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Sushirullen Sthlm AB

Sushirullen Sthlm AB

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This new concept of sushi handrolls will take over the Swedish fast food industry. Join us while we take this step towards the growth of the franchise.

14% on your loan to a fast growing sushi franchise

This new concept of sushi handrolls will take over the Swedish fast food industry. Join us while we take this step towards the growth of the franchise.

Planning for fast growth

Sushirullen already operates successfully in 3 places in Stockholm and aims to grow fast. We love crowdfunding and invite you to join us. We want to be the first case when FundedByMe launches crowd-lending and we are inviting you to join us via this social lending campaign. And of course come by and try our amazing sushi rolls. The locations can be found on our webpage. We think you would love it, in case you haven't tried it yet. And if you are already a fan of Sushirullen, why not become part of the company this way.


When we first discovered the amazing concept of the sushi roll abroad, our first instinct was that this is something that should be available for the Swedish market. We fell in love. We felt the urge to take this concept to Stockholm and Sweden as fast as possible and decided to go all in in 2012. On year later we opened our first place at the main street Drottninggatan number 70 in Stockholm.

We invite you to come and try these amazing sushi rolls, a concept that is new in Sweden since we hope that you'll find it as exciting and good as we do, no mater if you love vegetarian food, meat or seafood. We have a roll for everyone.

The concept is clear and simple. Sushi as fast food on the go in a hand roll with amazing fillings, healthy and highly affordable.

Business Idea

The business idea is clear. Launch several small restaurants from 15m2 (150 square feet) and upwards in prime locations offering this new concept in Sweden. A great webpage on www.sushirullen.se showing the concept, the locations, the offers and allowing for bigger orders for events and such. We are highly active in social media catering for the fans and clients that love to share a great new concept.

We aim at taking a great share of the market of fast food, not only from the traditional sushi places but also from the ones selling sandwiches or other fast food. We aim to take position in the healthy fast food segment as we are convinced that the customer is craving after healthier and more convenient options.


We believe that in the near future Stockholm will be aware of our concept, especially now that we are in 3 different locations already, and connect the though of a healthy fast food alternative to our brand and culture. We have seen a great adaption of our concept so far and we see the following benefits as top sellers:

  • Healthy: half of the calories compared to other fast food or sandwich alternatives
  • Convenient: fast serving eliminating long queues and frustration
  • Fast: we serve fresh daily made premade rolls
  • Affordable: 25-30 sek per roll
  • Simple: simple to eat on the spot or on the go
  • A-locations: we meet the customers on prime locations for fast access.

This loan based crowdfunding round

We are proud to be one of the first cases out when FundedByMe launches it's new tool of crowdfunding for business. We do believe that our core has always been to involve our customers and treat them like long term friends and family and they have become epic fans since pur launch. Therefore it's our conviction that crowdfunding for this type of projects is an optimal tool since we want to grow with you.

Interested in franchise?

We aim to grow the concept to several cities and locations. In case you are interested to hear more about our franchise model and offering please contact us: Mail us today, we want to hear from you

Read more on our webpage here.

Our app

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Future investment?

We are considering to open an equity round on FundedByMe in the future and invite you to become a shareholder in our growth. Our hand roll concept has been very well embraced, we've grown to 3 different locations really fast and now we're ready to take the next steps and build a great company with great value for our investors. If you are interested in becoming a shareholder please e-mail us here.

/Johan Falk and the Sushirullen team

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