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Saguna Nordic AB

The winner of ”Swedish Health food Product of the year” in 1993 and 1994 is back

Saguna Nordic AB is a company specialized in food supplements based on Silica-technology tailored for the Beauty segment. The company also has a market leading medical product for IBS.

With an already established network of distributors and Product Margins comfortably ranging from 38-91%, Saguna Nordic AB is looking at a Break Even in their first year of business.
Saguna’s health food products have been sold in Sweden for more than 20 years through nation-wide retailers like LIFE, and the company enjoys a solid base of Brand Knowledge with consumers, winning Best Food Supplement of the year in 1993 & 1994.

Investor proposal

As Saguna Nordic now has further innovative products and market expansions on the horizon, investors are offered a 25% stake in the company, seeking to raise between €50.000 - €150.000 for the consolidation of the current position, and gearing up the company for further market expansion in Europe.
The stake will be facilitated through an emission of additional A-shares.

Shares in Saguna Nordic AB will be issued with a buy-back option. We will offer 300% ROI on the invested capital, after 3 years from the issue date.


The problem this product solves

Skin, hair and nails are all signs of beauty and important to people as part of their outward appearance.
However, there is a constant strain on skin, hair and nails as a result of stress, aging, wrong diet, dry-out effect from sun or water or the air quality in metropolitan life.

Consumers often seek external treatment via beauty salons, with cremes, lotions and hair treatments, but skin, hair and nails are highly affected by the inner support from the body, i.e the need for certain minerals and vitamins like Biotin, Zink, Mangan and Silica.

This Saguna's Re-Silica Beauty product solves.

How the product solves it

Saguna's Re-Silica Beauty products utilizes the Saguna concern's 25 years of experience in producing food supplement containing colloidal Silica. Today there are only two factories in Europe with the technology to produce this quality, and Saguna is one of them.

A ultra fine Silica combined with a range of hand-picked minerals and proteins give Re-Silica Beauty it's unique All-in-one combination.

With rigid legal demands on products claims, Saguna has passed all product certifications and test, leaving the consumer with a product that delivers what it promises. A superb treatment that will strengthen hair, skin and nails from within.

Product features

Product USPs  :

•       Caps & Gel have the highest concentration of active Silicium on the market

•       The Saguna Gel uses a common preservative in the gel product, stabilizing the product for longer time than competitors, and with no need for refrigeration as with competitors.

•       The Saguna Caps uses no GMO, Gelatine or additives in the capsule holster, making the Saguna Beauty Caps the cleanest and most gentle product for the stomach to digest.

•       Saguna Beauty builds a bridge between the traditional beauty market and food supplements, with its “natural beauty from within” approach.

Product use cases

Many consumers experience dried out or damaged skin, hair or nails due to either lifestyle, diet, exposure to sun/water or even in cases of pregnancy.

Often they will seek advice/treatment in a beauty salon.

Beauty salon staff spend at least 60 min with each customer in a highly personalized tone. This builds trust, and puts the shop in a role as key influencer - which Saguna will tap into.

Consumer will eat the food supplement, and re-vitalize skin, hair and nails as their body gains the vital minerals and vitamins that supports healthy skin, hair and nails from within.


Sören Ralph Christensen avatar
Sören Ralph Christensen Vd
With a background in brand building and product development, Sören started his career in London’s competitive advertising industry. After an inspiring spell abroad he came back to Copenhagen to handle a role as Project Manager. In 2009 Sören took the leap and became entrepreneur, establishing EcoPeople - a Swedish/Danish company ... See more
With a background in brand building and product development, Sören started his career in London’s competitive advertising industry. After an inspiring spell abroad he came back to Copenhagen to handle a role as Project Manager. In 2009 Sören took the leap and became entrepreneur, establishing EcoPeople - a Swedish/Danish company in skin- and environmentally friendly consumer products. The company became of Scandinavia’s most innovative in Private Label hygiene product, with big retailers like Dansk Supermaked on the client list. In 2014 Sören develop his first patent in medical textiles, and specialized further in the pharma industry. 2016 he was appointed to lead the establishment of Saguna’s Scandinavian branch. See less
Andreas Klenk avatar
Andreas Klenk Partner & Assisting Board Member
Andreas has a background as long time Country Manager for Proctor & Gamble on the Russian market. He has a wide experience in the establishment of GDO distribution and cultivating export markets, working with complex product ranges and demanding logistical situations. Andreas role in Saguna Nordic is that of strategic ... See more
Andreas has a background as long time Country Manager for Proctor & Gamble on the Russian market. He has a wide experience in the establishment of GDO distribution and cultivating export markets, working with complex product ranges and demanding logistical situations. Andreas role in Saguna Nordic is that of strategic and product technical advisor. At the same time, Andreas is the CEO of Saguna GmbH, the German mother company. See less


Target Market

In Sweden alone there are more than 3.500 Beauty salons, 3.300 nail salons and more than 2.500 premium hairdressers. This segment is largely untouched by the food supplement industry.
The end consumer is typically woman aged 25-60, seeking to improve her skin, hair or nails. She seeks advice/treatment in a beauty salon. Each salon spend at least 60 min with the customer. The consumer will often build trust in the shop staff. This role as key influencer has not been tapped into by the food supplement industry – until now.

Saguna Nordic's markets are: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway.

Competitive landscape

There are a large variety of products for external treatment of skin, hair and nails available in this segment, but shops lack a dedicated product range for internal support of healthy skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

Saguna’s only real competitor is Silicea from Hübner, distributed in Scandinavia through Octean. The Silicea product range is sold though mayor health food chains and pharmacies but the product has a decidedly “food supplement” look, and would not fit into the Beauty segment in terms of packaging/branding/tonality.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Saguna’s unique positioning build on two factors.
One; the products high concentration of the active minerals, which covers the consumer’s daily need in one capsule, rather than forcing the consumer to eat a handful.
Secondly, our only real competitor, Silicea does not target the Beauty Sector at all.

Saguna's Re-Silica Beauty range is tailored to target the beauty segment, and thus has a completely different market positioning when we compare with Silicea.

Company revenue streams

Saguna Nordic AB started selling in Q4-16, and has already established a network of national distributors covering the whole of Scandinavia. Each distributor has long-term market experience in the beauty or/and pharma-industry, enabling them to give very accurate sales projections for their territory. Supporting this initiative, Saguna also offers B2C sales through a range of webshops, for instance Sweden’s second largest webshop on food supplements,
Net Product Margins comfortably range from 38-91% depending on product, territory and marketing contribution.

Product/service distribution

Physical channels:
First quarter of 2017 saw Saguna Nordic AB sign up with large and established distributors in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland along with attaching two sales reps in Denmark. This resulted in 45 shops in Finland and 62 re-seller shops in Denmark during Q1-17, with a sales force launch in Sweden and Norway pending.

Early 2017, Saguna signed up with Sweden's second largest online shop for food supplement, On top of this, Saguna branded web shops is set to launch in Denmark, Sweden, Finland during the summer of 2017.


Previous milestones/traction

-       2015: Scandinavian Key Account clients established, relations cultivated for start-up.
-       2016: Saguna Nordic AB is founded in Q4-16.
-       2016: Saguna’s Re-Silica Beauty spreads into all leading beauty salons in Denmark
-       2017: Finnish distribution signed. Saguna get 40+ new partner shops recruited in less than a month
-       2017: Established distributor on Iceland is signed over to Saguna Nordic. Re-Silica is market leader on Gastro products, and Beauty range gaining good traction after Q1-17 launch.
-       2017: One of Sweden’s largest food supplement producers, TopFormula HealthCare, signs up as distributor for Saguna in Sweden and Norway.

Next key objectives

Next Objectives
-       2017-19: Developing/cultivating existing distribution though sales force competitions and product schools.
-       2017-19: Refining POS material though feed back from sales force.
-       2017-19: Supporting Distributors on relevant trade fairs.
-       2017-18: Building a strong cross-media online brand profile for Saguna.
-       2017-18: Establishing Saguna Nordic in further export markets. (Italy, Estonia and Holland is target)
-       2017-Q4 and forward: Adding further Saguna branded product to existing portfolio.
-       2018-19: Bolstering Saguna Nordic’s independence by initiating patentable product innovations of our own.

Previous Financing

Saguna Nordic AB was established in Q3-16, and capitalized by the German mother company, Saguna GmbH. The capitalization has been in two steps:
- Initial working capital of €22.300
- warehoused products with a re-sale value of €766.000


Saguna Nordic will build its Scandinavian success on the German mother company's 25 years long market experience, and a solid network of distributors in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, along with Saguna's own sales reps in Denmark, all dedicated to establish Re-Silica beauty as the leading food supplement for skin, hair and nails within the Beauty segment.

Key advantages of the already established distribution is the strength in sales projections, indicating a Break Even within the company's first year of business.

Use of funds

Funds would be spread out on the following investments
30% to Marketing: Building further Brand Awareness via Social Media, and online influencers.
10% to Supporting Distributors: Constantly refining POS material and help motivate partner shops though aggressive sales competitions and product schools.
10% Developing new markets: Attaching further export markets right to the territory of Saguna Nordic AB.
20% Product development: Developing the Saguna product portfolio with projected Silica-based cosmetics, further strengthening Saguna’s relevance for the Beauty segment.
30% Patenting: The addition of products developed/patented by Saguna Nordic it self, as a long term objective, strengthening the company’s valuation.

Industry Certifications/Awards

Saguna actually won the award as "Food Supplement of the Year" in Sweden in 1993 and again in 1994. Back then we won it for our Gastro products, which still is the market leader on Iceland.

Return on Investment

Saguna Nordic AB is tapping in to a fast moving Beauty segment, with strong distribution partners and unchallenged product portfolio. The company would be an attractive acquisition for any medium to large European  medical/cosmetic concern with the ambition to diversify adding a Scandinavian blue-ocean to their distribution channels.
Should the founding majority shareholder of Saguna Nordic AB decide to re-acquire issued shares, the investors will be offered an exit at the 3 year milestone, with a 300% valuation on the capital invested.

Risk Analysis

We have identified three “Leap of Faith” assumptions
1)   Saguna Nordic can rely on the sales budgets signed and handed in by our distributors.
2)   Saguna Nordic’s many partner shops will be successfully motivated and help us cap this title as market leader on Food Supplements in the Beauty Segment.
3)   That Saguna Nordic can rely on the German mother company for a steady and flexible supply of products, innovations and reward Saguna Nordic with further export markets to handle.