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Into - Transparency, storytelling & customer engagement.

Into™ is a communication platform, designed to help companies, producers, and suppliers, share their stories and relevant information with the customers when face to face with their product or service.
Consumers expect transparency from the brands they buy.  Per Label Insight, 73% of consumers say they would be willing to pay more for a product that offers complete transparency.
Into™ adds clarity and storytelling layer to the conversation. We created a cloud platform that brings those stories directly to the people in a highly visual, captivating and engaging way through their mobile devices. This is Into™ the connecting tool.

Investor proposal

"Customers want transparency," Walter Robb, the co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, declared at a recent talk. Buyers do not want any surprises. And, most importantly, they want producers to have integrity in the products they are producing. This is a world trend and INTO is leading the way. Our platform is unique, has a great market demand, and enjoys little direct competition.

Exit opportunities: Company's future IPO plans on a US stock exchange or acquisition by a larger company.

For an amount of €200.000, we offer 3,56% of shares at a share price of €0,60. Minimum investment 1000 shares (~€600).



The problem this product solves

Consumers are worried about what they are putting in their bodies beyond calories and fat. They seek to understand what’s in their food, where it comes from and how it is made.
Additionally, they expect companies to provide the information and also to operate responsibly and address social and environmental issues. Today’s labels and packaging do not allow for a real conversation between the producer and the consumer. 
Imagine you could look into products and get the information you care about, where they come from, how are they produced or harvested, get answers to your questions directly from the source.  

How the product solves it

Into™ works with sustainable, environmentally conscious, certified producers through our cloud platform to help them get their stories out on websites, social media, and also retailers' shelves and product packaging, etc.  We transform their information into highly visual and captivating stories.  Then we deliver them to consumers through web widgets and our mobile app, for them to discover when and where they need that information.

Product features

By clicking on the Into™ logo in webpages or downloading the mobile Into™ App, conscious consumers will gain secure access to valuable information directly from the producers, their location, their industry practices, the stories behind their products, tips and much more. We use highly visual elements, like videos, maps, photography embedded in an engaging navigation.

Producers use a cloud-based, user-friendly content management system (CMS) infused with "story paths" to quickly make their stories gain life, allowing them to focus on their core business. And through the Into™ Tag, they can differentiate their products and connect with their consumers.

Product use cases

At the supermarket, you are faced with two products; the labeled information is similar, brands say nothing to you. A sign invites you to download a free app to get information from one of the producers. You scan the Into™ code with your app and learn that the product comes from a producer on a beach near you. They use no pesticides, nor additives and host the only beach in kilometers where turtles can lay their eggs since it is free of pollutants, part of their earnings are used to keep the turtles safe. The other product says nothing else.


Pablo Muñoz Ledo avatar
Pablo Muñoz Ledo CEO
Integrated succesful marketing entrepreneur. More than 15 years experience creating and growing organic/ green companies and organizations. Founded Aires de Campo (largest organic brand in Mexico), Bionexos, ViaCoop. Relocated with his family in San Francisco Bay Area in 2012.
Doug Yokoyama avatar
Doug Yokoyama CIO and SVP
Technology Executive with extensive software, IT, Information Security & operational experience. Passionate about helping sustainably oriented companies succeed.
Rylan Peery avatar
Rylan Peery Co-founder. Business strategy lead
Founded Giveback.net. Front-end developer at Shopzilla.com. Co-founder at Storied.us Founder and CEO of Colab.Coop web development company. Stanford graduate.
Ethan Winn avatar
Ethan Winn Co-founder. Technical Design lead.
20 year web veteran,with extensive tech and strategic consulting experience for social enterprises and disruptive startups with Colab.Coop, EchoDitto, and real Estate Financial Modeling (REFM)
Sarah Thorpe avatar
Sarah Thorpe Storytelling lead
Hybrid strategist, designer, and storyteller. Ten year experience in video and storytelling, strategy, communication, and concept development. She has focused her work on a deeper inquiry intoself-sustaining systems and design.
Doris Meier avatar
Doris Meier Operations lead
Humanities and Master’s in Organizational Psychology, worked as an organizational development consultant and business coach. Avid photographer, traveler and cook.
Gary Hirshberg avatar
Gary Hirshberg Investor/ Advisor.
Co-Founder and Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, also founder and Chairman of Just Label It!,
Michael Besançon avatar
Michael Besançon Advisor
Follow your Heart in 1970. Joined Whole Foods in 1994 and retired 14 years later as Senior Global VP.
Jim Cox avatar
Jim Cox Investor/ Advisor.
CFO at Lithium Technologies. Previously CFO Advent Software, UTStarcom and PWC
Theo Ferguson avatar
Theo Ferguson Investor/ Advisor.
Founding member of Slow Money and founder of Good Food Web and Vital Systems.


Target Market

Our target market is the organic and sustainable certified producers in the US and Europe (Asia in the future). The market size worldwide is a $500 billion USD opportunity, roughly 50% is in the US and 18% in Europe.

The consumer we target for the app ranges between the 18 - 45 years, mostly Millennials who are driving the evolution from information seekers to demanding information as a valued ingredient.

Some examples of producers are:
• Organic/sustainable food -primary production
• Natural and biological food packaging/processing
• Sustainable fishing (MSC/similar standards)
• Eco-friendly and bio-compatible household products (cleaning/maintenance/fibers)

Competitive landscape

Transparency is a growing trend, and we are sure competition will evolve, for now, our direct competition has taken different approaches:
YottaMark – that has launched two separate apps:
  • ShopWell  - a website and mobile app that uses third party information, registered nutritionists, to help build a whole grocery cart.
  • HarvestMark - a mobile app focused on product traceability mostly B2B for now.  

GoodGuide – an app that ranks products based on third-party validation, independent scientists.

Indirectly, supermarkets and producers are trying to build communication channels with consumers to promote the benefits of sustainable and organic products.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Into™ unique differentiators are:
  • The only end to end, two way platform today from the producer to the consumer.
  • We only work with environmentally conscious, sustainable, certified producers.
  • We focus on building producer-consumer engegement
  • Stories flow directly from producers, unbiased, allowing consumers to witness origins and processes; making their own analysis about them
  • Our mobile app is 100% focused on the customer; it is real information, decision-making tool.
  • Our cloud content management system allows great integration with existing websites and social media tools used by producers.     
  • The Into™ TAG is a secure, slickly designed code that allows for universal tagging.

Company revenue streams

Producers pay for the platform as a service. They get personalized access to a dashboard and manage their TAGs, stories, brand and communities. They also get valuable, real-time analytics (product/location/interests trends). Service levels are for both Independent (small-medium sized) producers and Enterprise customers
Enterprise level customers pay a one-time set-up and storytelling strategy training fee.
• ROI: get/enhance customer’s attention, satisfy their need to know transparently; communicate and consolidate strong brand communities, resulting in increased sales/profits

Product/service distribution

Our main channel of adoption will be retailers. We aim for the Into Tag to become a widely-recognized symbol, and a meaningful industry standard for openness, clarity, and transparency that empower producers and consumers alike. We know that massive adoption of the Tag and App will be our biggest challenge, so we approached significant social and environmentally conscious players and planned a synced Launch for Into 2.0, which will become the first truly public version of the platform. An unexpected number of big brands have responded enthusiastically. They too, see a promising opportunity and are participating in the pilot.


Previous milestones/traction

2014 January Greenexus is Founded
2014 September Into 1.0 was launched in a small circle for demo
2014 October First Sales and customer insights
2014 November Work with the first large pilot participants
2015 January Into 1.0 was presented to large brands at the Natural Products Expo West show
2016 Design and Technology development

Next key objectives

2017 March Launch Into 2.0 Platform
2017 April- Jun full public Pilot in Europe
2017 May pilot potential list boosted to 50 brands a synced public launch
2017 June pilot goal: 15 enterprise level participants customers

Previous Financing

To date, we have raised most of our financing from friends and family, plus a handful of key investors -
2014 Founding members 550,000 USD
2015 Friends and Family 950,000 USD
2016 F&F with Key Investors 600,000USD
We are taking our FIRST equity round to Europe and globally with


  • Colab Coop founder Rylan Peery is one of our co-founders. Him and Colab’s co-founder Ethan Winn head our platform’s tech design and development
  • We are crafting an agreement with Fair Trade USA to use the platform to disseminate their producer stories through selected FTUSA affiliated brands
  • We are promoting an alliance to include core messages and key concepts from the OSC2 (Ahmed Rahim of Numi) and Just Label It! (Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield) initiatives .
  • We are working on partnerships with green retailers to create visual displays for stores, informing and inviting customers to look into their product’s.

Use of funds

We are currently seeking 600k total. Alongside our FBM campaign, we are in dialogues with both angel investors and VC firms.
Our latest round of capital acquisition will be mobilized with three initiatives in mind:
  1. Finishing the expanded Platform
  2. Increase our gross margins by reducing our production costs
  3. Increase sales volume by focusing on retailers contracts
To this end, raised funds will be allocated to the following key areas:
59% Talent
17% Technology Development
12% Marketing Communications
8% Facilities - we will initially set in an incubation hub.
4% Travel and Meals

Industry Certifications/Awards

Non yet

Return on Investment

Today's Value per share is .60 cents, we have incremented shares value 600% in two years; we are expecting that this year with the launch of Series A at the end of the year, Value will increment four times at least. With Series A, you will be able to sell your shares at any stage as an Exit Strategy

Key Business Numbers
2018 Revenue 8.9 Million
2020 Revenue 81 Million

Risk Analysis

"Customers want transparency," Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods, declared. Buyers do not want any surprises. We are a trend but the top risk factors that we are considering:
  • US and European legislation in environmental matters
  • Industry buying conscious entrepreneurs to block progress
  • Long adoption time
  • Long implementation times
We will try to be out in the market fast so we can mitigate risks. To this end, we are partnering with worldwide leading brands in our pilot coalition and using their already massive resources to bring awareness and attention to Into™ as industry-standard for transparency and digital storytelling