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4light offers a new kind of safety to people - being visible from miles away, but also providing light in front of you. 4light develops a line of LED equipped products for increased personal safety in hazardous environments, i.e road/rail traffic, construction sites, etc. While reflective vests need light on them to be visible, 4light products make sure to keep you visible at all times!

Now 4light has introduced its first consumer product, the FireFly Backpack. Perfect bag for cyclists/joggers, with rear red lights and bright white light forward. Major chains will start selling Firefly Backpack in the spring 2017!

Investor proposal

Investing in innovative companies can be very profitable. In the case of 4light, you are saving lives in the process! 

4light is offering:
  • B-series shares (1 vote/share). 
  • According to the financial proposal breakeven will occur 2019, with sales totaling about € 2.7M. 
  • 2021 the sales are estimated to €12M, with a profit of € 2.6M. The value for this type of company could then be estimated at € 65M.

Since the previous crowdfunding, 4light marketed Firefly Backback!

Investors will be able to purchase FireFly Backpack at reduced price.



The problem this product solves

This brilliant idea came to the Chief Designer of the 4Light products, Kourosh Mohadjeri, when his son came home on shaking legs one day four years ago. While driving his motorcycle he had been close to being hit by a motorist who did not see him. Motorcycling gives a great feeling of freedom, but unfortunately it is fraught with great risks. A major problem is the lack of visibility in the traffic.

How the product solves it

That night Kourosh started a product development in order to increase the visibility of motorcycle drivers in traffic. E motorcyle jacket combined with efficient LED technology and wireless communication with the MC electronics. When turning, the appropriate shoulder LEDs flash. When braking, the red rear LEDs flash. The result was a remarkable improvement in the way car drivers behaved in the vicinity of the motorbike. This also gave rise to ideas about similar products for other customer groups. In November 2014 Kourosh left a well-paid job as an electronic designer at Ericsson to fully engage in the development of 4Light.

Product features

The 4Light safety products are equipped with LED strips, battery pack and electronics. The safety harnesses have LED strips fitted on the shoulder straps as well as the rear strap and the breast strap. The color of the LEDs can be adapted to customer needs. Standard is red rear LEDs, orange shoulder LEDs and white front LEDs. The white LEDs are used for both visibility and lighting up the area in front of you. The electronics can be combined with, for example, GPS, GSM and accelerometer, with extended functionality for different customer groups

Product use cases

The 4Light products save lives by increased visibility in both daylight and darkness. The white front LEDs also illuminates the area in front of you, making it possible to work hands free. The safety harnesses are:
  • Biker - for motor cycle drivers, and drivers of scooters, 4-wheelers, segways etc..
  • Worker - for people working in hazardous environment (road/rail/airports/construction sites, mines etc.)
  • Trooper - for blue-light personnel, like the police, fire brigades, wreckers etc
In addition 4light is now introducing the consumer product FireFly Backpack for people on the move, typically cyclists and joggers.


Sten Löfgren avatar
Sten Löfgren Chairman of the Board, Head of Investor Relations
MSc, extensive experience in consulting and management. Has been running several companies in the consulting business with focus on the telecom and electronics industry. CEO of UCG AB.
Tezha Mohajeri  avatar
Tezha Mohajeri CEO
SW designer with more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. Has worked as a consultant in banking and finance, telecommunications, insurance and industrial manufacturing. Tezha has extensive experience in managing successful projects. Cofounder of 4light AB.
Kourosh Mohadjeri avatar
Kourosh Mohadjeri Head of Development
HW designer with extensive experience in hardware design of electronics and mechatronics. He is the inventor behind 4light's patent pending products. Cofounder of 4light AB.
Olle Stenberg  avatar
Olle Stenberg Member of the Board of Directors
MSc with over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur with an extensive experience of start-up companies. Founder of several companies one of which is OPIC, well known for a unique software used for public procurement. CEO of Asymetrica AB
Peter Westman avatar
Peter Westman Member of the Board of Directors
Peter runs a gift & advertising company since 1988. He and his company has well established contacts with Asian suppliers which is a great benefit to 4light AB.
Bo Bängtsson  avatar
Bo Bängtsson Member of the Board of Directors
MSc. Bo has worked in the semiconductor industry since 1973 in the field of production technology. Have started subsidiaries of ABB. Extensive experience in entrepreneurship and project management. Now serving as production/logistics advisor for 4light AB.
Mats Caneman avatar
Mats Caneman Member of Board of Directors
MBA. Mats has been working for big international companies in the Nordic countries. His last position was CEO for Walt Disney's Nordic operations, with the main objective to strengthen the retail business of the company. Mats' role in 4light AB is advisor regarding marketing and sales strategy.


Target Market

The 4Light safety harnesses are mainly aimed at the professional sector valuing the lives of their employees. The professional market in the Nordic countries is estimated at 30 000 harnesses/year, the EU market at 500 000/year.

The Biker harness and the FireFly Backpack are for the consumer market. The Biker harness for mc-drivers is estimated at 5000/year in Sweden alone. FireFly Backpack for cyclists/joggers has an estimated market of 100 000/year in the Nordic countries alone.

Sweden and the Nordic countries are targeted first, then northern Europe, US/Canada and the Middle East, followed by the rest of the world.

Competitive landscape

There are currently no similar competing products, but there are competing options such as reflective vests and headlamps. There are some simple and cheap LED products being introduced, but none at the same level functionality and quality. There are clear indications that the sale of these types of products has increased significantly in recent years, and will continue to increase.

The 4Light products will of course be copied, but the company plans to remain the market leader by continuous development and integration of more intelligence in the products, reflecting the needs of different customer groups.

Unique differentiator from competitors

The products from 4light are unique in the high visibility they offer - you can be seen from miles away. The main competing option is the reflective vest which need an additional light source to make the user visible, while the 4light products are independent of light shining on them.

There is also the benefit that the 4light products are equipped with integrated white LEDs in front, lighting up the area in front of you at a wide angle. This makes hands free work possible and prevents collisions/falling accidents while cycling, jogging or walking.

Company revenue streams

The company revenue is based on selling products. The main part is business-to-business, which makes the company able to manage without sales staff of its own - the draw back is a smaller margin on sales.

The web shop is a complement for the consumer products, and can be operated at very low costs.

Product/service distribution

The proffessional safety harnesses of 4light are sold via distributors and large retailers, business-to-business. For instance, the company since 2015 has an agreement with the big distributor KGK covering the Nordic countries.

The consumer products Biker and FireFly Backpack are both sold directly via the web shop (see nordicbiker.com) and via big retail chains for mc and cycle/sport/outdoor life.


Previous milestones/traction

2014 - External investors invited, staff recruited
2015 - A PCT application launched and accepted without changes. Enables easy patent registering later in most countries of the world. Corresponding designs registered.
- KGK distributor for the Nordic countries
- CE certification for the safety harnesses
2016 - Worker nominated as the Best Product of the year by the biggest builders fair in the Nordics
- One of the biggest building suppliers orders 100 harnesses
- Kourosh Mohajeri gets SKAPA prize for one of the best innovations of the year
- FireFly Backpack launched, design registered in EU, US and China

Next key objectives

The key objectives for 4light, after receiving funding:
  • Strengthening the market penetration, mainly by attending trade fairs in Northern Europe. The trade fairs have worked very well so far, the 4light products attracting a lot of attention.
  • SP cerification of the harnesses as safety products
  • Securing distributor agreements for more geographical areas and business sectors.
  • Refining the production and logistic process to enable a large scale operation.
  • Continued development of the product line, for more product types and a lower production cost.
  • More effort to secure contracts with big chains for selling FireFly Backpack to consumers
  • CE-certification for FireFly Backpack

Previous Financing

The 4light financing so far is done by dedicated people believing in the concept. Many of these investors have also supported 4light as board members, tapping previous experience in start-up companies, electronics production, logistics, suppliers in Asia a.s.o. External capital so far:
  • share issue in November 2014: 70 000 Euro
  • ALMI loan in January 2015: 55 000 Euro
  • share issue in February 2015: 62 000 Euro
  • share issue in May 2015: 160 000 Euro
  • share issue in December 2015: 300 000 Euro
  • share issue in June 2016: 200 000 Euro, partly crowd funding

Total 850 000 Euro

Use of funds

- SP certification of harnesses, CE certification of FireFly
- Protection/support of product patents
- Input materials for production of harnesses and FireFly
- Improved marketing of harnesses and FireFly

Return on Investment

The price/share offered of SEK 1750 is based on a pre-money evaluation of SEK 32 million. According to the financial prognosis in the prospectus, the break-even will occur in 2019. At the end of 2021 the estimated profit will have reached SEK 27.6 million.

Categorizing the company as fast growing would make a p/e ratio of 25 reasonable, which would indicate a company value of SEK 690 million at the end of 2021 - more than 20 times the estimated value today.

Risk Analysis

  • Risk of copying - mitigated by registering patents and designs.
  • The use of professional safety harnesses may be limited by government rules controlling workers protective wear - counteracted by ongoing contacts with government agencies.
  • Lack of capital may hamper expansion, so competitors can take over in the end. - This risk is mitigated by an active information and good contacts with the investor and broker community.