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Docklands Reborn @ Stockholm Pride

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English | Swedish

Take part in the re-birth of Docklands!

In a first step Docklands is joining Stockholm Pride as a dance floor on wheels: bigger, more ambitious and louder than ever in the parade. Donate and come dance with us at Pride!

Love, acceptance and passion are three keywords that encapsulate Docklands and techno culture. Beautifully playful and compassionate love for your peers, acceptance of peoples' choice of lifestyles, and a fiery passion for dancing to our music. When the point of the night is to engulf yourself in dancing, and not to pick someone up for the night, we act with respect towards each other. Suddenly anyone is free to become personal, open and loving, without worry or fear of judgement.

We're not impressed by misogyny. There is no place for violence in techno culture. We don't fight – we cuddle.

Starting with Stockholm Pride Parade 2015, we're relaunching Docklands to bring the best of our culture to the world. Just as when we started on September 2, 1995, our tagline is again:

Docklands – For Happy Dancing People!

This campaign is in Swedish. Please read more here (Swedish).

Docklands, med åskbollen på mittbild.
Docklands, med åskbollen på mittbild.
Konceptuell skiss, verkliga ekipaget kommer avvika
Konceptuell skiss, verkliga ekipaget kommer avvika