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Mental Health Portal (Vapaatajat.fi)

BooknHeal.com is an online portal for mental health, connecting patients with mental health practitioners.We are creating a solution that makes it easy to get help.
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Find the right psychotherapist and get help.

BooknHeal.com is an online portal for mental health, connecting patients with mental health practitioners.We are creating a solution that makes it easy to get help.

Campaign News

Press coverage on Helsingin Sanomat and YLE News (June 14)

Biggest newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, wrote an extensive article on psychotherapy. Co-Founder & Advisor on Mental Health, Teemu Ollikainen, was interviewed for the story and BooknHeal was described as the “Tinder for psychotherapy”. Read the article (in Finnish).

YLE News published an article on psychotherapy and the background education of therapists.

Founder Henri Valvanne had the chance to share a few words about the Finnish site, Vapaatajat.fi. Read the article (in Finnish).

"Best pitch tonight" (May 27)

Henri was pitching in Stockholm for FundedByMe investors. The response from the audience: “Best pitch tonight”. Check out the 5min pitch.

Online journal Uusi Suomi covered BooknHeal on their article (May 22)

BooknHeal and its founders were featured in one of the biggest online journals in Finland. Henri Valvanne and Anna-Maija Sulonen shared their story, how they struggled to find a therapist and decided to do something about it. The article was shared over 1200 times in social media. Read the article in Uusi Suomi (in Finnish).

BooknHeal awarded at ULF15 (May 19)

BooknHeal was awarded at the biggest health tech even in the Nordics, Upgraded Life Festival 2015, as one of the most promising health startups. The new health accelerator Vertical gave free office space, mentoring and other great services to the BooknHeal team. “We’re impressed by the team pitching at Upgraded Life Festival. They clearly articulated their offer and have been able to show nice market traction in a really short time.” Kenneth Salonius, Head of Operations, Vertical Accelerator Read the blog post.

We want to make it easy to get help

BooknHeal.com is an online portal for mental health, connecting patients with psychotherapists.

BooknHeal makes it faster and easier to get help for mental health issues.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive online platform for mental health, additionally providing video therapy and other online tools for both the patients and the therapists. We are currently developing a client-therapist matching algorithm so that the patient can find the RIGHT psychotherapist and not just A therapist.

The Beta version was launched in Finland 2014 under the name Vapaat Ajat (= available appointments) and is being used by more than 140 psychotherapists.

Why did we create BooknHeal?

In fall 2009, the founder of BooknHeal and @Care, Henri Valvanne, became seriously ill and was hospitalized. He was stuck in his hospital bed unable to move, speak or see. The only thing that was working was his mind. The doctors didn’t understand what was happening to him. He came close to death.

But he was lucky. He survived.

He spent five weeks in the hospital and after a long healing process he recovered in full. After this experience he decided that he would find a way to help people. This became his mission.

Henri had his own experiences on trying to get help for mental health issues. He had suffered from social phobia and had tried to find a psychotherapist. But he kept running into these horrible lists of therapists that offered only contact details and nothing more. It was impossible to choose a therapist, let alone find one that was available. Scheduling the first appointment was frustrating and hard.

By digging in deeper he realized that there were serious lacks in the system. He saw that the access to mental health care was not made easy and decided to do something about it. During his master’s studies in Sweden in 2012 he entered a startup competition with an idea on helping people receive mental health care through an online platform. The solution received the 1st Prize at the competition. This was the final push for Henri to launch the business.

Around the same time he contacted psychologist and psychotherapist Teemu Ollikainen who saw potential in the idea. Teemu had seen firsthand how hard it can be to find an available and suitable psychotherapist. He was constantly contacted by people looking for help and he could only direct them to different listings of psychotherapists. The two of them decided to start working together to make it easier for people to get help.

In spring 2015 the team was joined by Anna-Maija Sulonen (Ansku), an MD and a researcher. Ansku had participated in a Startup Weekend event in Vantaa and had pitched inthe competition with her idea of using a matching algorithm to connect patients with the right psychotherapists. She won the competition and the news spread to Henri. It didn’t take long for them to decide to join forces.

Help us to help others - Join the campaign!

By contributing to the campaign you will help in making it easier for people to get help for their mental health problems. You are investing in a social enterprise. We use the money to make the world a better place while still aiming to return the money to you with a reasonable profit.

Why should you invest?

  • Professional team with wide ranging expertise
  • Scalable business model
  • International potential
  • Chance to be involved in helping others

How to participate?

It's easy to join the campaign, even if you hadn't done any crowdfunding investments before.

  1. Register as FundedByMe user via https://www.fundedbyme.com/en/accounts/register/
  2. After registering and logging in, push the green button on the right side of the page.
  3. Input your information and the amount you want to invest, starting from 90€, which is equivalent to the price of one therapy session.
  4. When the funding round has been completed, you will receive the subscription documents.

We are happy to answer your questions - you can ask us on this web page, or by contacting us directly at info(at)booknheal.com

Currently your only choice to find a psychotherapist is by browsing through numerous listings of therapists provided by different mental health associations.

These listings offer only basic details and you have to call or e-mail a number of therapists in order to find an available time.

It is time consuming, frustrating, and simply hard to find a psychotherapist that is available and fits your specific needs.

How does it work?

  • Search for psychotherapists near you by using the interactive map. It automatically shows you the nearest therapists and their availabilities.
  • BooknHeal matches your needs with the expertise of the psychotherapist and provides a better client-therapist match.
  • Don’t wait for weeks or months to get help. Simply choose a time from the calendar and send the booking request. Appointment scheduling is always free.
  • Get help through Face-to-Face or Video Therapy.

Features for the Psychotherapist

BooknHeal is not just a solution to find a psychotherapist, but a complete client management and marketing service for the psychotherapists. BooknHeal gives more time to focus on taking care of the patient.

Some of the new features under development include:

  • Invoicing & Payment Solutions
  • Complete Client Calendar
  • Messenger for secure client-therapist communication
  • Video Therapy solution

Proven and Awarded Solution

The beta version called Vapaat Ajat (=available appointments) was launched in 2014 in Finland. The solution connects patients with psychotherapists and offers an easy way to schedule an appointment online. Currently we have over 120 psychotherapists and several mental health care companies using the service.

The Finnish version, Vapaatajat.fi, received an award in the Mikkeli Smart City open competition for solutions facilitating everyday life. In addition, founders of the company received awards in business and pitching competitions.

Revenue Model

The service is always free for patients. Our revenues come from the mental health practitioners and companies. Currently we charge a commission from bookings and contact requests done through the site. Our plan is to introduce a monthly subscription alternative by adding new features. The goal is to gradually increase the monthly fee.

Mental Health Problems in EU and Finland


  • In the EU 27% of the adult population aged (18–65) have experienced at least one of a series of mental disorders in the past year with an estimated 83 million people being affected (WHO).
  • Another study found that 38 percent of the European Union population suffers from some form of mental disorder (from anxiety to dementia).
  • Only about a third of cases receive the needed treatment
  • These disorders cost Europeans just under 800 billion euros each year.
  • The estimated number of psychotherapists in the EU is ~250 000.


  • The financial costs of mental health problems are 6-7 billion € per year.
  • The main cause of early retirement in people under 30 years are mental health issues
  • Only 1/3 have contacted mental health services
  • Total need in Finland alone: 4-6 million therapy appointments per year
  • 6600 psychotherapists

What is the Social Impact of BooknHeal?

BooknHeal will:

  1. Enhance the accessibility of mental health services
  2. Save costs in public and private healthcare
  3. Speed up the healing process
  4. Increase the mental wellbeing
  5. Diminish the stigma associated with mental health problems

Meet our interdisciplinary team

Our expertise ranges from social entrepreneurship to psychology and medicine.

Henri Valvanne, CEO, Founder, M.Sc. in BA

  • Henri founded the company, @Care, in 2012 right after graduating. He came up with the idea while studying International Management at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) and was awarded the 1st Prize at the JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge 2012. Henri is a keen supporter of social entrepreneurship and has a passion to help people. His goal is to create an online platform that helps people get help worldwide.

Anna-Maija Sulonen, MD, Researcher

  • Anna-Maija Sulonen graduated as an MD in 2012 from the University of Helsinki. Early on in medical school she got interested in research, and her soon-to-be-finished PhD studies are focused on user-driven method and algorithm development in medical DNA sequencing. Personal experiences as a mental health patient kindled the spark to develop tools that make accessing psychotherapy easier and faster. Anna-Maija joined @Care as a co-founder in spring 2015.

Teemu Ollikainen, Co-Founder, Psychologist and Psychotherapist

  • Teemu is the co-founder and one of the leading psychologists in Finland. He is also a licensed psychotherapist. Teemu’s experience and knowledge is vital in developing @Care’s solutions

@Care - A Social Enterprise

The startup behind BooknHeal, @Care (AtCare Oy) is a social enterprise and is the only startup in Finland that has received the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark.

The Mark is granted to: "Enterprises that aim to solve social and ecological problems and promote social efforts with the help of their business operations. They use most of their profits to benefit society according to their goals and values. Openness and transparency also characterise their business model."

According to our corporate by-laws most of the profits (>51%) will be directed into developing new services and supporting mental health. Our services are developed in association with mental health practitioners and organizations. One of our partners is Europe’s biggest mental health patient organization, the Finnish Central Association for Mental Health.

Next Steps - What will the money be used for?

The funding will be used to market the service, to develop new features and to plan our internationalization. We will finalize the current platform and develop new features such as the matching, invoicing and communicator solutions. Our goal is to launch the service in several new market areas in the coming years.

Phase I: Fall 2015

  • International market research and go-to-market planning
  • Finalizing the current solution
  • Development and testing of new features together with the end-users

Phase II: Spring 2016

  • Pilot phase and go-to-market in a new market area
  • Implementation of new features

More information can be found in the documents.