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BK Frem vs. FC St.Pauli

BK Frem vs. FC St.Pauli

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We did it! BK Frem will play against FC St. Pauli on July 5th in Valby Idrætspark. Scroll down to see ticket information
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Get tickets at bit.ly/ticketbkfrempauli

We did it! BK Frem will play against FC St. Pauli on July 5th in Valby Idrætspark. Scroll down to see ticket information

Ticket information

All ticket related question is answered by Billetto support. Contact [email protected]

All who has backed the crowdfunding campaign will receive their tickets through Billetto on email in the next week or two. Latest june 30th.

If you did not support the crowdfunding campaign we have arranged with Billetto to sell tickets until matchday July 5th. Go to bit.ly/ticketbkfrempauli.

Get tickets on www.billetto.dk

Make this happen!

We invite all football fans, BK Frem, FC St. Pauli and other supporters to join us for an extraordinary football match and event in Copenhagen's Valby Idrætspark on July 5th. Valby Idrætspark is for everyone when BK Frem plays and registered salesmen of the homeless newspaper Hus Forbi are welcome for free.

Help us create a football party and support the development of Copenhagen's BK Frem of 1886!


BK Frem

BK Frem is a Danish football club founded in 1886 with a long tradition that includes 6 Danish championship titles and two cup trophies. The club is currently placed second in the Danish 2nd Division East (tier 3) and has a large youth division in a working class neighbourhood in Copenhagen with residents from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.

Looking towards the future

BK Frem went bankrupt in 2010 and were relegated to tier 5 and also lost the right to sign contracts. But the supporters kept supporting and also several players continued as amateurs, which has ensured two back-to-back promotions. The board now consists of former players and active fans and the strategy is to involve the supporters in the further development of the club. The time has come to take Frem to the next level and the match against FC St. Pauli is the first step.

BK Frem celebrating victory

Dreaming of FC St. Pauli

BK Frem has dreamed about a friendly match against FC St. Pauli for a long time, and this project is driven by active fans of Frem. We are excited about the fact that FC St. Pauli has agreed to visit Copenhagen on July 5th. And we will do our best to realize the match through crowdfunding and ensure a world-class experience for fans, players and local community on stadium.

Why FC St. Pauli?

We have invited FC St. Pauli for a friendly because the clubs, despite a lot of differences, share a set of values. First and foremost the acceptance of people's differences and a social responsibility for their local communities. Also both clubs have chosen to involve their fans in the clubs' work.

Apart from having a party at the match we hope to get inspiration from FC St. Pauli and also to draw attention to BK Frem's qualities.

Use of Proceeds

The campaign funds will be used to finance BK Frems work on fan inclusion and creating a democratic professional football club with a central place in Copenhagen and the local community. We will also use proceeds to finance direct expenses related to the FC St. Pauli match and fullfillment of rewards.

How can i buy multiple tickets?

You can buy multiple tickets by selecting the Ticket EUR 13 and adding 13 EUR per additional ticket you wish to purchase. Or purchase the package of 2x or 10x tickets.

How can I contribute?

You can contribute to this campaign by choosing and clicking a reward in the right side of the screen. You will be asked for your credit card details. We will only withdraw your contribution if we reach EUR 34.000 ~ DKK 250,000 by the 16th of June 2015.

NB! Be aware that we consider contributed extra funds as donations to the match.

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