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N1CE Frozen Cocktails

N1CE Frozen Cocktails

N1CE Frozen Cocktails are the only ready-to-serve frozen alcoholic cocktails on the market. We are pioneering a fast-growth, entirely new category in the alcoholic beverages marketplace. Our classic mixed drink flavors are presented in recyclable paper cones - no mixing, no pouring, no clean up - just grab and go, a perfect way to enjoy cocktails wherever and whenever you like. N1CE is already selling through established distribution channels in nine countries and we are expanding to over 20 countries by the end of 2017. We have already sold more than 1,75 million units and are on track to reach our 2016 goals and targets.

Investor proposal

N1CE is a new, green field opportunity in the alcoholic beverages sector. Our product is unique, has a great market demand, and enjoys very little direct competition, thus allowing us to expand rapidly.

Potential exit opportunities include the company's future IPO plans on a US stock exchange.

For an amount of €350.000, we offer 3,01% of our shares at a share price of €0,7. The minimum investment is 500 shares (~€353).


The problem this product solves

There has always been a strong demand for mixed cocktails. However, you either have to go to a bar and find a skilled bartender to make you one - often at high cost and with varied results - or you have to have the time, tools, and knowledge to make them yourself at home.

We saw that we could answer the demand for mixed cocktails with a grab-and-go, ready-to-serve product, frozen and packaged in a paper cone. Retailers, hotels, restaurants, bars, convenience stores, events and festivals can serve frozen mixed drinks easily, thereby opening a new, green field marketplace.

How the product solves it

Our business model is focused on producing and distributing a high end product with top quality ingredients, no preservatives, and a consistent, great taste.

With our partners, we are getting the brand out into restaurants, clubs, bars, at festivals and events, and into retail and grocery stores.

We got started first in Scandinavia and test marketed our products in 2015 to great success. We saw very high brand awareness and a lot of support from people, mainly based on the taste and convenience of having a cocktail in frozen form, served in a grab-and-go paper cone.

Product features

Our first flagship product is called, “N1CE Frozen Cocktails”, great tasting ready-to-serve frozen mixed drinks with 5% alcohol content in a handy, recyclable paper cone. No mixing, no pouring, no clean up - just grab and go. In this way, we bring the popularity of mixed cocktails to everyone - you no longer have to go to a bartender to enjoy one of your favorite drinks.

Our products come in four classic cocktail flavors:
  • Margarita
  • Piña Colada
  • Strawberry Daquiri
  • Mojito

We'll be adding more products in the future.

Product use cases

Consumers purchase the product either individually at entertainment venues or at a grocery store, convenience store, or other retailer.

For retail sale, the product comes in eight packs that contain two N1CE Frozen Cocktails of each of the four flavors.

Consumers then either enjoy the frozen cocktail on the spot or take them home to put into their freezers.

N1CE Frozen Cocktails are ideal for the beach, the pool-side or just at home chilling with friends.


Axel Hedfors (Axwell) avatar
Axel Hedfors (Axwell) Partner
Axwell is a DJ, and owner of Axtone Records. A previous member of DJ supergroup group Swedish House Mafia, along with N1CE's Sebastian Ingrosso, he is a two-time DJ Awards Winner.
Sebastian Ingrosso avatar
Sebastian Ingrosso Founder
Former member of DJ supergroup Swedish House Mafia, Sebastian Ingrosso is a Swedish DJ and producer. He found record label Refune Music, and has released music for Alesso and other stars.
"Alesso" Lindblad Partner
Grammy nominated producer and DJ, with over 3.5 million online followers, Alesso has released recent top chart hits like "Tear The Roof Up," and "Heroes (We Could Be)", featuring Tove Lo.
Jimmy Dymott avatar
Jimmy Dymott Founder & Chief Mixologist
Jimmy Dymott won Bartender of the Year in 2010. He was previously a consultant for Absolut Vodka and is now a partner in Little Quarter, the best cocktail bar in Sweden.
Mikael Drene avatar
Mikael Drene Founder, President & COO
An entrepreneur with years of industry experience, Mikael has worked in various roles for companies like Wattgard, OnTheFlea, and Ideon Innovation.
Mio Danilovic avatar
Mio Danilovic Executive Director for US Operations
With more than 14 years with SBE Nightlife, including as VP of Operations, Mio is an entertainment industry professional with extensive experience in the operation and management of networks of clubs, bars and other venues.
Jim Nyberg avatar
Jim Nyberg Director of Global Sales
Jim Nyberg brings over 15 years of successful management and global sales experience in the food service and alcoholic beverages marketplace, with extensive background in alcoholic products export businesses.
Thomas Van Hare avatar
Thomas Van Hare CFO and Director of Investor Relations
A three-time White House appointee whose focus is in international business, innovation, marketing and communications, Thomas brings extensive legal and contractual knowledge to the team as well as his experience in public companies and investor relationships.
Peter Neumeister avatar
Peter Neumeister Brand Manager and Creative Director
A dedicated graphic designer, marketing communications professional and visual strategist, Peter has just celebrated his tenth anniversary as the founder and creative director of the highly successful brand management and design firm, Neumeister Strategic Design AB.
Goran Lugonja avatar
Goran Lugonja Director of Logistics
Previously the General Manager of Mondo Foods, an import/export business, he is an expert in the wine and spirits industry with extensive knowledge of the logistics and customs requirements of liquor and alcoholic beverage products importation.
Soren Klingborn avatar
Soren Klingborn Director of Marketing
A deeply experience social and creative communicator, art director and producer, Soren brings over 15 years of experience in global-scale marketing and communications.


Target Market

Our buyer demographic is primarily a 18-35 year old, young professional, though we have appeal across all adult age groups and social classes. Major music festivals and events provide an ideal platform to open new markets.

In our first target countries alone - Europe, USA, Japan and Australia - we project total demand exceeding 200 million units annually. In our first full launch year (2016), we are on track to achieve our goals in minimum volume annual targets defined in our contracts with importers, setting the stage for continued, strong and steady expansion.

Competitive landscape

The closest thing to competition we see are unfrozen products in similar cones, but these are meant to be purchased UNFROZEN at retail stores, taken home, put in the freezer and later consumed. Examples include LIC Cocktails, SUCKIT Ice, and Freaky Ice. All of these are in a liquid state when purchased and thus are not ready-to-serve, which makes a huge difference in product uses and buyer interest.

Our retailers and vendors love the ready-to-serve aspect of it, because it is a grab-and-go product. It opens up many huge marketplaces, including festivals and events, currently unaccessible to competitors.

Unique differentiator from competitors

  1. Quality, with superior taste and a unique texture. Unfrozen competitors have to use preservatives and pasteurization. Our product, with 5% alcohol, is frozen from point of production to the hand of the consumer - thus, we need no preservatives and no pasteurization, giving a far superior customer experience.
  2. The N1CE is ready-to-serve - a huge advantage - and the customers and vendors love the convenience of a grab-and-go product with no fuss that requires no freezing first.
  3. The team behind N1CE, our brand ambassadors, and our strong EDM presence are unique dimensions to our company that competitors cannot easily copy.

Company revenue streams

  1. We are a distribution business contracting with key importers.
  2. N1CE provides recipes/compounds for each flavor to our manufacturers, who produce to our standards.
  3. Three manufacturers - Sweden, Spain, and Canada - a fourth launching in Japan.
  4. Current production capacity of over 120 million units annually.
  5. Distributors in 11 countries, expanding to 20 countries by the end of 2017.
  6. Pricing to importers is set low to ensure high margins and fast growth.
  7. Pricing: €2 to €3 each at retail; €4-€6 at festivals/HORECA.
  8. Sia Glass is our master distributor for northern Europe; Grupo Kalise Menorcina is the master distributor for Southern Europe.

Product/service distribution

Each distributor/importer is contracted with a defined territory, usually exclusive. Minimum initial orders get them started; then they are required to meet annual targets, showing steady increases in annual sales.

N1CE provides:
  • Marketing assistance
  • Brand awareness
  • Advertising
  • POS materials
  • Other marketing support to help them get started

We also provide strong margins, providing our importers the opportunity to double pricing which makes the product attractive for them to push.

This has driven rapid market penetration in our first 9 countries.


Previous milestones/traction

First market test and sold approximately 250.000 N1CE Frozen Cocktails, mostly in Sweden, which validated our market potential.
Fully launched in Sweden, Cyprus and Ibiza.

FALL 2015
Secured and negotiated manufacturing contracts with the first production facilities.

Moved into signing distributors in our first target markets.
Launched in Denmark.

Our first quarter showed that we had sold another roughly 250.000 units.
Launch in Florida; signed Hungary, Estonia, Netherlands, Spain, and Italy.

Our results skyrocketed to approximately an additional 1.25 million units sold.

Next key objectives

Our business plan is focused on signing importer relationships in our first 20 countries by the end of 2017.
  • Just by the summer of 2016, we are already halfway there (now distributing in 9 countries).
  • Several more signed to launch in the coming months.
  • Currently expanding into the United States and Japan.
  • Intending to launch in Brazil over the next few months.
  • Another half dozen countries in the pipeline.
  • We expect to surpass 10 million units sold during 2017.

Previous Financing

To date, we have raised most of our financing from friends and family, plus a handful of key investors - the famous DJs Axwell, Ingrosso and Alesso, among others. Then in the Spring and Summer of 2016, we launched a successful crowdfunding round in the USA under the JOBS Act with its Regulation Crowdfunding, as authorized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. We raised $100.000 USD in that way in exchange for equity and have another round underway there with a Revenue Sharing Agreement. We are now taking our equity round to Europe and globally with FundedByMe.

Use of funds

A. Accelerate sales (revenue growth) within existing markets where distribution agreements are in place.

B. Expansion of infrastructure, including adding additional country directors and increased oversight.

C. Expansion of sales and marketing internationally by adding new distributors in more and more countries, launching into retail chains and grocery stores in each market, with a focus on expanding markets across channels.

D. Further import/export contract development and international agreements, and manufacturing.

N1CE USA LLC will be owned through N1CE AB. One AB-share will equal one share in N1CE USA LLC.