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The Fastest Growing Houseware Chain Stores in Malaysia

SWC, founded in 2008, is a rapidly growing and low-priced houseware chain store in Malaysia focused on the middle-income mass market offering household products, kitchen ware and hardware. It expanded to 23 stores in 3 states in the Kuala Lumpur area with its ‘More variety at lower price!’ concept, a 46% yearly store growth rate. Already profitable, SWC now seeks to raise funds to speed up its E-Commerce business development (mobile app, and expand more rapidly to neighbouring states.

Investor proposal

  • Is now looking to raise funds to rapidly expand in neighbouring  regions in Malaysia 
  • Seeks to sell its products via an E-Commerce platform with home delivery launching in 2017
  • Launch of SWC mobile app
  • Seeks to launch a fresh market in addition to its kitchenware products in 2017/2018
  • Aims to open 10 new outlets within Selangor by 2020
  • To triple (3x) current revenue by 2022
  • By Year 2018, the sales target is aim at 45 million.
  • To roll-out debit / credit card terminal across all SWC outlets
  • To be the market leader utensil retail store in sub-urban location across Selangor

IMPORTANT: Retail investors can only support the campaign with exactly RM4,964.00 equivalent to 34 ordinary shares class A (one 'block'). Retail investors cannot invest more or less.

Accredited and sophisticated investors can choose to support the campaign with a higher amount.
A Nominee Structure will be chosen for all contributions to this campaign. Please read the entire investment term sheet.


The problem this product solves

SWC’s fast-growing retail stores face the need for digitalizing their offline product offering to better cater to the demand of the suburban population and F&B outlets in Malaysia. This might accelerate sales and profit growth and allow for a higher turnover as demand for houseware continues to grow.   
Currently, dense suburban areas lack fresh and readily available food products next door, making it more time consuming and expensive to access these daily consumables.

How the product solves it

SWCs fresh market concept targets the dense suburban areas with high demand for timely and convenient access to groceries.
SWC offline to online mobile app: Key motivations
  • On-demand delivery of products & groceries directly to the door
  • Online sales channel with a click of a button
  • Push notification for flash promotion in-stores or online marketplace
  • Contact Mining& sync customers’ email and social media accounts
  • Develop customer engagement. Instill “first-to-mind” brand building and recognition.
  • Loyalty program.
  • Reach out to the millenials (younger demographics)
Data Analytics to tailor the customers’ experience based on their habits and preferences

Product features

SWC offers approximately 10,000 products ranging from household items like hardware, gardening & electrical equipment, kitchenware to travel accessories and home decor. 
SWC maintains the quality of these products and offers a variety of colours to consumers.  SWC’s membership program let customers enjoy many privileges.

Product use cases

For those who plan to organize a big or small events, SWC is the place to visit to get affordable supplies with a wide variety of choices.
The food and beverage industry – including F&B outlets, hotels and hawker stalls – are major buyers at SWC due to its uniquely targeted product offering.


Simon Heng  avatar
Simon Heng Founder & CEO
As a young and smart entrepreneur, Simon Heng is the founder and CEO of SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd since 2008. His judgement made him decide to focus on rural areas’ markets, evolving his brand to tangible reality with a total of 23 outlets in West Malaysia.
Eve Chuah avatar
Eve Chuah COO
Eve monitors the financial performance and advises the CEO in financial decision making, leading the budgeting process, identifying and implementing cost-saving measures as well as pursuing new business opportunities. She is also in charge of the human resources and operations.
Jane Lee avatar
Jane Lee Warehouse Manager
Jane joined the company in 2016. Prior to that, she has gathered extensive experience in sales, logistics, and accounting in others companies.
Lim Lai King avatar
Lim Lai King CFO
As a CFO, she oversees and manages the accounting department of SWC. She also manages accounts for audit purposes and assists the HR department. She has extensive experience in finance and assists in formulating the company's future direction.
Heng Jek Sing  avatar
Heng Jek Sing DIRECTOR
Mr. Heng is an entrepreneur with many years of experience in retail marketing strategies. He is an expert in this industry and can offer key financial and operational advice to SWC.
Thomas Lim avatar
Thomas Lim CTO
As CTO at SWC, he is responsible for managing the company’s technology operations and the implementation of new IT systems and policies. He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology Majoring in Data Communication from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and gained extensive experience by working in world leading businesses. Thomas ... See more
As CTO at SWC, he is responsible for managing the company’s technology operations and the implementation of new IT systems and policies. He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology Majoring in Data Communication from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and gained extensive experience by working in world leading businesses. Thomas established his own IT company in 2006. . See less


Target Market

SWC’s key target market are individual middle income consumers in Malaysia and corporate clients in the F&B industry, in particular restaurants, hawker stalls and catering services. SWC currently has an estimated 11 000 unique customers in the Kuala Lumpur region.
Approximately 30% of individuals fall into the middle income bracket SWC is targeting. With approximately 11 million people living in Selangor and its surrounding (Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Perak), SWC’s immediate target market is at approximately 30% of that population, coming down to about 3.5 million. SWC aims to capture at least 10% of this market i.e. >300 000 individuals.

Competitive landscape

The competitive landscape in the household/kitchenware sector is marked by several players:
MR DIY: 270+ stores, presence in all 14 states across Malaysia
DAISO Japan: A Japan company with over 3,000 stores across 25 countries
ACE Hardware: 19 stores across Selangor, KL, Perak and Penang

Unique differentiator from competitors

SWC has positioned itself uniquely to offer customers  ‘More Variety At Lower Price!’, meeting their requirements by delivering the most cost-effective quality household utensils into their premises. It aims to be the low-price leader in the mass market of household utensils.
SWC has positioned itself uniquely to capture demand in urban neighbourhoods where such stores are not yet available. It seeks to offer consumer an easily accessible store concept – and starting from 2017, fresh market - in close proximity to their households. This will allow for a fast home delivery time.

Company revenue streams

In store sales (E-Commerce to be added soon):
-          Kitchenware (50%)
-          Houseware (30%)
-          Hardware (20%)

Product/service distribution

Currently distribution is primarily through in-store sales. From 2017 onwards, SWC will promote and sell their products also through E-Commerce platforms and offer home delivery. Online sales will make up approximately 10% of revenue in 2018 and shall reach >50% by 2020. In addition, SWC will offer food delivery (vegetables etc.) from its fresh market starting in 2018.


Previous milestones/traction

1st outlet:  Started out as Sunware Centre with our first household utensil retail store at Batang Kali town in Selangor, Malaysia.
3rd outlet: We went on to open our first branch outlet at Kuala Kubu Bahru and then our 3rd outlet outside of Selangor in Perak.
Focused on our corporate expansion programme, Sunware Centre has been restructured and is now known as SWC Enterprise Sdn Bhd.
23 outlets: SWC now has a presence in across 3 states

Next key objectives

E-Commerce launch/Collaboration with and distribution via E-Commerce platforms
Launch of E-Commerce/ordering app
Launch of a Fresh Product Market warehouse facility (food distribution)
Scheduled to open 8 new outlets in Selangor
To have in total 10 outlets in Selangor including 2 new outlet openings

Previous Financing


Use of funds

•         Marketing and Business Development for Website& Mobile App:
•         ~ 1 000 000 MYR
•         Logistics & Warehousing:
•         ~ 1 000 000 MYR
•         Talent Acquisition:
•         ~ 500 000 MYR
•         New Business Segment Rollout/Fresh Produce Market:
•         ~ 500 000 MYR

Return on Investment

•         Targeted Exit within 5 years
•         Most likely exit route will be Trade Sale to major regional or global retail MNC
•         Expected: ~5x current EV
•         Potential Cash Dividend Payout
•         If the managing board decide to pursue an IPO, this ROI could be substantially increased within 5 years

Risk Analysis

Insufficient demand in neighbourhoods
SWC mitigates this risk by strategically choosing locations according to an evaluation scorecard in neighbourhoods with a potential strong demand for its offering.
Undesirable product offering and supply/demand mismatch
SWC closely keeps track of which products are in demand. Refill order are then placed based on an on-demand basis.
Supply disruption
SWC sources from several suppliers to mitigate risks stemming from reliance on a single supplier.
Competitors and E-Commerce players entering the market
SWC seeks to differentiate itself by offering unique low-priced strategy without compromising the quality of the products.