hemköp), the new organic grocery store Paradiset and Mat.se sells Tip & Tot.

Investor proposal

Join us on this exciting journey of growth and help us fill the existing gap in the market. We want to provide all parents with the opportunity to serve tasty, fresh and healthy baby food.

Contributing to Tip & Tot also means contributing to our factory and to our second brand Standard Ekologiskt, with an assortment of fresh ready made food for adults.

In the long term your investment will not only support child health but also small-scale organic farms, since the ingredients consists of Swedish locally produced meat and vegetables!


The problem this product solves

Today's baby food industry is characterized by hard boiled, sterilized and processed canned food. The nutrition disappears in the process and must be added afterwards. Due to the treatment most baby food has a shelf life of up to two years in room temperature.

In recent years, as we are becoming more aware of what we eat, we have been able to see a significant development of the product range in the grocery stores.

However, baby food has remained worryingly untouched by this development. The lack of fresh, good and unprocessed baby food is a problem.

How the product solves it

We believe that our children have the right to fresh, healthy and nutritious food. Our product allows parents to offer their children organic nutritional food, which is a perfect basis for a healthy lifestyle.

Our fresh baby food made from locally grown Swedish ingredients is unique on the market, made from scratch in our factory. Without any unnecessary processes or additives to provide unnaturally long durability, we make sure to keep most of the taste and nutrition intact.
It is completely fresh from factory to plate.

Product features

This product allows parents to serve their youngest ones high quality food even in periods of stress and time shortage. There is something for every taste as we have designed various portions of nutritious Swedish ingredients, such as meat, chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables. The child adapts at an early age to eat clean healthy food – the best start possible for a long and healthy life.

Certified organic, locally grown, Swedish ingredients, stackable, lightweight packaging, easy to serve straight from the container, designed for different ages, own factory in Halmstad, Sweden, IP-certified, approved for production of baby food.

Product use cases

A typical Tip & Tot-family: The product is a very good option on the market for those who value Swedish raw materials with high quality. Many people feel that they do not have the time to cook their own baby food, still they are aware that heavily preserved food is not the best solution. We provide them with the possibility to buy ready made fresh food with good conscience.


Peter In de Betou avatar
Peter In de Betou Operations manager
15 years experience in the food industry. Has experience from building up several food companies from scratch, a big passion for sales, business relationships and a great deal of expertise in logistics. Dad to Anker 7 years and Jack 4 years old.
Richard O´Brien avatar
Richard O´Brien Factorymanager
20 years experience in the food industry. Has owned several companies in the food industry and is passionate about production, business and product development. Dad to Bertram 2 years.
Kristina Brunander avatar
Kristina Brunander Founder
Kristina has tasted food around Europe and has taking forward test products for one year before launching Tip & Tot. Bertram is headchef of Tip & Tots products.
Mikaela avatar
Mikaela Production manager
12 years experience of production in foodindustry. Mikaela is mom to Bianca 10 years and Molly 8 years.


Target Market

Consumer trends 2017 speak for increasing sales of organic products on the Swedish market.
Swedish toddler parents have a high awareness when it comes to organic baby food, and the trend is escalating. The Swedes are expected to spend almost SEK 30 billion on organic food this year, compared to 10 billions three years ago.

Everything indicates that the cooking process also increases in importance to the target group.

Our home market in Sweden has been quick to embrace Tip & Tot. The total children's food industry in Sweden was valued at SEK 1.5 billion in 2016.

Competitive landscape

- Market leading baby food producer on the Swedish market for baby food is Semper. Their products are canned and preserved. 
- Nestlé: do not offer fresh baby food. 
- Swedish HiPP Barnmat: have an organic profile, however their baby food is preserved and canned.

We are today the only Swedish baby food producers that is doing all of the following:
- Using exclusively Swedish organic locally grown ingredients.
- Prepared with a minimum of processing which makes it fresh in the proper sense.
- Produced by ourselves us in our own factory in Halmstad, Sweden.

Unique differentiator from competitors

What separates Tip & Tot from other organic baby food producers is that the product is fresh. This means that the food is unprocessed and without additives. Instead of a two-year shelf life, our food has a shelf life of 25 days in the fridge.

Another competitive advantage is that all ingredients are Swedish and the food is manufactured in our own factory located in Sweden. The packaging is lightweight and stackable, which facilitates transportation and storage.

Tip & Tot has a unique concept for every family who care for their children’s health.

Company revenue streams

Gross profit is, on average, 65 %. The surplus is expected to be maintained at a high level, due to the fact that the factory is already paid and free of debt. We have signed partnerships with three of the largest food companies in Sweden: ICA, Coop and Hemköp. We are approved for direct deliveries to the stores, which means that we do not go via their central warehouse at this time. In September, we will sign a partnership with Mat.se.

Product/service distribution

We have signed partnerships with three of the largest food companies in Sweden: ICA, Coop and Hemköp. We are approved for direct deliveries to the stores, which means that we do not go via their central warehouse at this time.

In September, we will sign a partnership with Mat.se, and we have received interest from municipality owned catering establishments.

All our products are manufactured at our factory in Halmstad and all logistics are at hand. We have no external sellers or intermediaries, which means we are flexible and respond quickly to any changes.


Previous milestones/traction

2016 - Project Tip & Tot was started
2017 - The factory was approved for baby food production and the product was developed
2017 - Products and premises were certificated organic
2017 - Agreements were signed with ICA, Coop and Hemköp
2017 - Agreement was signed with Mat.se

Next key objectives

2017 - September: Distribution of both brands Tip & Tot and Standard Ekologiskt to 100 stores and 1-2 food bags
2017 - November: Distribution to 200 storesNovember: Launch of 3 new baby food products for the ages 1-4 years
2018 - Sales to XX
2018 - Sales to the Danish market (who already shown interest for our product)
2018 - The company reaches profitability

Previous Financing

Until now Tip & Tot is entirely self financed and without debts. The factory, the assortment, the distribution and the warehouse are already set up and paid for.

Use of funds

80 % till marknadsföring 20% till nya investering till fabriken

Return on Investment

By increasing sales and revenues, we will receive a positive cash flow in 2018 and the result will be that the value of the company will increase.
According to our strategy and budget, we will multiply our turnover by 2020

Risk Analysis

Sales are the key to success, and in order to achieve our sales goals, marketing needs to be improved both for retailers and for end customers. Our current challenge lies in getting the parents to know where our products are located in the stores. A good marketing campaign would increase the knowledge. 

When it comes to further development as the sales are gaining momentum, there is an already existing capacity to scale up the production. Once we reach our target group, sales-related key figures are expected to increase. Economically, the company including the factory, is currently self-financed with good solidity.