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Invest in Eggs Inc for growth

Invest in Eggs Inc for growth

Three months ago, the world´s first (as far as we know) fast food concept with the egg in focus, opened in Stockholm. It is working and now we plan for growth. Would you like to invest?

Eggs Inc is working!

Three months ago, the world´s first (as far as we know) fast food concept with the egg in focus, opened in Stockholm. It is working and now we plan for growth. Would you like to invest?

The best scrambled eggs in Stockholm!

This was one of our goals and we think we have reached it. And since we have one of Sweden´s best chefs, Andreas Hedlund, in the kitchen we are confident that all our dishes will be the tastiest you can find. The menu is improving all the time but enclosed you can see what we serve this week.

Every dish comes with a smile
Every dish comes with a smile

The word is spreading

We have never seen a new restaurant getting this much attention from the press. Newspapers, magazines, blogs… Andreas has been on national TV talking about the concept and people seem to like it very much. Today Facebook and Instagram gathers around 1300 egg lovers and many of them ask us to come to other cities than Stockholm – and that´s the plan.

The egg is on the move

This week our franchise offer will go public. We have developed the offer together with Franchise Group who are experts in franchising and they will also help us evaluate future franchisees. But we will also open restaurants of our own and go into retail, first with our bestseller – the eggegg!

We have already been approached by people who want to open Eggs Inc´s in different cities, in Sweden but also abroad. Now it is time to get serious.

Part of the hype - tv interviews

Who wants Eggs Inc?

Eggs Inc is Sweden´s brand new and supremely healthy fast food chain. We serve the tastiest and healthiest breakfast and tasty low carb food for the rest of the day. And we have one of the best chefs in Sweden to make sure it will happen.

Eggs Inc is for the modern people who think about their health and what they eat – those that have little time but still want to enjoy good food.

We think our market is huge. Not just because eggs taste good but also because people really long for them.

More and more people want to cut down on their carbohydrates, and there are a number of reasons for this. It can be to lose weight or just feel better in general but the trend towards less carbohydrates in food is strong with diets such as GI, Atkins and LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) to name a few.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and in Sweden we eat sandwiches. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sandwiches but if you want to buy something else for breakfast – you can´t! Unless you are resident in a hotel where you can get your lovely scrambled eggs.

Later in the day it´s a little easier to avoid carbohydrates: Buy a salad or don´t eat the pasta, rice or potatoes you just bought. Or look for something better. Like an omelette…

Some of these people, for instance, will be our guests:

  • People on a diet or in training who want to avoid bread for breakfast.

  • People on a diet or in training who want to avoid pasta or potatoes for lunch.

  • People who don´t like salad but still want a fast, healthy and inexpensive meal.

  • People who love a hotel breakfast but think it´s too expensive.

  • People who think a tasty omelette with no carbs on top is one of the few lunches you actually can eat all of.

  • People who love scrambled eggs!

  • The early adopters who started to buy coffee to take to the office are waiting for the next trend.

Together they are a large target group.

Our first real ad – in CFO World
Our first real ad – in CFO World

We are Eggs Inc today

Dan Lorentzon. Copywriter with 30 years experience in brands and advertising. Now responsible for the Eggs Inc brand.

Andreas Hedlund – Swedish Chef of the Year in 2002 – our guarantee that we have the perfect menu and the best employees! Andreas has been working in some of Sweden´s best known restaurants such as Restaurang Oaxen, Villa Källhagen, Pontus in the Green House, Pontus and Pontus by the Sea. Today he runs Stadshuskällaren and was responsible for the Nobel dinner in 2012 and 2013. Now he is in charge of Eggs Inc!

Kent Jonsson. Former egg farmer. Before that MD of the BRIO chain, MD of Svenska Hem furniture chain and MD of Expert Centers. He was also head of a department store, Åhléns. Experienced leader and entrepreneur.

Fredrik Önrup: Consultant and advisor in Revenue Management and Cost Control for restaurants in Scandinavia. He also gives lectures and seminars for various restaurant schools, universities and companies within the hospitality industry. Fredrik holds a Master Degree in Business and Economics at The School of Business at the University of Gothenburg.

63 partners from our first round with FundedByMe two years ago. Our best guests and ambassadors!

Would you like to join us?

Why should you invest?

Maybe we are making history here. If the Eggs Inc chain flies it can be a big deal. Our gut feeling says it will. If it does, you can be aboard. And maybe make some money.

”The person who invents a healthy fast food-concept will get rich!”

The quote above is taken from an interview with the well-known Swedish chef Fredrik Paulun in the magazine Chef (which translates Boss in Swedish).

What if it´s true?

First day, first lunch on Feb 2:nd 2015

Eggs Inc

Within 3 – 5 years our goal is to run five Eggs Inc restaurants in Sweden in addition to a number of franchise units. From here it would be most likely to develop a larger franchise chain, first in Scandinavia, and the then rest of Europe.
A major part of required equity will be assigned to acquire available units on the prospective markets. The investment to transform them into Eggs Inc restaurants is estimated to TSEK 1100 per unit, where approximately 40% will be reassigned into purchase amount, guaranteed rent and improvements within the new premises. Each unit will cost TSEK 500 – 700 to equip with kitchen, dining area, back of house, menu screens, and cash registers.

The vital recipe is volume, in combination with good cost control, close relations with suppliers, and high end marketing skills. P&L Budget, TSEK 5 units

Revenues 29 400 Food cost -9 114 Disposables -980 Tot COGS -10 094 Gross Profit 19 306 Gross Margin 65,7% Rent -3 234 Advertising & PR -1 470 Other operating expenses -1 176 Labour cost -8 526 Total Operating Cost -14 406 Operating Profit 4 900 Operating Margin 16,7% Deprication -640 Financing cost -330

EBIT 3 930 13,4%

Depending upon the number of units in combination with the franchise fee, we carefully value the yearly net profit regarding the franchise branch to reach TSEK 5000 within five years. We also expect that the retail division will contribute with net profits at the same level.

What will we use the money for?

It's very simple. Growth, growth and growth. We have now taken the idea very successfully to the market. We are being approached by many to open franchises and we do know that volume is a winning game in our case. It's good for becoming top of mind in the fast food business, to chase profitability and for brand recognition that leads to more sales and more growth. We will also open more restaurants of our own in Stockholm, and probably also in Gothenburg and Malmo. And finally, we will launch a retail concept soon and sell eggeggs, egg wraps and... If that goes well it can be very big business!

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