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Shape Drinks AB

Low calorie alcohol

Shape Drinks is a low calorie alcopop of 4,5%, totally free from sugar and carbohydrates. A global health trend is today visible and people are increasingly getting more aware of what they consume. There is a large variety of products which are low calorie and sugar free in the grocery stores, and the demand is increasing while the alcopops are dominated by sugared products.

Since the beginning the demand for Shape Drinks has increased largely and now we need to expand. By supporting this campaign you will participate in the development of shape Drinks in the swedish and global markets.

Investor proposal

Shape Drinks is a company with a new angle in the alcopop market. Our low calory products fill a gap in the sugar rich alcopop market. As an investor you are participating and contributing to our continued growth in the swedish and global market.

In order to secure continued growth in the global market Shape Drinks is planning to become part of a larger koncern within five years. As partner you are then free to sell your shares in Shape Drinks. By that time the value is expected to be quadrupled.

Support a growing and exciting company with great prospects!


The problem this product solves

A global health trend is today visible and people are increasingly getting more aware of what they eat and drink. There is a large variety of products, which are low calorie and sugar free, in the grocery stores. While more people are trying to live healthier, with exercise and low calorie diets, many still want to indulge in alcoholic beverages during the weekend. The problem is that beer, cider and drinks contain large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. This is something that the health conscious individual tries to avoid. Shape Drinks has the solution!

How the product solves it

Shape Drinks is the company that targets the health conscious individual who tries to avoid sugar and carbohydrates. Our first products are alcopops, alcoholic soft drinks, in two different flavours. These beverages contain only 25 kcal per 100ml and are completely free from sugar and carbohydrates. Unlike beverages from other brands, which contain 7-10g of sugar per 100ml (52-64kcal), Shape Drinks do not contain any sugar at all. Since the body does not convert alcohol into fat, even a person who is on a diet can consume our products.  

Product features

Shape Drinks are carbonated alcopops in two different flavours.
  • Apple/Elderflowers, sweetened with stevia
  • Wild strawberries/Goji berries, sweetened with artificial sweetener E950 and E951
Both flavours contain 25kcal per 100ml and is completely without sugar and carbohydrates. All calories come from the alcohol and therefore it does not effect the blood sugar but is subverted in the liver. We target customers wanting to stay in shape, being on a diet, or for other reasons searching an alternative to the sweet beverages which are full of sugar. The customers could also be individuals living with diabetes lacking alternative products.  

Product use cases

  • For the customer who wants to stay in shape and think thoroughly about what he/she eats and drinks.
  •  For the customer who is on a diet but still wants to indulge himself/herself with some alcoholic beverages.
  • For the customer who is looking for an alternative to the products containing alot of sugar.
  • For the customer living with diabetes and lacking any alternatives when it comes to alcoholic soft drinks.


André Håkansson CEO / Founder
André is a goal oriented and creative entrepeneur who is passionate about finding and creating new business possibilities. With his previous experiences from retail trade, his abilities to find new ways and solutions in combination with creative thinking, he will be a strong asset to Shape Drinks’ continued expansion. His ... See more
André is a goal oriented and creative entrepeneur who is passionate about finding and creating new business possibilities. With his previous experiences from retail trade, his abilities to find new ways and solutions in combination with creative thinking, he will be a strong asset to Shape Drinks’ continued expansion. His interest in health and exercise makes him insightful in Shape Drinks market and target group. See less
Johan Westdahl Head of Sales / Partner
Johan became partner in Shape Drinks in 2015. His long experience in business development and in sales B2B/B2C, he fulfills an important part in Shape Drinks future.


Target Market

Our target groups:
  • People living healthy lives.
  • Frequent guests at bars and restaurants looking for an alternative to the beverages with a lot of sugar.
  • People who are on diets.
  • Diabetics

Our retailers:
  • Systembolaget
  • Wholesale trade
  • Hotel, restaurants and bars (HoReCa)
  • Events and festivals
  • Export for the foreign market

Competitive landscape

It’s difficult to avoid sugar when consuming alcohol. Still studies show that sugar is unhealthy and addictive. As this is getting an increasing media attention, we can see that the demand for sugarfree products are growing.
Our competitors Briska, Somersby and Xide are targeting the customers who are usually choosing the sugarfree alternatives in stores. In most cases these product contain more sugar than regular soda. When sugar is combined with alcohol it makes it harder for the body to get rid of the energy from the sugar. This can lead to an elevated blood sugar and weight gain.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Shape Drinks is unique since we are the only alternative on the market with zero added sugar. Our objective is to be innovatory and constantly be one step ahead when it comes to product development and taste, by offering the consumer the low calorie alcoholic beverages of the future. Our first product line Shape Drinks are alcopops. There are possibilities of increasing this to other segments of the market in the future.
Shape Drinks
Shape Beer
Shape Wine
Shape Shot
Regardless of the segment, our customers shall always know that Shape is the best alternative.

Company revenue streams

In the current situation our sales are done through Systembolagets ordering assortment. The consumers order by contacting a local Systembolag or through their website.
During 2016 Shape Drinks sold 50.000 units through Systembolagets ordering assortment. Since the demand grew Shape Drinks ended up on the shelf in about twenty stores during the summer season.
During 2017 we will focus the sales on the restaurant and bar business (HoReCa) through our own sales organization. During 2018 we will enter into agreements with agents and wholesale businesses both in Sweden and in the nordic countries. 

Product/service distribution

Shape Drinks are stocked and distributed by KGA Logistik AB, which is one of the leading distributors of alcoholic beverages in Sweden. This cooperation enables Shape Drink to deliver products all over Sweden in a cost effective manner and without having to invest in places  and transports.


Previous milestones/traction

  • 2014Shape Drinks accepted by Krinova Inkubator
  • 2015 Production agreement with Kiviks musteri
  • 2015 Almi Starter’s loan
  • 2015 Supplier’s agreement Systembolaget
  • 2015 Fitnessfestival, The largest Exercise fair in Northern Europé
  • 2016 Bank loan €25.000
  • 2016 Awarded Fastest growing by Entreprenör Skåne
  • 2016 Cooperation with Swedish celebrities
  • 2016 Shape Drinks in lifestyle magazines Moore, Pause, Body & Man.
  • 2016 Becoming a part of the regular assortment in about twenty of Systembolaget’s stores.
  • 2016 new flavour Apple/Elderflower
  • 2016 More than 7000 followers in social media
  • 2016 50.000 sold units

Next key objectives

2017  Strengthening Shape Drinks’ Trademark in the Swedish market
  • Increasing sales organisation for bars and restaurants (HoReCa)
  • Turnover: 250.000 units
  • Regular assortment in fifty of Systembolaget’s stores.
2018 Export to Nordic retailers
  • Agreement with wholesales
  • Export to the nordic market
  • Turnover 1000 000 units
  • Regular assortment in 150 of Systembolaget’s stores.
  • Product development
2019 Continued growth in the Nordic market
  • Turnover 1 500 000 units
  • Regular assortment in 200 of Systembolaget’s stores.
  • Finding new markets based on knowledge from 2018

Previous Financing

  • 2015 Starter’s loan from Almi Företagspartner €25.000
  • Bank loan €25.000
  • Private investments founder/co-owner €55.000 


Through cooperation with one of Sweden’s foremost product developers we can secure quality and taste in our products. We can also continue to develop Shape Drinks product portfolio from customer’s demands.
Shape Drinks is currently produced by Kiviks musteri, which is a prominent producer of beverages. This enables us to increase production without further investments.
Our distribution method enables us to deliver our products swiftly and cost efficient in all of Sweden.
These cooperations make it possible to continue expanding without limitations. 

Use of funds

If you invest in Shape Drinks you will become part of our continuing expansion on the swedish and global markets.

The funds will be used for:
  • 50% - Marketing
  • 26% - Develop sales department
  • 24% - Production, distribution, development and securing operational capital for a high growth scenario. 

Industry Certifications/Awards

  • From the start Shape Drinks has been acknowledged in blogs, social media and several  significant lifestyle magazines such as Moore, Pause, Body & Man.
  • Awarded Fastest growing by Entreprenör Skåne 2016

Return on Investment

Within five years we are planning a potential exit where Shape Drinks will be a part of a larger corporate group to secure its continuing growth on the global market. Every co-owner will have the opportunity to sell their shares at the exit. At this time the value of the shares are expected to have quadrupled.

Risk Analysis

The state currently has monopoly on the retail business in alcoholic beverages with a percentage over 3,5%. The sales are done through Systembolaget, which means that every supplier competes on the same terms.
Sweden also has the one of the highest taxes on alcoholic beverages in the world and this  directly affects the pricing of Shape Drink.
These are factors which we must adjust to since we cannot affect them. An increasingly growing health awareness means that more people are choosing sugarfree products.