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Customized cakes from local bakeries

SkickaTårta.se is changing the way both consumers and companies order cakes. With its online service, customers can order cakes and include extra features making it perfect for company marketing or a birthday surprise. All cakes are baked and delivered on demand, manually handcrafted and made locally by a network of 950 bakeries all over Sweden and Germany.

Investor proposal

We invite you to take part in our already successful journey based on a new business model that has already been proven rewarding.

  • Revenue 6,7 MSEK (2015), a growth of +20%
  • Positive EBITDA: +160 TSEK (April 2016)
  • Avarage profit margin of total sales is 30%
  • 25.000 customers in database
  • 30.000 cake receivers in database (leads)
  • 950 bakeries connected
  • Growth since 2011
  • **BONUS: A FREE CAKE (one voucher value of 300 SEK or 30 EUR)**

The main exit strategy is to be acquired by an international gifting or food company within 4-5 years and we aim for a ROI by +700%.



The problem this product solves

13 years ago, we wanted to show our gratitude to a florist on distance. We didn't want to send her flowers, so we tried sending her a cake. However, there were no services available for this on the market. Based on this experience SkickaTårta.se was born.

How the product solves it

We saw similar solutions for managing sales and distribution of cakes as for sending flowers. This meaning sales online and a network of bakeries baking and delivering the cakes.

Today, we have a network of 450 bakeries in Sweden and 500 in Germany. Our technical platform can manage orders between several order channels and bakeries, making the transformation of order information flow efficient. Also, the technical platform is developed for international expansion.

Product features

The business concept is divided in three areas:

  • Cakes (SkickaTårta.se): a complex technical solution and a network of bakeries which can manage large order volumes allowing customers to order tailored cakes on demand.

  • Cake Decorations (Tårtdekoration.com): eatable cake pictures (either your own or a cartoon). Other cake decorations are sold by bakeries and private bakers.

  • Gift Card (Kondiskortet.se): launched 2015, together with the industry organisation. It can be used in more than 100 bakeries and Miljonlotteriet has decided to test it.

Product use cases

Examples of our customers:

Companies such as Spotify, Statoil (Cirkle K), Google, Telia, Kjell & Co, Nordea, Toyota and Golvpoolen want to thank customers for an order (or agreement), celebrate an achievement with their employees all over the country on a certain day or meet up for a classic Swedish fika and eat a semla.

Consumers order cakes to congratulate friends and families on birthdays, for a new job, Valentines day, Mothers day and Fathers day, this regardless of the geographical location.


Magnus Äng avatar
Magnus Äng co-founder & CEO
Magnus has 16 years of digital marketing and ecommerce as the former CEO at EuroFlorist Sweden and Head of Marketing and E-commerce at Europe EuroFlorist Group but also as a co-founder of the digital agency TopVisible AB and SaaS-company RankTrail AB. He has a Diploma in Marketing and Masters of ... See more
Magnus has 16 years of digital marketing and ecommerce as the former CEO at EuroFlorist Sweden and Head of Marketing and E-commerce at Europe EuroFlorist Group but also as a co-founder of the digital agency TopVisible AB and SaaS-company RankTrail AB. He has a Diploma in Marketing and Masters of Business Administration and is also often hired as a lecture at schools as Berghs School of Communication and IHM Business School and has helped companies as Oatley, IKANO, Telia, Axis Communication, Tetra Pak and IKEA. CONTACT DETAILS T: +46 (0)760-405280 E: [email protected] See less
Magnus Noord avatar
Magnus Noord Co-founder and board member
Experienced CEO within ecommerce and retail business with a background from EuroFlorist, Adidas and Stadium.
Peter Jungbeck avatar
Peter Jungbeck Chairman of the Board
Founder of EuroFlorist, angel investor and board member of EuroFlorist, Invinitum and Solentro.
Erik Wenngren avatar
Erik Wenngren Board Member
Partner and Co-founder of Spintop Ventures and Board Member of DealDash Oy.
Lennart Gustafson avatar
Lennart Gustafson Board Member
Also a Board Member of Hövding Sverige AB, Zaplox AB and Scalado AB. He has a background as Investment Manager at Industrifonden.


Target Market

Our primary target group are companies with employees and customers all over the country.
Company gifting is in a transformation and is approximately valued to 2,4 Billion SEK, only 5% of these are ordered online.
During 2015, 1.000 companies ordered cakes through SkickaTårta.se, which corresponds to a market share of less than 0,5% in Sweden of the B2B-segment (200.000 companies).

Our second target group is individuals, both living in Sweden and abroad. Approximately 12.000 people have ordered a cake which is less than 0,5% of the potential consumer market.

Competitive landscape

There are two direct competitors in the same industry in Sweden, Dintårta.se and Postkakan.se. Both competitors have centralised production of their cakes which is delivered by the postman or direct transport from Germany to the receiver in Sweden.

SkickaTårta.se differ from these competitors by its handcrafted cakes, decentralised production and customers options to target their delivery on a specific day.

We are inspired by the pizza- and food industry such as the Delivery Hero Group (PizzaOnline.se and Mat24.se) but also by the gift and flower industry (1-800flowers.com and EuroFlorist.com).

Unique differentiator from competitors

1. Specific Delivery Date: our deliveries are made by the baker or a local logistic company, meaning short delivery distances. This gives our customers the possibility to order cakes for special occasions and on demand.

2. Custom Cakes: customers can custom cakes, e.g. princess cakes with colors and an eatable picture on top, e.g. your own picture, pictures of famous cartoons or make their own with a slogan for marketing purposes.

3. Big Volumes for Companies: customers can order up to 1.000 cakes.

Company revenue streams

Our revenue streams are based on:

Sales of cakes, which is the main revenue stream comes from. The cakes are purchased with discounts from bakeries and paid after delivery. The discounts increases with larger volumes of cakes which improves the margin.

Cake decorations: by simultaneously offering cake pictures to end customers and bakeries and a the same time supply most of these to the bakeries the margin on the cakes improves.

Gift card: the gift card generates new and recurring customers to the bakeries who want to "fika". This service strengthens the bakeries and adds value in industry relations.

Product/service distribution

The cakes can be ordered online on SkickaTårta.se, via different partners or by phone and email. Customers can order one cake or several hundreds at one order. When sending large volumes of cakes, SkickaTårta.se offers extra features for efficient import of cake addresses.

The orders are confirmed by the baker, who will bake and distribute the cakes on the delivery date decided by the customer.


Previous milestones/traction

  • Google, the first customer!
  • Awarded: "Rookie of the Year" at Distanshandelsdagen
  • 100 bakeries connected


  • The German market recognised and launched
  • 450 bakeries connected in Sweden and 100 in Germany
  • Study confirms that the cake receivers are 99% satisfied

  • Kondiskortet was launched and a Pastry got a break through order (300 TSEK Q4)

  • 160 TSEK EBITDA April
  • Miljonlotteriet announces they will use Kondiskortet with start summer
  • Launch of a clearing house-system for bakeries(Q3)

Next key objectives

SkickaTårta.se (Pastry Sweden AB) Main Objectives:

  1. Positive EBITDA in Sweden within 12 months
  2. Improve B2B-sales by continuing the implementation of a new B2B-marketing strategy (Marketing Automation and identifying twins of top 100 customers
  3. Improve customer retention both from 22.000 consumers and 3.500 companies
  4. Improve the network of bakeries accepting Kondiskort for the launch by Miljonlotteriet
  5. Launch the clearing house-system for more efficient transaction management
  6. Accelerate sales in Germany

Previous Financing

The co-founder Magnus Äng has invested several times together with other angel investors such as Peter Jungbeck (founder EuroFlorist), Spintop Ventures and friends.

The company is also backed up by ALMI and Sparbanken Syd.

These financial partners have made it possible for us to take the step from an idea to launch a technical platform, build up the network of bakeries and proven the business model.

Use of funds

The capital raised will be used to;

Customer acquisition & improve customer retention:
  • implement a new B2B-marketing strategy (Marketing Automation, sales activities such as identifying twins to top 100 customers, individual reminders etc.)
  • Streamline customer acqusition of cake receivers to become customers
  • Improve sales activities of cake decorations to bakeries
  • Investments in marketing of Kondiskortet

Improve efficiency:
  • launch cleraing house for improved transaction managemeng in autumn
  • Improve the webdesign UX on SkickaTårta.se and launch responsive website in autumn

Take this unique opportunity to be a part of an industry change and a company with a proven business model!