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Wheelys Café - Worlds' fastest growing café chain

Elevator pitch

​FUNDING CLOSED! BUT YOU CAN STILL APPLY- AND BE PUT ON WAITING LIST FOR NEXT ROUND (Because of the massive interest we're not accepting more investments. You can still sign up to invest. You will then be put in a queue for future capital raising- proceed) Wheelys Inc, a Swedish Y Combinator startup selling hi-tech organic mobile cafés. Since 2015 we've sold 500+ cafés to 60+ countries, growing faster than any café chain - ever. We believe our green, mobile vending is the future of not only cafés, but restaurants and more.

Investor proposal

Invest in disruption:
  • 500+ cafés in 60+ countries.
  • Proven growth. Doubled every six months for two years
  • Disruptive: cafés pay no rent.
  • Organic and green. Featured in worlds biggest business media
  • Paul Buchheit, Justin Waldron and Jared Friedman among investors.
  • Hosted at Y Combinator - accelerator behind Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe etc
  • App will connect all Wheelys.
  • Every edition has sold out. Queue to order cafés.
  • Huge investment interest. Be fast!


The problem this product solves
To open a traditional café often costs more than $600,000 plus rent, electricity and other utilities.

How the product solves it
A Wheelys café does not cost $600,000, but $6,000.
This opens the market to millions of passionate young entrepreneurs.
A Wheelys is also carbon neutral, and while a traditional café is REALLY hard to move around, a Wheelys can be at the train station in the morning and at the football station in the evening.

If this offer is over-subscribed shares will be distributed equally among investors after Wheelys Café owners has gotten their 3 shares each.



Product features
Wheelys café is a high-tech mobile café. It is solar powered with integrated fridges, stoves, tablets and coffee making solutions.

- Shipped pre-assembled around the world
- Wheelys Inc supplies cafés with coffee beans
- Wheelys works through an app connecting all Wheelys cafés
- A community of passionate entrepreneurs in 60+ countries.

Product use cases
Since 2015, Wheelys has sold 500+ cafés to 60+ countries, growing faster than any café chain before us. Ever. We are now beta testing an app that connects these cafés, and lets owners charge for coffee just as easily as Über.
This autumn, Wheelys will probably have sold cafés to more countries than Starbucks.

Q3 2016 Launch of Wheelys 4.1
Q3 2016 Beta testing of the app in 5 countries.
Q4 2016 Opening Wheelys own coffee roasters
Q1 2017 Launch of Wheelys 5


Target Market
Coffee is the worlds biggest commodity with the exception of oil.

The Café market is a $300 billion market. Up until now, there has been no real global challenger to the brick and mortar café chains.
Besides this café market, Wheelys will also, like the other big café chains, offer our own branded organic coffee beans directly to consumers. This is another fast growing hundred billion dollar market.

Competitive landscape
Wheely's idea is something completely different, mobile cafés operating in another sphere.

"I don’t really see Starbucks as competition. They basically offer the same GMO sugared drinks as all the rest. Wheelys is a wholly new distribution channel for GOOD food. To compare us with Starbucks would be like calling Best Western Hotels a competitor to AirBnB. We're growing with two outlets per DAY, yet have just scratched the surface of our potential. Sure, we might force Starbucks out of business, but not as a goal, but an accident along the way.”

Maria De La Croix, CEO of Wheelys

Unique differentiator from competitors
"Coffee for Wheelys is what books were for Amazon. In the future, our mobile sales points will sell everything".

1. Traditional cafés are restricted by the cost of real estate. Wheelys can roll out hundreds of cafés and move to the best spots.
2. A Wheelys pays no rent, nor other utilities.
3. Wheely's reputation is really strong. In two years we have 100% positive reviews on Facebook.
4. Wheelys is the first sales point in the world that is produced in large numbers. Every generation is not just better, and more technologically advanced, but cheaper to produce.

Business Model

Company revenue streams
1. Wheelys sells cafés at a profit. This profit will be bigger the more cafés Wheely sells.
2. Wheelys supplies cafés with Wheely's own coffee, and other supplies.
3. Wheelys is working on an app, that will connect these cafés, and charge a small percentage, like Über.

Product/service distribution
Wheelys has it's own assembly plant, and has already shipped cafés to 60+ countries all over the world.
We will use the app to connect all cafés, and supply them with coffee and other goods.


Previous milestones/traction
Wheelys has a proven track record for extreme growth.

  • Since the beginning Wheelys café has doubled sales every six months.
  • The Wheelys #1 café sold for $60,000, the #3 for $100,000, #4 for $300,000 and The Wheelys 4 café sold for $700,000
  • All in all- Wheelys has sold 500+ cafés to 60+ countries.
  • Wheelys has a list of over 100 people waiting to buy the next batch of Wheelys cafés.
  • Since last funding Wheelys has doubled sales of cafés, and established our own assembly plant in China.
  • Wheelys has it's own coffee suppliers in Indonesia and South America.

Next key objectives

  • Q3 2016 Wheelys aim open our own roasters in Rwanda and another country in late 2016
  • Q4 2016 Wheelys aim to roll out our app in five more countries in late 2016.
  • Q4 2016 Wheelys aim to have sold 1000 cafés in 2016.

Previous Financing
  • Q2 2015 Seed round of $50,000 (Cap $500 000)
  • Q3 2015 Y Combinator investment of $160,000 (Cap $1,6MM)
  • Q1 2016 Seed round of +$2 million from (Cap 10MM)
Investors include Paul Buchheit (the creator of Gmail), Othman Laraki (Color Genomics), Jared Friedman (Founder of Scribd), and Justin Waldron (co-founder of Zynga).

Wheelys has used the money to fine-tune production, and open our own assembly plant, as well as developing the Wheelys app.

Wheelys was hosted at Y Combinator, the accelerator that previously has hosted Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, Zynga and many others of the new game changing companies.

Industry Recognition

Industry Certifications/Awards

  • Won Stockholm Techmeetup Startup Awards
  • Hosted by Y Combinator, most prestigious tech accelerator in the world.

Some media that has written about Wheelys

Use of Funds

At the moment Wheelys has the funds needed for growth.

The purpose of this round is not to raise funds, but to give owners of Wheelys cafés a chance to buy a piece of Wheelys Inc, and be closer invested in our overall business and vision.

Wheelys will do a series A round later this autumn, to raise $2 millions to speed up expansion.

Wheelys Inc is owned through Wheelys Owners AB. One AB-share equals one share in Wheelys Inc. Wheelys Inc have outstanding SAFE-notes creating potential dilution 30%