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My Independence AB

A modern way to find your next home

My Independence business idea is to collect all residential objects on one single platform (bodernt.se). We want to create an independent and efficient way for all people to achieve their housing dreams. This is achieved by streamlining the chain of events, simplify and create transparency and facilitate people to buy, sell, rent, lease, and change their home. With our services, you can get suggestions for objects through automatic monitoring based on criteria that you have set up.

Investor proposal

The digital platform bodernt.se comes at the right time, when one of the greatest shortcomings of Swedish society today is the housing market. In order to more quickly establish and spread the brand bodernt.se across the country, we now offer 10% of My Independence AB (b-shares) to a valuation of SEK 10 million (post money). We want to involve and engage you in changing the housing market together with us. Let’s do it!

To view the projected growth rate, please press on the link to our businessplan!



The problem this product solves

My Independence was founded with the belief that Sweden needs a long-term, sustainable change in the housing market. The housing shortage in Sweden can hardly have escaped anyone. It has been like this for several decades, the difference now is that prices have skyrocketed and the second hand market for housing is following close behind. We want to work for a more stable and streamlined housing market.

How the product solves it

We want to provide a digital platform that allows people to create a better housing for themselves, regardless of their current housing situation. We will work with several different stakeholders on the housing market and be active against larger companies to achieve a long-term positive change in the housing market. Our focus will be to help the individual. Our digital platform bodernt.se gives you the tools to manage your entire housing business whether you are a buyer, a seller or a stakeholder.

Product features

On bodernt.se you can create a personal presentation of yourself, your present home and your desired housing. It will be possible to target the market for your personal presentation and housing, based on your own established criteria.

Selection of other features and services:
  • A service that provides qualitative hits/search results based on your own established criteria.
  • Downloadable documents and crib sheets, and also demos, making it possible for you to safely buy, sell or rent your home.
  • Personal advice when needed.
For more detailed information about our Features and Services, please contact us at [email protected]

Product use cases

Bodernt.se can be used by anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, lease or exchange their homes. The user can do it independently or together with an estate agent.


Magnus Hultman Founder & CEO
Founder of My Independence. Business Strategist and Key Account Manager with a background from a global technology company and Chief of Virtuous Dissemination, Virtuous Spirits AB. Responsible for sales and long-term planning of Bodernt.se structure, product development and business strategies. Member of the Board and CEO.
Christian EK Co-founder and CFO
Co-founder of My Independence. Web designer and former star chef. Also working with Proreus AB Säfstafors AB and two foundations. Responsible for the Economy and the long-term planning of Bodernt.se structure, product development and business strategies. Member of the Board and CFO.
Daniel Jägerskog avatar
Daniel Jägerskog Co-founder and CTO
Co-founder of My Independence. System developer for 12 years with a background Logitall AB and IT Group AB. Responsible for the development of My Independence technology platform bodernt.se. Member of the Board and CTO.
Karina Torres avatar
Karina Torres Co-founder and Chief Design Officer
Co-founder of My Independence. Design engineer with a background as a technical product- and graphic designer at several companies. Member of the Board and Chief Design Officer at My Independence.
Thomas Gille avatar
Thomas Gille Co-founder and Head of Marketing
Co-founder of My Independence. Trained in communications and marketing with a background as a social media strategist at several companies. Member of the Board and Head of Marketing at My Independence.
John Nordmark avatar
John Nordmark Co-founder and Lawyer
Co-founder of My Independence. Lawyer that has been active in several companies as legal advisor.
Jonas Vikberg avatar
Jonas Vikberg Co-founder and Web Developer
Co-founder of My Independence. Senior web developer with eight years of experience. Has studied both Industrial Economics at the Institute of Technology and Media Technology at UmTH. Experience from web- and systems development at Eurostep AB, Sogeti Sweden AB and HiQ AB. Work primarily with front-end development for bodernt.se.
Mia Lundman avatar
Mia Lundman Project Coordinator
Educated in computer science and mathematics with many years experience in IT development. Responsible for design and technical operation of the platform.
Elin Persson avatar
Elin Persson Graphic Designer
Educated in the KSM (Culture, Society and Media Production at LIU), graphic design and packaging development / design of which the latter at Nackademin in Stockholm.
Johan Andersson avatar
Johan Andersson Web Developer
Soon to be an educated game developer at DSV.


Target Market

Our goal is that within five years be a part of 10-20% of the housing market in Sweden. We will achieve this by being the only complete solution for buying, selling, renting or switching housing. We are also the only option that solely work to improve the housing markets for individuals. We will, contrary to our competitors , be active and raise questions to companies, politicians and student organizations (see marketing).

Competitive landscape

There are a number of niche competitors on the Swedish housing market. The best known are:

Hemnet - Sweden's largest housing portal for buying a home.
Booli - a search engine to find homes for sale.
Blocket - Sweden's largest platform for ads where individuals sell and buy.
Hemverket - A successful cut-price estate agent who got a lot of publicity at the beginning of the year.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Bodernt.se is a complete solution unlike our competitors, we want to focus on the individual person's conditions in order to give more people a better chance to influence their housing situation. Our goal is to help individuals, both in short-term by facilitating a change in their housing situation, and long-term by changing the Swedish housing market.

Company revenue streams

We will get revenue through:
  • Ads on the platform.
  • Ability for individuals to boost /enhance the presentation of their object.
  • Offers which include paying for not seeing ads.
  • A number of extra services.
  • Fees for estate agents who can present themselves and their business and display all objects they represent for their clients.
For more detailed information about our Revenue Streams, please contact us at [email protected]

Product/service distribution

Our digital platform bodernt.se will be accessible from both computers and mobile devices.


Previous milestones/traction

  • My Independence AB was founded on March 1, 2016.
  • We have completed three issues of new shares.
  • On 2 September 2016, we presented our Alpha version of bodernt.se

Next key objectives

We will continue the marketing and development of the platform bodernt.se. This will be funded by the issue of new shares via FundedByMe. Many new partners through the issue of new shares will create further engagement and an increased awareness of the brand.

Marketing activities:
  • Social Media.
  • Reports and interviews with companies.
  • A podcast.
  • A Youtube-channel with invited guests from the companies, political parties, student organizations, etc.
  • An active forum where we ask open-ended questions in order to hear peoples opinions on different aspects of the topic of housing.
  • A blog.
  • A recurrent newsletter.
  • Short interviews.
  • Participation in trade shows.

Previous Financing

We are now eight partners who together contributed with funds on three different occasions of issuing of new shares. The funds have been used to development of the platform from concept to reality. We have also recruited three employees. In early September we presented the alpha version of bodernt.se
The company Proreus AB became our newest partner through an issue of new shares in late September.

Use of funds

A large part of the investment will be used to develop the platform with new features in order to put it in the forefront of the market. Since we want to be an active and visible company, part of the investment will be also used to implement our marketing activities and promoting bodernt.se.

Return on Investment

We aim to be profitable in 2018 and be able to give shareholders a dividend in 2019.

Risk Analysis

  • Low brand and service awareness.

SWOT analysis shows that the low awareness of bodernt.se is an existing weakness. We must communicate through our marketing channels to establish and strengthen our positioning on the market and make bodernt.se into a clear brand. With capital from the new issue of shares we will start a smart and resource-effective campaign to reach target groups, who in turn will be involved in building a much broader knowledge to other target groups. The brand will get a boost by activating future partners and co-owners in Sweden.