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´Ono Import

Bringing you the best from Hawaii

As the general interest for Hawaii has exploded in the last year, on-line boutique is exclusively offering genuine gourmet & lifestyle products imported directly from Hawaii to Sweden.

The founder and CEO Susanna Nordlund lived in Hawaii for several years and the company has the unique benefit to have family and friends on the islands.

After starting with our signature product 100% Kona coffee, one of the Worlds most expensive beans, the company is now ready to expand the selection!

Investor proposal

  • Be a part of a company that has created the first Hawaiian on-line gourmet and lifestyle boutique,
  • Contribute to positive economical impact locally in Hawaii.
  • On-line shopping has increased by 43% since 2012. Groceries and health items grossed 5,8 billion on-line in 2016!
  • Featured in media as King, Hänt Extra, Rum Hemma, Expressen and more.
  • Expected conservative ROI of 300% by 2022. We are open for a future acquisition. Dividend will be paid once the company is profitable.
  • Optional buyback within the next five years .
  • FundedByMe regularly holds secondary markets for shares obtained through the platform.


The problem this product solves

The trend and general interest for Hawaii has exploded in the last year with regards to the Disney movie Moana, travel features in magazines, TV shows as the latest Netflix hit Designated Survivor and Poke restaurants in Stockholm. No one is yet offering genuine Made in Hawaii gourmet and lifestyle products in Sweden.

Not everybody has the time or finances to visit Hawaii, however most people dream of going there. The thought of Hawaii puts a smile on most peoples face.

The Swedish market is catching up on the international trends and is demanding more Hawaii.

How the product solves it

´Ono Import AB has the local connections and suppliers necessary in Hawaii which makes us able to import directly to Sweden. Therefore our high quality items are sold at a competitive price directly to the consumer through our on-line boutique In 2017 we are looking to broaden our sellection to create a one stop on-line gift shop.

Shopping on-line at shall give the same experience as shopping in a regular boutique. All products have free shipping and are carefully wrapped and packaged.

When you can´t come to Hawaii - we bring Hawaii to you!

Product features

´Ono is Hawaiian and means delicious or the best. Except offering our customers high quality gourmet and lifestyle items, we also provide excellent customer service and beautiful packaging.

Our signature item 100% Kona coffee is considered one of the top three coffee beans in the World. The coffee trees grow in volcanic soil and ideal climate conditions. It is picked by hand and one tree only produces an average of 1kg roasted coffee per year. 

We are alone on the market to offer Mamaki tea that Hawaiians traditionally drink to boost health, detox, loose weight etc.

Product use cases

Hawaii gourmet is used primarily to add quality of life, experience health benefits as well as enhance personal image. Furthermore Kona coffee and other Hawaii items are the perfect gift for many different ocassions. The gift concept has been very well received and is in our strategy to expand. Our products will be a part of some peoples everyday lifestyle, looking at trendsetters and those who are well travelled. For others Kona coffee might be the added final touch to a fancy dinner party. There are many situations to experience and use hawaiian gourmet and lifestyle items.


Susanna Nordlund avatar
Susanna Nordlund Founder & CEO
Susanna Nordlund 38, is the founder and CEO of ´Ono Import AB. Her background is in the hotel and restaurant industry in Sweden and New York as well as high-end fashion and retail in Manhattan. Nordlund is also a trained actress and has studied Public Relations in Stockholm and the ... See more
Susanna Nordlund 38, is the founder and CEO of ´Ono Import AB. Her background is in the hotel and restaurant industry in Sweden and New York as well as high-end fashion and retail in Manhattan. Nordlund is also a trained actress and has studied Public Relations in Stockholm and the US. As an entrepreneur she started her firm Inspired by Hawaii in 2013 offering motivational lectures, workshops and retreat trips to Hawaii. Nordlund is also a published author of three books in the health and lifestyle segment. Susanna Nordlund is the CEO and driving force in ´Ono Import AB. She carries the overall responsibility in terms of making sales, create and execute the marketing plan, delegate administrative tasks, raise funding and network. See less
Berit Nilsson avatar
Berit Nilsson Administrator
Berit Nilsson is managing administration, warehouse section, receptionist tasks along with packing and shipping products. She also handles social media and customer service. Her background is at UPS and in sales.
Melvin G Mason Jr avatar
Melvin G Mason Jr President at Keahole Enterprises LLC Hawaii
Melvin G. Mason Jr. is an entrepreneur and our primary local contact in Hawaii. Mason Jr. is born and raised on the islands and is consulted in terms of the local business politics, finding suppliers, establishing essential local relationships and negotiate contracts. He has great knowledge of both the genuine ... See more
Melvin G. Mason Jr. is an entrepreneur and our primary local contact in Hawaii. Mason Jr. is born and raised on the islands and is consulted in terms of the local business politics, finding suppliers, establishing essential local relationships and negotiate contracts. He has great knowledge of both the genuine Hawaiian culture and Made in Hawaii products. See less
Britt-Inger Andersson avatar
Britt-Inger Andersson Advisory Board Member
Economic and accounting expert who has been leading projects at Swedish institutions Länsstyrelsen and Region Gävleborg. Business owner at Projektekonomen. Background in finance and educated at Handelshögskolan Göteborg.
Ulrika Johansson avatar
Ulrika Johansson Advisory Board Member
Ulrika Johansson has a Masters degree in business and economics. She has worked several years as a tax accountant in Sweden. She also had extensive experience from living several years abroad in Switzerland, France, Germany and most recently nine years in the USA.
Hans Dunder avatar
Hans Dunder Advisory Board Member
Hans Dunder is a former Economic Development Officer at City of Sundsvall for + 11 years. Logistics expert, entrepreneur, PPL pilot, President of Bollnäs Flight Club and more.


Target Market

In 2014 Swedes consumed coffee for 700 million SEK. Whole beans (which our Kona is) make up 3% (or 21 million SEK) of that. According to an article in Svenska Dagbladet 2016, more and more Swedes do prefer to grind their own coffee beans.

Mamaki tea and our other up-coming “health products” (as raw macadamia nuts and red sea salt) have tremendous opportunities as a healthy and productive lifestyle is more and more prominent in society as shown on instagram.

Our customers are primarly well traveled, earn above average, age 35-55 and strong influencers in their community.

Competitive landscape

Our primary competitors are other coffee companies, primarily roasteries in Sweden who offer great quality coffee combined with aggressive marketing and sales strategies. Johan & Nyström, Drop Coffee and other micro roasting companies have a very stable market share. Furthermore they have established contracts with many restaurants and hotels who therefore serve and market their brands.

No one else in Sweden is currently offering genuine Hawaiian products. We have a strong and solid niche. There are many on-line gift shops and boutiques who also sell gourmet or lifestyle products on-line. However when people want Hawaiian they will come to us.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Our coffee is roasted to order in Hawaii and all our products are genuine Hawaiian. No one else in Sweden is currently doing that. In addition to unique products we have a direct relationship with Hawaii through the founder´s family ties. We also offer individuals and businesses monthly subscriptions to our products. This type of service is very popular and established in the United States and we expect the trend to settle in Sweden in the next few years. Currently approximately 300000 Swedes, primarily in Stockholm, are subscribing to groceries on-line. This is a natural opening for as well.

Company revenue streams

We estimate by 2022 that our revenue stream will be as follow:

The on-line boutique which handles direct sales to individuals - 50%

Restaurants and hotels with log-in to access on-line for whole sale prices - 30%

Direct sales locally at our office and special events nationwide - 20%
The profit margin is approximately 30-50% on all items sold directly to the consumer and 20% on whole sale accounts.

In 2017 our revenue stream is: direct sales 80%, on-line boutique 20%, restaurants and wholesale 0%.

Product/service distribution

Our suppliers are family owned businesses in Hawaii. All labels are designed and added to the products In Sweden. We make frequent orders to avoid unnecessary stock which keeps our overhead low. The products are shipped by air and we are currently researching best options for climate compensation. We guarantee shipping of orders at within three business days. All products are wrapped in tissue paper tied with a linen bow, a beautiful info card, and shipped out in a box to avoid damage and give a pleasant presentation. Customers pay by invoice through Svea Ekonomi, Visa or Mastercard.


Previous milestones/traction

  • October 2015 on-line boutique ready.
  • Feature on Mamaki tea in Expressen july 2016.
  • Kona kaffe at Årets Affärskrog November 2016.
  • Kona kaffe in King and other magazines fall 2016.
  • Free shipping on all products march 2017.
  • Monthly increase in sales by an average of 10% 2016-2017.

Next key objectives

  • Obtain 1-3 restaurant contracts 2017.
  • Sell 100 items per month at 2018.
  • Break even fixed costs 2019.
  • 6000 instagram followers by 2020.
  • Start-up loans paid off in 2022.
  • 2-3 employed staff members by 2022.

Previous Financing

Share capital 50000kr
Shareholder contribution 75000kr
Personal loan CEO 60000kr
Almi 200000kr


Award winning graphic design agency Paper Jam is designing our labels and assisting in creating the packaging for our products. PR Agency Micael Bindefeld AB in Stockholm has strengthen Kona kaffe´s brand awareness in media, at events and instagram. Food photographer Fabian Björnstjerna has shot fabulous pictures for the website. All this creates a unified look and image that meets the quality of the products. Our partner Aloha Pono Products LLC in Hawaii assists us with contracts, education, etc with our suppliers when necessary.

Use of funds

  • Cover overhead for one year 15%
  • Out-sourced services 25% (product photography, webshop specialist, labor).
  • Marketing & product development 40% (lable design and print for 3-5 items, Instagram ads, PR, sponsorship).
  • Re-payment of high interest loans 20% (if funds are raised to SEK 750000 or above).

Industry Certifications/Awards

  • Susanna Nordlund founder & CEO nominated as Marketer of the Year in 2017.

Return on Investment

Expected conservative ROI of 300% by 2022.

We are open for a future acquisition but our goal is to IPO.

Dividend once the company is profitable.

The company is looking to expand in Scandinavia and Europe in the next 5-10 years as well as obtain more control of manufacturing in Hawaii. There is enormous growth potential for this comapany.

Risk Analysis

Dollar exchange rate - Currently our prices and cost are based on a dollar value of SEK10 to $1 in order to give us some flexibility on the currency exchange rate. Crop sensitivity - We cooperate with smaller businesses that are also more vulnerable to local circumstances. A change of supplier could affect our price structure. However since 2010, the access and price rate have been stable. Export law and regulations - can affect shipping time or restrict certain products. Our local contact in Hawaii keeps us up-dated.