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The smart safety app for a global market

Zeifie sends good people to help you in a dangerous situation and also alerts your loved ones at the same time.

Creating a safer society - together!

Zeifie sends good people to help you in a dangerous situation and also alerts your loved ones at the same time.

Zeifie keeps you safe in dangerous or threatening situations by allowing you to send a safety alert to family and friends at the touch of a button while your phone remains safely tucked away. In addition, a message will be sent to anyone in the vicinity so help will always be close at hand. Because anyone can download the app for free and receive messages of help from others, Zeifie builds a community of Good Samaritans.

The app is now available on Android and on iOS.

Why do we need Zeifie?

Most women feel vulnerable when venturing beyond the safety of their homes alone. Although Sweden is considered one of the world's safest countries, one in three Swedish women is afraid to go out alone. And according to the annual National Safety Survey every fourth woman feel unsafe, 10% so much they don’t go out alone at night.

Sweden represents just one of the thousands of societies around the world in which women feel unsafe and defenseless. This global problem needs to change. We want to provide a sense of security to both women and their loved ones, knowing that help can always be on the way.

How does it work?

Zeifie can help solve this problem. When activated, this app will send a message of help with the location of the threatened person to others in the vicinity. It will also send an alert to previously selected friends and family. Anyone can download the app for free, register, and receive messages of help from others. Wouldn't you help a woman in need if you could?

But sending the alert to everyone in the vicinity is not a very good solution. This is why we are building an elaborate social graph to find the best matches for your alarm. You can also include personal information, such as medical information, in your profile. Your information and your position will only be visible when you've activated your alarm and only to those who accept to respond.

How can you activate your app?

The app is bluetooth activated with compatible devices. V.bttn has a modern and stylish design and comes with three different accessories.

The app is built with an open API to make it possible for other companies to connect their devices to our system. This way, there will always be a device to suit your needs. Jogging alarms, fashion accessories, and panic buttons on headphones are just a few examples of possible compatible devices.

Our prototype will make it easier for other companies to develop compatible devices.

V.bttn comes with different kind of accessories.

Who needs Zeifie?

Increasing technological capabilities have allowed us to develop a solution to an increasing feeling of public insecurity present in many modern societies. While women comprise the largest share of our target consumer, many other groups could benefit greatly from our app. Children, the elderly, LGBTQ, people with medical conditions, or anyone in need of assistance would find Zeifie both useful and comforting.

While men may be less threatened in public, a benevolent male may choose to download Zeifie to make a positive difference for others. The app and its accessories would be an excellent gift from a father, brother, husband, or friend to demonstrate his care and compassion for the safety of his loved ones.

In 2011, it was estimated that at least 617 million people resided in the 60 biggest cities in the world. Of that number, about 25% are women between the ages of 13-39. 1 out of 3 women in Sweden, one of the safest countries in the world, feels afraid when walking alone and 1 out of 4 feel unsafe. 10% so much they don't go out alone at night. If we can reach only 1% of those women, we will have a subscription base of 1.5 million people.

On a global level, at least 52.1% of the world population lives in cities. Because a quarter of these city-dwellers are young women, the target group is just under 1 billion. This product is not only a necessity, but would also attract a huge market.

What sets Zeifie apart from its competitors?

Why have current personal security apps been proven unsuccessful? Practicality. In a dangerous situation, it is nearly impossible to locate your cell phone, open it, and try to activate an alarm. With Zeifie, you can easily activate you alarm by simply pushing a button while your phone is safely tucked away.

The other apps found on the market today send your alarm to previously chosen contacts. However, this poses a problem if the contacts are not actually in your vicinity. The Zeifie community increases the chances of a quick rescue and creates a philanthropic community with high moral standards. In this way, Zeifie can actually improve a society by making people more aware of potential dangers and giving women a sense of security and freedom.

What makes us so much better? Well, it's the combination of three things:

  • Accessibility. A device that allows you to trigger the app at the touch of the button eliminates the problem of diverting your attention to look for your cellphone. In case of emergencies, help should be easily accessible. We build Zeifie with an open API, so anyone can create a trigger for Zeifie. This way, there will be plenty of compatible devices on the market.
  • Rapidity. It will alert your family and friends of your situation and show your position in real time.
  • Community. It gives other people in the vicinity a chance to help you, giving you and others a chance to make a difference by creating a safer society.

Because bad things tend to happen when you least expect it, personal security alarms must be quick and efficient. Current models are unattractive, which means women may be less likely to use them. Zeifie offers a solution with its efficient technology and its compatibility with a multitude of devices. There are quite a few (some of them very attractive) trackers entering the market at the moment. We are very happy about that. It means the market is ready for this kind of product.

While these trackers may be able to connect to Zeifie in the future, they cannot provide the same services as our app because they only provide your coordinates. In a dangerous situation, help cannot come too quickly.

How will we make money?

Anyone can download the app for free and receive messages of help from others in the vicinity. For the cost of one latte per month, you yourself can send messages of help or alarms to people in the vicinity. While this is a small cost for the consumer, we intend to have more than 1 million subscription based users at the end of our third year. This will amount to a great sum in the future. One million lattes per month...that's a whole lot of coffee!

What will we use the money for?

Sweden will be our test market this Summer. The app is already developed as a Beta, and the money from this campaign will mainly be used for marketing and finding collaborations with companies willing to build compatible hardware. Most importantly, the money will be used to analyze, update, and improve our app.

The app is now available on Android and on iOS.