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Peas Commercializing Entity (PCE)

Effective, quick and accurate tests for infections.

The experienced team behind PCE AB has developed ”dExact”, a group of patent protected and certified medical tests revolutionizing the current practice for determining the need of antibiotics. The dExact tests are quick, accurate and inexpensive, thus saving both time and costs for professionals and individuals. Now, PCE aims at capturing market share in several developing markets where great opportunities are presented due to the need of simple, precise and cheap tests. dExact tests help mitigate the oversubscription of antibiotics, leading lower spread of multi-resistant bacteria and thus, better societal health.

Investor proposal

We invite the investors to join PCE in commercializing dExact in developing markets and share the ownership of 6 different certified and clinically evaluated products to diagnose infection in body fluids, receive 50% purchase discount for all dExact products in 5 years and have access to professional to discuss the outcome. Due to patents and certifications, and the fact that tests reduce the costs for community and individuals enormously, PCE expects a quick market entry and stable sales. Within 6 years, PCE aims at reaching a 5-10x post money valuation and exit possibilities are available through repurchase.

PEAS Group has developed independent tests and wishes the tests to be used by healthcare professionals, patients and relatives. Therefore, within the PEAS group, we have wanted ordinary people to become partners in the company and have tried to avoid being owned by large companies. This is an important reason for us to participate in the camp. Part (Transferring Party) is entitled to transfer all of its shareholding in the Company to third parties, provided that the shares in written form are first offered to be transferred to PCE.


The problem this product solves

Today, the process of treating various infections is both ineffective and expensive due to time-consuming test processes that determine the patient's need for antibiotics. The current process, regardless of whether or not antibiotic treatment is required, entails not only costly and time-consuming investments by doctors,  it also requires the patient to seek medical assistance and awaiting slow test results. As a result of the fact that diagnostic tests are rarely available and there are serious risks associated with not receiving antibiotic treatment on time, antibiotics are prescribed to patients. This in turn causes social health problems and high unnecessary costs.

How the product solves it

PEAS Institut has developed dExact - a group of accurate, quick and inexpensive tests. The dExact tests, intended to be used by both doctors and individuals, streamline the inefficiencies in the current processes by allowing for instant indication of the need of antibiotics. Thus, costs of €79M/year are saved as unnecessary laboratory tests and hospitalizations are avoided. Patients receive care in time, and antibiotics can be prescribed more accurately. This represents a great market opportunity,especially in developing countries where hospitals are non-existent or hard to access and multi-resistant bacteria spread easily.

Product features

The dExact tests can rapidly distinguish infectious diseases from non-infectious ones. The tests are stable, accurate and are not sensitive to previous antibiotic treatment. The test are either taken via sputum, urin or feaces depending on which test is being used. Due to low production costs and great potential of quickly reaching economies of scale, the tests are sold cheaply. Moreover, the tests for individual usage do not require any previous knowledge or special training, meaning that they can be used at home by patients in both developing and developed countries. The tests are ISO-certified.

Product use cases

dExact offers a group of tests, where some are intended to only be used by professionals and some by individuals. However, the underlying methodology for usage is similar. Depending on what is being tested (eg in mucus or urine) the sample is collected in a container and soaked directly into the body fluid. By interpreting the test color, the next steps can be decided within 20 minutes, leading to cost and time savings as well as better overall societal health. On average, using the dExact-tests shortens the current process of management of infectious diseases from 7 days to 1 day. 


Fariba  Nayeri avatar
Fariba Nayeri CEO and President of PCE
PhD sedan 2002,MD. Docent Infektionsmedicin sedan 2008, har studerat kroniska infektioner och fokuserat på behandling av svårbehandlade sår. Har jobbat sedan 1997 på Infektionskliniken i Linköping. Har grundat PEAS Institut 2006. PEAS Institut har varit forskningshuvudman sedan 2011.
Tommy Glanz avatar
Tommy Glanz Senior Bank Manager
Pol.Mag. within Business from Linköping University 1972. 35 years experience from different positions in Ostgota Enskilda Bank /Danske Bank. Most of the time as branch manager. Financing and business advising to small and midsize companies was then part of my job. For 4 years I also ran my own business ... See more
Pol.Mag. within Business from Linköping University 1972. 35 years experience from different positions in Ostgota Enskilda Bank /Danske Bank. Most of the time as branch manager. Financing and business advising to small and midsize companies was then part of my job. For 4 years I also ran my own business in a company selling caravans and mobile homes. See less
Per Stålhandske avatar
Per Stålhandske Senior Scentist
PhD i molekylär biologi Uppsala universitet 1986. Forskat inom Virologi, arbetet 20 år inom med tek industri med forskning och utveckling inom vitrodiagnostik, QA director och konsult inom med tek och pharma industri, grundare av cSens AB, nu sålt till Biovica International AB och uppfinnare av real-tids test system för ... See more
PhD i molekylär biologi Uppsala universitet 1986. Forskat inom Virologi, arbetet 20 år inom med tek industri med forskning och utveckling inom vitrodiagnostik, QA director och konsult inom med tek och pharma industri, grundare av cSens AB, nu sålt till Biovica International AB och uppfinnare av real-tids test system för cancer bio-markörer. Styrelseorförande i Double Bond Pharmaceuticals AB, Uppsala Styrelsemedlem i Peas Commerzialing Entity AB, Linköping See less
Jaleh Ramezani avatar
Jaleh Ramezani Lawyer
Lawyer with specialization in International Commercial Law from Sorbonne University in Paris-France 1991-1995. Aspirant education for academics at Linköping University 2007-2008.
Lars Eng avatar
Lars Eng Master of Science
Many years of experience in the biosensor industry
Johanna Lönn avatar
Johanna Lönn Doctor of Medicine
Industrial PhD at PEAS Institute AB, and continued 4 years with post-doctoral fellowships at Örebro University, and later (currently) at Malmö University, in collaboration with PEAS Institut AB. http://forskning.mah.se/en/id/af4507
Kjell Törnlund avatar
Kjell Törnlund User Iinterface Developer
Experienced User Interface Developer [UID] with experience of work mostly in medical media production. Expertise in photography, graphics, CE marking, advertising and Adobe Creative Suite. Strong professional business with a Master of Media, Audio, Recording, PA, Computer from Institute Audio Visual Arts (IAVA).


Target Market

PCE AB targets two segments: professionals and individuals. dExact are aimed to be sold to professionals through hospitals and other facilities, and to individuals through an e-commerce website or via pharmacies.The primary focus is to produce and sell dExact through joint ventures, starting in China and later on followed by Vietnam and India. Developing markets pose a great market opportunity due to infrastructural inefficiencies and the large societal demand for cheap, reliable and effective solutions.

Competitive landscape

As of today, PCE has no direct competitors as there are no other similar tests on the market. Moreover, because of the licensing from the Swedish Medical Product Agency (Läkemedelsverket) and the CE and ISO certification, PCE has raised the barriers for market entry of competitors. By delivering a high quality product to a low price, PCE is not expecting competitors in the upcoming years.

Unique differentiator from competitors

PCE AB provides a quicker, less costly and more convenient test process solution in comparison to current practices available on the healthcare market. The dExact tests enable the patient to avoid going to the hospital if unnecessary, thus saving quality of life, costs and time for both the individual and for doctors. By internationalizing and focusing on the developing countries, PCE can reach economies of scale in production and sales simultaneously as helping patients in areas where the medical infrastructure is lacking. 

Company revenue streams

PCE AB is planned to have two main revenue streams. The first one is the revenue made per test sold directly to individuals through the e-commerce website or pharmacies. A test costs between 40-100 SEK if sold directly to individuals. The second revenue stream comes from licensing the products to different companies or through international joint venture agreements. The companies that might be concerned to buy the rights to produce, sell and thus commercialize the dExact tests.  

Product/service distribution

The initial development of products and certificates are ready. However, the commercializing process that should be performed via PCE AB has not begun yet. The test is allowed to be sold to individuals through an e-commerce website or through pharmacies. To sell the product to professionals, the tests are to be sold to authorized distributors with localized expertise (4-8 different ones) that can supply the tests through different companies in several countries. To best meet local needs, the distributors will be responsible for marketing and sales. 


Previous milestones/traction

  • Patent application P9931SE00 approved
  • Patent application P9931US00 approved
  • Patent application P8808US00 approved
  • ISO certified facility 13485 in August
  • CE registered by the Swedish Medical Product Agency. Tests can be used by doctors and nurses.
  • Europa Commission approval for self-test via Notified Body (third party organization) (October)
Patent application P8808EP 00 approved and registered in Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and France

Next key objectives

Primary goals
  • Crowd Funding start late 2017.
  • Create e-commerce global websites 2017-2018.
  • Perform clinical study and sign contract with Ghana University 2018.
  • Memorandum of Understanding with TOEC in China for mass production of digital reader. The alfa version of our digital testreader 2018.
  • Organizie the crew group 2018
Next steps:
  • Reach agreements with joint venture partners in China and Vietnam 2018-2021
  • Application to the Food and Drug Authority (FDA)  in the USA 2020
  • Dexact-diaper 2019
  • Perform clinical study in India 2018-2019
  • Beta version of digital reader version ready for tests 2020
  • Sales start in China 2021-2022
  • Sales in Sweden/Scandinavia 2020

Previous Financing

PEAS Institut, the parent company has been the site for research and development of several diagnostic platforms. In order to realize this task, PEAS has invested over 50 M SEK during the last 10 years. PEAS Institut is research principal and several research groups from Sweden as well as foreign countries in Europe, Asia and Africa have been engaged in development of Dexact and other diagnostic tests. PCE was founded in 2013 as a future platform for commercializing the products invented and produced within the business group. Dexact tests are the first products from several invented diagnostic approaches .

Use of funds

  1. We need to enroll professionals in a management team for commercializing: 2500000 sek
  2. Commercializing the product in developing countries through independent studies at university hospitals, primarily in Ghana, Vietnam and India: 1000000 sek
  3. Costs allocated towards;

  • Education of health-workers in test usage and result interpretation: 200000 sek
  • Introduction of tests via e-commerce sales channel: 120000 sek
  • Production of modern, digital apparatus for tests in developed countries, 450000 sek
  • Conferences and take part in related scientific events internationally 100000
  • Publication of books and scientific articles 60000
  • Publication of user manuals in different languages 30000
  • Assist international organizations in catastrophe areas: 100000

Return on Investment

Investors invest in PEAS COMMERCIALIZING ENTITY AB (PCE AB). By 2023, PCE aims at reaching a value of 5-10 times the post money valuation today. In addition, PCE aims at paying out dividends during the fiscal year of 2021-22. Exit options through share repurchase available via discussion with the founding team. 

Risk Analysis

Due to the novelty of the product, the lack of a comparable “golden standard products” and scientific publications by independent researchers, PCE AB needs to overcome potential market skepticism. This also includes convincing clinicians to substitute or add complements to current practices with dExact tests. This poses a threat, mostly in the western areas, as the market slowly adapts to new technology.