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Eco-friendly hotel booking

One night > One tree. In today’s technology driven, rapidly evolving economy, successful companies are built not from the ground up, but from the purpose up. Consumers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on how their consumption contributes to a better world. Ekobokning.se is the only hotel-booking platform that offers a low-effort climate-smart solution. For every night you book, we plant one tree. In addition, we also have price guarantee on over 200.000 hotels and you can always search for eco classified hotels. We offer the best possible travel experience for you, while you contribute to a more sustainable future.

Investor proposal

You now have a chance to become a part of a company that will change the hotel booking and e-commerce industry, so that all our purchases also "do good".

It all starts with you!

We are offering 5% of our company with the minimun investment of €107 and the maximum investment of €31.000.

Our target is to achieve at least 20,000 nights booked in the second year, meaning that we would plant 20,000 trees and achieve a potential profit of app. 1MSEK. Our 5 year ambition is to reach 1 million booked nights, equalling 1 million planted trees.



The problem this product solves

Mission-driven business is on the rise and Ekobokning.se is our first application that will make us a leading player in the shift from E-commerce to Eco-commerce. Studies show that brands that are perceived to have a higher purpose are increasingly rewarded by their customers. It’s hard to find eco-friendly solutions for travel that give you the comfort and price you want and we want to solve that problem. We also want to extend the idea into new categories so all e-commerce shopping can be made at price-guarantee but with a charity component, we call this “seamless charity”.

How the product solves it

We started Ekobokning with the idea of making it very easy to "do good" as a consumer. We are concerned about the environmental impact of travels. The idea has therefore been to create a booking platform that offer price guarantee but at the same time contributes to a better environment. The well established charity VI-Skogen will plant a tree for every night booked.

Hotels with eco-classifications are not only the best for the environment, they are also the best to stay at. We have therefore developed a database so you can search for the best eco-classified hotels.

Product features

We have developed a booking platform Ekobokning.se. We offer over 200.000+ hotels, all with price guarantee. The platform was launched to the public in September 2016.

Database with eco-classified hotels:
We have developed Sweden’s best searchable database of eco classified hotels. We use the classifications:
  • Svanen
  • Greenleader (Tripadvisor)
  • Gröna Nyckeln

Product use cases

Consumers will choose Ekobokning because we give them the best prices and the best customer experience but at the same time you "do good". Why book at other sites when Ekoboking gives you at least the same thing but you also "do good".

We believe that Ekobokning could be a good choice for many small and medium-sized companies with the ambition to find environmentally friendly solutions. The platform offers an easy solution for climate smart travelling and an opportunity to find the best eco-classified hotels, something that is quite complex to handle for small and medium sized companies.


Pierre Wiberg avatar
Pierre Wiberg Founder and General Manager
Pierre is an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur. He has managed several successful IT companies such as Wetail and KircherRodeWiberg. He is an expert at e-commerce and he has a personal drive to create companies that "do good".
Niclas Engsäll avatar
Niclas Engsäll Co–Founder, Designer and Brand strategy
Niclas is a Creative Director and Experience Designer. He has lived many years in New York and worked with world leading brands such as NEVS, Donna Karen and Helly Hansen. He has developed a user friendly design for Ekoboking.se. Niclas has a personal vision to plant 1 million trees through ... See more
Niclas is a Creative Director and Experience Designer. He has lived many years in New York and worked with world leading brands such as NEVS, Donna Karen and Helly Hansen. He has developed a user friendly design for Ekoboking.se. Niclas has a personal vision to plant 1 million trees through the platform. See less
Tomas Kircher avatar
Tomas Kircher Developer / Founder
Tomas have built the hotel booking platform that was finalized in 2015. He is an engineer from KTH with high level programming skills as well as experienced entrepreneurs.
Karlis Rode avatar
Karlis Rode Developer / Founder
Karlis have built the hotel booking platform that was finalized in 2015. He is an engineer from KTH with high level programming skills as well as experienced entrepreneurs.
David Piehl avatar
David Piehl Board member and Investor
David is an entrepreneur and investor in the online sector and holds an MBA from INSEAD. David will offer key financial- and operational advice to Ekobokning.se


Target Market

The global online hotel-booking market is worth approximately $150BN. Assuming the average commission on a booking is around 5% (incl. nights booked directly with hotels) means the market for companies like Ekobokning that are referring bookings is around $7.5BN.

The two largest public companies in the sector, Priceline and Expedia, generate a little less than half of that revenue combined. Although available globally, Ekobokning.se is initially targeting the Nordic market which represents roughly 3% of the global market. I.e. $225M in available commissions and thereafter the European market, which represents roughly 30% of the global market, $2.25BN in available commissions.

Competitive landscape

The hotel booking landscape is dominated by a few direct brands (Hotels.com, Booking.com) and hotel comparison websites (Trivago, Momondo). There are however numerous players that have entered the market with a unique or niche solution that has managed to gain success. Our advantage is that no other European player focuses on eco hotels.

Our ambition is to be a Top 5 hotel booking site in the markets in which we market actively.

Our long term vision is to extend our idea to new verticals. We believe that shopping that also "do good" will be a core proposition for future e-commerce.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Ekobokning is the only hotel booking site in Europe that offers a charity component (one tree per night) through a unique cooperation with the charity VI-skogen. Ekoboking is also the only site that offers the opportunity to search for eco-classified and environmentally friendly hotels that usually are the nicest to stay at. We have a very user friendly and well designed site with price guarantee on all our hotels.  

Company revenue streams

Ekoboking.se receives a commission on every hotel booking made. The commission rate varies depending on the volume of bookings Ekobokning can create, but the contract is competitive in relation to the general market. Ekobokning expects the average night to generate approximately 130 SEK in commission. We estimate the net margin of the company long-term will be between 25-35%.

Planting trees and traffic generation to drive consumers to our platform are the main investments. Other key costs are servers and admin. The fixed cost base for Ekobokning is very low and the company will be break even at low revenue streams.  

Product/service distribution

In stage 1, Ekobokning will only be available as a desktop-page. We will adapt the site to mobile users in the next product stage. The site does however already function on mobile with a satisfactory level.

Ekbokning.se is linked to the leading hotel comparison site Trivago. This will be a core source of traffic. We believe that when consumers search for hotels on Trivago and see that we have the lowest prices in price comparison, they will select Ekobokning.se based on the additional benefit of planting one tree per night.


Previous milestones/traction

The founding team has already accomplished many of the milestones required to launch a successful startup:

  • A hotel booking platform
  • Design and brand
  • Expedia Affiliate Network API
  • Searchable database for eco hotels
  • Trivago integration
  • Tripadvisor API
  • User Testing
  • Initial Angel Investment
  • Agreement with VI-skogen
  • Promotional Video
  • Social Media pages set up

Next key objectives

Our core next steps are:

Step 1:
  • Launch a campaign for Ekoboking.se
  • PR
  • Corporate customers sales
  • Digital Marketing activities
  • Events
  • Social media activities
  • Site adaptation based on consumer feedback

Step 2
  • Mobile site adaptation
  • Media investments

Step 3:
  • Long term our ambition is to build a platform that extends the idea into new verticals.

Previous Financing

Ekobokning.se has previously secured initial investments from the founders and business angels at app 300.000 SEK. This investment has been used to pay for development of the product. All founders have also invested extensive unpaid time to reach launch.

Use of funds

With your help we will be able to reach out to even more people! Having already developed our platform (backend and frontend system), we are seeking this investment to extend our marketing and PR efforts.

Through this, we can together build a movement around Ekobokning.

An extension of our ambition is to attract corporate clients, where we will take in a part time salesperson to execute that initiative successfully. Please refer to the documentation section to download financial projections and budgeting information.