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Own a piece in the most honest organic skincare for children & mothers

The future big brand in organic children skincare - www.bejbi.org

Own a piece in the most honest organic skincare for children & mothers

Welcome to the future of organic skin care for mothers and children

The new issue of shares is intended to be used for the launch and further development of the brand BÄJBI to make it amongst the leading brands on the market. The issue is 400 shares and each share is valued at 2500 SEK. The maximum number of shares that each person may subscribe is 100 shares.

EXIT You can sell your shares whenever you please and to what value you want. A customary refusal clause applies. Each year, we will estimate the value of the shares. We already have a very strong interest in the company and many show their interest in buying shares in the company. Every five years we will jointly conduct an independent valuation of the company's values and in connection with this, we also offer all shareholders to make an exit in case they want to.

Today BÄJBI is owned by Jessica Eriksson and her family, tomorrow, we own a BÄJBI together.

What are the other benefits of investing? In addition to earning money, be a part of an extraordinary journey and a family you get a lifetime 25 % of all products.

How it all started.

Bäjbi was conceived when Jessica Eriksson had her own first child and realised that most baby products contained unnatural substances, unacceptable to use on the most precious in her life. Then she found the solution in her own family. 30 years ago, Jessica’s great aunt and granny started to make skincare products based on herbs and natural medicine, in their own small factory in Sweden. With the knowledge and experience from her great aunt, Jessica has now developed Bäjbi, produced by hand in the very same factory and with the philosophy to further improve the view and prospects for babies of today and tomorrow.


Inspiring to conscious minds.

With high quality products, an educational forum as well as environmentally friendly and conscious choices.


Care for human, nature, health and future.


Handcrafted and made in Sweden. For the love of nature. Bäjbi is made of clean, natural ingredients and manufactured by hand, with a strong focus on taking responsibility to support a better world with lots of great things to discover and enjoy.


Bäjbi is all about a positive vision for the future. A strong belief that the things we do today can make the world a little bit better. Inspired by a child’s curious and trusting view, we strongly believe that everything is possible. Specially when it comes to shaping a better tomorrow.

Born for better tomorrows.

BÄJBI strives to facilitate and make it as easy and as fun as possible for consumers to be converted in to satisfied paying customers. Once a customer has been converted the company shifts focus to get the customer to come back as quickly as possible.

What distinguishes us from many other producers is that we aim to take everything a little bit further than all other brands:

  1. We have an exciting true family story to tell the seller.

  2. We have a clear focus – Only children and pregnant

  3. We have an outstanding design

  4. Made in Sweden

  5. Certified Organic

  6. Support Local farmers – Procure locally produced ingredients from certified farmers.

  7. Nordic ingredients – Recipes consist mainly of Nordic ingredients with the same properties as raw materials from faraway states, we do this to reduce environmental impact.

  8. Natural raw materials – We add nothing in vain. Our products are as natural as they can be.

  9. Give it back – We are investing in charitable projects that enables a brighter future for our children but also help our brand reach the right forums.

Target Audience

The primary target group is LOHAS and "Mini Rodini ' mothers

The average customer is conscious middle-aged moms and dads with a big echo commitment. The target group is always seeking to be updated with the latest. Joint for them is that they want the very best for their children.

LOHAS : LOHAS have existed as a concept in America since the eighties but only recently scientists, journalists and companies in Scandinavia understand the significance of importance of this group of individuals . LOHAS is a acronym lifestyle of health and sustainability and includes individuals that wants to live an enjoyable , healthy and exciting life , but do not want to do so on someone else's expense .

"Mini Rodini ' mothers :* In a materialist society gadgets creates visible status. Mini Rodini mothers are outgoing and eager to get respect and appreciation from others. Only the best is good enough: selected products, ecoluxury , value , taste / gourmet , indulge , competition with the state price, your health , performance, the new , the future.

What we want to achieve: 2016-2021


BÄJBI’s strategy is to grow organically by a developed and advanced product portfolio and carry out geographic expansions through traditional trade and its own key E-Commerce.

BÄJBI always strives to offer one of the best service offerings on the market. Which involve:

  • Fast delivery within 24hrs in Sweden?(48hrs Nordic 56hrs Europe)

  • Customers Service weekdays 09-21 (18-21 via chat)

  • Open purchase 30 days

A company that has done this well is the US based www.honest.com, which is an important reference for us. BÄJBI will be the Nordic and European variation of this company valued at over a billion SEK.

Sales Objective:

Main assumptions

2016 - 23 246 products

2017 - 33474 products - 44% Growth

2018 - 50212 products - 50% Growth

2019 - 70296 products - 40% Growth

2020 - 91385 products - 30% Growth


BÄJBI depends on marketing to increase sales volumes and maintain and improve the knowledge of the Company's brand and online store. Our team is committed and very experienced in marketing, building several multi million companies from zero including Drytrend.se and HATT et SÖNER Champagne.

BÄJBIS marketing aims to build awareness and loyalty around BÄJBI as a brand and drive traffic to the e-commerce store. This is done through various activities such as TV advertising (future, via partners), search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, customized direct marketing, affiliate marketing, partnerships in print and online, as well as the integration of supplier campaigns.

Every activity is carefully monitored with respect to yield and performance and each activity set against the other to identify the most effective marketing mix

BÄJBI has an exciting future. Organic trend packed in a stylish package makes us gratefully received editorial and on the private social forums. Helping us achieve the success that we anticipate.


Production and purchasing is the core of BÄJBI’s business, a very important and high-priority function. Through the close co-operation with the factory we produce the right goods at the right time in the right quantities and at the right price. BÄJBI constantly develops co-operation and relations with suppliers to create more efficient processes and the use of capital to get the best possible delivery.

The factory has 28 years of experience and in addition to its expertise in the production of organic products; they also support its important network of contacts through all stages of production that the products must pass to be approved before they reach the market.

Family relationship gives BÄJBI a good start and an edge past many established competitors.

To reach the goal of having our own factory in 2020, we have taken the opportunity at no charge to become apprentices at the factory. This gives us deeper expertise and knowledge of our own production and will allow us learn from our experience and to make a lot of important decisions concerning the production of products in the future. There is also the opportunity for us to purchase the factory the next time it passes through a generation shift.

BÄJBI own their recipes. For us this means we are not tied to a production site and we can remove the recipes if our factory, for example, could not handle a rapid sales growth. Potential factories are already in mind.

The new issue of shares is intended to be used for the launch and further development of the brand BÄJBI to make it amongst the leading brands on the market. The issue is 400 shares and each share is valued at 2500 SEK. The maximum number of shares that each person may subscribe is 100 shares.

Capital needs

BÄJBI AB owns 100% of the brand and production of BÄJBI. The need for capital over the next 3 years amounts to: 1M SEK.

The capital will be used as follows:

  • 200 000 SEK: Building stock

  • 150 000 SEK: Website and platform

  • 100 000 SEK: Certificates

  • 100 000 SEK: Brand development

  • 100 000 SEK: Salaries

  • 100 000 SEK: Marketing campaign

  • 50 000 SEK: Trade show

The remaining 200,000 SEK will be used to obtain a stable cash flow.

The shares in the new issue are B-shares with voting rights of 0,1 relative to A- shares.


Valuation of BÄJBI today: 10 MSEK

Valuation after new issue of BÄJBI: 11 MSEK

Size of the issued shares in BÄJBI: 9,1 %


We believe in a possible valuation of BÄBJI within five years to be between 20M SEK to 40M SEK based on market factors where a standard measurement for a skincare company is 10 times earnings, or 1 times sales. For the issued capital, this means an increase of 2-4 times your investment within five years. Within ten years we believe this figure could be more than double based on our very lucrative possibilities in terms of production and how other producers with the same possibilities have grown in the past (e.g. Honest).

Distribution of shares at full subscription in BÄJBI AB:

  • Jessica Eriksson 54,5% = 2400 shares

  • Kristofer Ruscon 36,4% = 1600 shares

  • New Owners 9,1% = 400 shares