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MyVegina ❤️ life

Join in on the vegan revolution!

The vegan revolution is here to stay. We are eating less meat than before and we are striving to reduce that consumption even more. At the same time vegan food products lack in coordination and accessibility.

MyVegina is the gateway that is needed. Both from a producer and consumer perspective. It's not just the hottest store in town, it’s also a launchpad for new products. With a physical storefront, online marketing activities and launch events, our aim is to make MyVegina the best and indispensable launch and sales platform for modern vegan food. Starting in Stockholm aiming for the world.

Investor proposal

This is the opportunity to be part of something that rarely happens, a possibility to fill an existing black hole in the market demand. A demand that in 2016 is so prominent nobody can avoid to acknowledge regardless of personal food preferences. By establishing the first store in 2017 MyVegina can break even in a year. It is highly likely that more stores will generate exponential growth as the brand and marketing channels grow.

It is also a chance to do good. Real good. MyVegina's work serves a higher purpose. Investing in MyVegina means contributing to a better world.



The problem this product solves

Hello world. We have a situation.

We live in a reality tainted by extreme awareness and emotional numbness at the same time. We get heart wrecked by viral movies showing how the egg industry massacre just hatched chickens. Still we go home and make pancakes. We want to eat less meat but we are lacking friction free and attractive alternatives at hand in our daily life. We need an inspiring pathway to vegan products. We need MyVegina.

How the product solves it

MyVegina is the solution.

The market is booming with vegan products like never before. You don’t have to limit your taste preferences as a vegan anymore, there are vegan substitutes for everything. But you have to make an effort to lay hands on these products. What we are missing today is that appealing hotspot where these products are gathered for sale. What we are missing is MyVegina. 

Product features

MyVegina is your vegan happy place. Literally. Its a store where you go to buy vegan food in an environment that makes you feel good. The visual identity is strong, pleasing and intriguing. MyVegina is a pure celebration of life in an enchanting setting. On top of distributing other brands MyVegina offers products under its own brand. The light version is repacked compositions of products. The hardcore branding consists of MyVegina's store made products and take-away dishes. Such are order-to-go baby food, juices, fresh vegetable noodles, almond butter, salads, bullion, dressings, burgers, cheeses, sushi, soups and poké bowls.

Product use cases

Its 17.30 and you are going home from work. You are 35, a woman (mark: gender is of no importance) and you have just come back to work after 9 months of maternity leave. Your partner is at home and he's texting you asking you to pick up some groceries. So you try to come up with a constructive idea for dinner as you walk. Preferably something that you all can eat, even your at the moment very picky son. This is when you walk by MyVegina for the first time and the intriguing environment intuitively make you halt.


Irma Arlert avatar
Irma Arlert Founder and MD
I am one of those almost vegans that believe in normalizing vegan food instead of, as has been the traditional take on the market, radicalizing veganism as a subcultural choice. With "almost" I mean that I eat mainly vegan but on very special occasions I eat fish or dairy. This ... See more
I am one of those almost vegans that believe in normalizing vegan food instead of, as has been the traditional take on the market, radicalizing veganism as a subcultural choice. With "almost" I mean that I eat mainly vegan but on very special occasions I eat fish or dairy. This is a food consumption pattern I think will be the most common one in a not to far future. Right now I am at the finish line of my studies in web analysis. Before and during these studies I have been working close to marketing, sales and production management in different positions and product fields. I have actual store sales experiences from my early years to fall back on as well as such from coaching and recruiting staff. I am used to taking a hands on responsibility for keeping progress at a desired speed and I have insights of how to engage people. I have experiences from the printing business which comes in handy regarding market material and store display system, specially portable lightweight ones. I have basic university knowledge of amongst other things macro and micro-economics, programming, cognitive science and psychology, editing commercial film, copywriting, social media editing, SEO and SEM. This vast combination generates an ability to both plan and execute marketing strategies. Last but not least I have a thriving passion for food and interior design. Not to mention MyVegina who I nowadays have come to consider my third child (not to but the other lovely two aside of course 😉 ). See less


Target Market

Recent studies show that 9% of the Swedish population are vegetarians/vegans. 37% claim to eat more vegetable products today then five years ago, 35% say they expect to eat less meat in the future. The reason they do not already is adressed to the inaccessibility to tasty vegan products. Between 2010-2014 the sales of berries, fruit and herbs increased by 8% despite that lack. In contrast there is not even an established umbrella term for exclusively meat and dairy- eaters. Vegan food was a huge part of the general food consumption long before this vegan revolution began.

Competitive landscape

There are a few true vegan stores in Sweden today. Late 2016 "Happy Vegan" opened in Gothenburg as the first rather commercial vegan store in Sweden. It is small and locally anchored. And we love it, it enhances the awareness of vegan awesomeness. MyVegina is the next step in the market and therefore consider Happy Vegan as helpful rather than competition.
In Stockholm the closest thing you can find is Renée Voltaires flagship store "Pepstop". The store sells exclusively food products from their own brand. MyVegina is looking forward to be another sales channel for Renée Voltaire and Pepstop.

Unique differentiator from competitors

MyVegina is the new vertical within vegan consumption. It is, on the one hand, a trendsetting multidimensional sales and marketing channel for producers of vegan products. It is, on the other hand, the delightful eyeopening introduction to tasty vegan products from a consumer perspective. The MyVegina koncept is a presence that reaches beyond the physical store via digital networking and social media. MyVegina is beautifully designed, lush, rich, varied, including, innovative, friendly and focuses on the joy of eating. The store environment is impressive to the eye with vertical gardens and partially color sorted products as significators.

Company revenue streams

Classic increments:
Sales of other brands.

MyVegina repacks products into menus, platters, gift boxes and such and rebrand them. These products have increased increments. MyVegina also produces store made products and order-to-go dishes that have even better margins.

Instore marketing/events/social media:
MyVeginas is the perfect place to demonstrate new products, initiate sales campaigns and engage consumers face to face in a trusting environment. MyVegina's event area with extra display space combined with visual campaign documentation boosted on MyVegina's social media creates a massive impact.

External sales:
MyVegina products can be sold in other stores/market places via portable display systems.

Product/service distribution

They are so many and distinguished it's hard to fit them in here. P E T A, The vegan society, Facebook forums, world famous celebrities. MyVegina will support and benefit from the larger organizations and social clusters on this topic in the community.

Owned social media:
This is where the relationship with the target group and awareness of the store is maintained.

Digital marketing:
SEO/SEM is performed and monitored.

The store:
Interaction is key in everything MyVegina does. The visual concept contributes with a sensation of joy and playfulness that rubs off and inspires to viral private sharing.


Previous milestones/traction

April 2016.
The idea is born. The intense market research begins, first in Sweden and online, later in London and Barcelona.
Product search and testing begins.
FundedByMe is engaged.

Summer 2016.
The domains myvegina.se, .nu, .net. .org och .eu are bought. Social media accounts are registered and put in generative hibernation.

Fall 2016.
MyVegina AB is registered as a shareholding company.
MyVegina.se goes live.
A 3D-designer is contracted to render images of the store and the portable display unit.
November - the fundraising campaign goes live at FundedByMe.

Next key objectives

Winter 2017:
Irma Arlert is contracted full time as MD.
Product design students are engaged as interns.
Portable display stands are constructed.
The location of the store is set.

Spring 2017:
MyVegina grand opening in Stockholm!
In addition to campaigns via social media, PR and programmatic advertising, a secret gerilla campaign is performed.

Summer 2017:
Pop-up stores/events are performed wherever there is a happening allocated that is transitional to potential sales/ profiling.

MyVegina opens its second store, preferably in London.

MyVegina breaks even!

MyVegina is a well-known chain of stores covering at least 6 different locations.


Previous Financing

MyVegina has via private funding registered a shareholding company, websites, contracted designers and sponsored trips and product testing.

Use of funds

Foremost the funding will be used for establishing the actual store, produce products, product displays and hire staff. The estimated use of funds for this is 70%.

20% will be used for marketing products that reaches outside the store. This includes branded cotton bags, posters, balloons, t-shirts and portable displays. The cost for the gerilla campaign is included in this estimate.

10% will be used for SEM, Facebook advertising and other discrete paid supportive actions for the organic visibility.

Return on Investment

The market opportunity for MyVegina is immense. Europe crave this kind of access to tasty vegan products. Possibly also the rest of the world. This of course will not go unnoticed by the global food merchandising companies. MyVegina is likely to receive offers for a M&A. How to proceed with such is a question for future stockholders to take a stand on then.

Once the store is live breaking even will be possible within a year since there are so many channels of revenue. The event area opens doors to large deals on top of profits from food sales.

Risk Analysis

The market is ready. There are really only two big hazards: being to slow or being to plain. MyVegina needs to anchor that position as the love child of the vegan revolution and it needs to do it now. The store needs to open in early 2017 and it needs to be grand with a diversified range of products. Therefor MyVegina has spent the better part of 2016 on research including abroad trips to explore products and demand. MyVegina is now very prepared to work around the clock to have that physical establishment on time.