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Mobile espresso bar in Stockholm and Gothenburg

Help finance a new mobile espresso bar in Stockholm and Gothenburg


The story of KaffeLuckan started in England 2012 where we saw a fantastic three-wheeler equipped with an espresso machine. It was a crowdpleaser and shortly thereafter we paid a visit to the company behind the bicycle and ordered one. The idea was to have a noticeable product for different events.

The project was named KaffeCykeln (The CoffeeBike).

Looking for premium suppliers, we met the esteemed Swedish coffee company Bergstrands in Gothenburg.

So far the project has been living under the ad agency Lejut, but now the goal is to grow this into its own project and rename it to KaffeLuckan and establish it in both Stockholm and Gothenburg.

En stilfull och miljövänlig espressobar
En stilfull och miljövänlig espressobar

Why a mobile espresso bar?

The interest in coffee is huge in Sweden, where we are one of the biggest consumers of the beverage in the world. But there is a need for everyone who is on the go, or does not have the opportunity or time to find a indoor-café.

Stockholm and Gothenburg will now have the opportunity through our small mobile espresso bars. We will meet the morning rush hour, lunch, and at public and corporate events at parks and quays. It also possible to place KaffeLuckan indoors.

En skön kaffestund vid kajkanten
En skön kaffestund vid kajkanten

Why are we better?

There are already several mopeds serving coffee in various parts of Sweden. Our ambition is to offer a product which, in its construction, content and placement, signals the highest quality in both design and taste.

Full of history from Italy, the Netherlands, England and Sweden

Imagine a three-wheeled moped - Piaggio Ape - an iconic little Italian van from the 1940's, taking little space but being a big difference as a personal or cargo transport, a marketing platform or as a point of sales.

Add a second generation, family-owned Dutch reseller that has made the concept their own. With its gull-wing construction, the otherwise compact Piaggio gets a whole new dimension.

KaffeLuckan öppnar upp ”vingen” till espressobaren
KaffeLuckan öppnar upp ”vingen” till espressobaren
En skinande kvalitet som gärna visas upp
En skinande kvalitet som gärna visas upp

In Birmingham, the Francino company has for 25 years creates fantastic espresso machines for all uses. They are specialised in espresso machines for mobile use.

In Sweden we found the coffee company Bergstrands, a family-owned company established in 1891. Taking advantage of their many years of experience and fine coffee beans is a privilege for KaffeLuckan.

All these suppliers have an exciting story. We have visited them and share their passion and will continue to complement KaffeLuckan with tasteful products that fit our concept.

Welcome to KaffeLuckan.

Tillverkning av kaffemaskiner hos Fracino
Tillverkning av kaffemaskiner hos Fracino

Our business model

With KaffeLuckan, we can offer a mobile cafe available in a flexible way. Our calculations show that the margin will be favourable mainly because the fixed costs are very low. We have no fixed rent for space. The cost of goods will be low as well and consists of coffee beans (long lasting), and milk (purchased daily) and water (refilled daily). Then it's about being flexible and being able to move to meet customers based on demand.

We are inspected and approved by the health inspection authorities and will offer mobile payment solutions through iZettle, making it quick and easy to pay for our products even on the go.

Claes på Djurgården
Claes på Djurgården

What's left to finance?

Why are we doing this? There are cafés everywhere. Well, that's probably how people first thought about food trucks as well, now a thriving industry. Today, they are a part of the city image and opens up new food experiences.

Going to market and seeking a loan is a big step for us. The money is needed to establish KaffeLuckan in both Stockholm and Gothenburg.

So far we have invested 100 000 SEK of our own money in the project and are now putting in an additional 200 000 SEK privately. We are now seeking a loan of 150 000 SEK through FundedByMe. The money will be directly invested back into KaffeLuckan.

Our vision is to be able to offer other experiences in the future such as "SmoothieLuckan".

We will meet spring with KaffeLuckan and be available for all the events taking place.

Meet the spring with us!

Thomas hos Piaggio
Thomas hos Piaggio